Celebrating Valentine’s with kids


Happy Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather celebrate with this weekend than these 3! Hubs and I kept things low-key and had a relaxing weekend at home with the babes. Mamma got in some meal prep and we all watched a movie together!

First let’s talk about their getups!

A Spool Full of Sugar made this gorgeous dress for Giada. It was absolute perfection and Darling Delilah outdid herself by creating a matching headband to complete the look. I am anxiously awaiting another ensemble made by them for Easter!!


Ari wore a simple “heart breaker” tee from Old Navy on top of a button down with his favorite skinny jeans chosen for him by Sprouting Threads!


On Saturday we did some shopping at Partridge Creek. It was so cold out so the babes didn’t last very long walking.


We decided to grab a quick drink at Black Finn and let the kids get soft pretzels while they warmed up. Dad life at it’s finest. Sipping a cocktail while facilitating restaurant coloring.


When the babes woke up Sunday morning I surprised them with new aprons. I didn’t want to get them more candy  so I tried to think outside the box. They always like to help me cook (and I like keeping their clothes clean)! Seemed like the perfect gift for them!


Ari’s apron is Star Wars from Kohl’s and I got my hubs a matching one too! Giada’s apron is Matilda Jane.


They loved them! Then while I was making breakfast I let them go to town decorating cinnamon rolls!



They turned out perfect!


Hands Down { Teacher Gift }


Love is in the air….ALREADY?!  Man OH Man it just seems like we are busy shuffling from one holiday to the next.  Christmas is finally ALL put away around here and now Valentine’s Day is just over a week away!!  With our busy schedules during the week I didn’t want the holiday to sneak up on me so I decided to get a jump on some gifts for the kids’ teachers.  I decided to do something simple this year and I am super happy with the results!


I found these adorable printable gift tags at Eighteen25’s Blog and knew I wanted to find something that would fit the theme.  The kids and I headed over to Bath & Bodyworks one afternoon and we settled on hand soap. {You could also use hand lotion or hand sanitizer to fit the theme as well!}  The cashier was super friendly and when I told her these were a gift she gave me free ribbon as well! Yes!!

Next I traced Ari’s hand on a scrap piece of cardstock to use a template for the hand cutouts.  I used the template to trace his hand several times on a large piece of black cardstock.


That was probably the hardest part of the entire project! Next I added a little piece of scrapbook tape to the back of the hand so it would stay sticking out behind the gift tag.  Finally I signed the kids’ names and tied them up with my free ribbon.  Super easy gift and everyone can use a fresh new hand soap!!!