The Babes


Ari Joseph was born in July of 2011 and is the silliest Little Man I know! He loves “fixing it” and will do just about anything for a Fruit by the Foot.

Giada Estelle was born in June of 2013 (wearing a headband) and really is the happiest little girl on the block.  She is so good natured, easy going, and smiles whenever her brother is around.


One thing for sure is these two never leave the house in their PJ’s!!



3 thoughts on “The Babes

  1. First things first, you have 2 of the most adorable/beautiful/handsome children I’ve ever seen! Secondly, I love your fashion sense! I have 4 kids (will have 5 come July) and shopping for them can be outrageously expensive. My girls are surprisingly more tom-boyish so they enjoy the good ol t-shirt and shorts/jeans combo’s, but I love to dress them more feminine and struggle with it because of how they always want to be more “sporty”. I will definitely be checking out all of your shop savvy tips and tricks! Great Blog!

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