Muglia Luau


 AHHHH our long awaited party has come and gone. This weekend was a whirlwind of fun and I am so excited to share all of our party details! Seems like this party was forever in the making. The babes’ birthdays are 7 weeks apart and fall during an extremely busy time of year. Instead of trying to plan and throw 2 separate birthdays (with all the same guests) I hosted one big bash this year! I decided on a Luau since that could be fun for boys & girls, kids & adults. Boy was I right! The party was a blast!


Lets start at the very beginning of my planning….OUTFITS! I wanted the babes to have coordinating Hawaiian getups in dark colors so they could eat, drink, and play without immediately looking like a hot mess. I found these outfits on Zulily and they were PERFECT!


I always like to do a little photo shoot prior to a party. I use the pics for the invitations and to have on display at the party. We used Luna Signature and Aleksandra did an amazing job capturing their true personalities! The week I had the pictures scheduled Freshly Picked re-released my all time favorite color; Aruba! This color had previously been discontinued.  When I saw that the color was back I knew the babes needed them to complete their outfits! Giada’s pineapple headband was from one of my favorite shops Wisely Crafted Originals.



 Beth from The Paper Prince helped me with every last detail of the party. I sent her my ideas and she came up with a party plan for me! She designed cute polaroid invites with the pictures from Luna!


Further into my party planning I found these shirts on Zulily too.

Big Kahuna and Bigger Kahuna and I knew the boys needed these!


  I tried to keep the appetizers in theme, but simple. I made cut up cheese, little smokies, Hawaiian style meatballs, and this delicious Cheesy Pineapple Dip with Bacon. All of our guests were raving about it. It was AMAZING!

I also kept dinner super simple and served sub sandwiches ($32 for 6 feet from Walmart-trust me its an amazing deal), pasta salad, broccoli salad, and fruit salad. Having the fruit in little wine glasses made the food line run much smoother than usual. I am so glad I pinned this idea!


The dessert table was EPIC.

The Paper Prince designed it all and came over to set it all up. I’ve never had a backdrop before and the grass cloth totally made this!

IMG_0249The surf boards were from The Paper Prince and a local artist drew the “Happy Birthday” sign. Her name is Mackenzie and she is truly talented. Find her on instagram @mack131!



I served Chocolate covered popcorn


  Pina Colada style cupcakes….


…and Best Cookies by Farr!


The party took place in our backyard! The centerpieces were square glass vases (from our wedding!) filled with sand, seashells, and Hawaiian party picks (made by The Paper Prince). I also had a pail of chips on each table.


…and I found a local friend that had a tiki bar to rent to us! It was beyond perfect!


I made a super easy “Ocean Water” punch! It was blue Hawaiian punch, lemonade, and citrus vodka!


 Then….the Kona Ice truck showed up.


They serve Hawaiian shaved ice and there are syrup pumps on the outside of the truck.

IMG_0165 The kids (and adults) absolutely loved it!






Later that night I found Ari completely cashed out in his bed. Leftover Cheetos and an umbrella pick are the sign of a good party!


Thanks for checking out our bash! I am already brainstorming ideas for next year!

We love love love Freshly Picked moccasins! They completed the babes’ outfits perfectly and have generously offered to giveaway a free pair of moccasins to one of my followers! See facebook for details! Giveaway details will be posted 6/15 at 9pm. Stay tuned!


First Birthday: Giada in Onderland

   I just LOVE entertaining.  Before my hubs and I were even married we were the first of our friends to own a home. Every weekend you could find a group of us partying in our kitchen until the sun came up. I just love seeing people come together and live for the little details of the parties I throw. I love making each event I host special.  Currently I’m in MAJOR party planning mode for a joint birthday bash I am throwing in June and realized I never blogged about the babes’ previous parties!

Wait no further! Giada’s first birthday party…Giada in One-Derland!

I wanted to make her party as girly as possible! Since my babes both have summer birthdays I knew down the road I would be combining their parties. This was my one shot for a girly party and making it through the first year of having 2 under 2 was something to celebrate! So we did it up big!

Let’s start with the most important part…WHAT SHE WORE! I got Giada’s dress from Lovers Dovers and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  It fit her perfectly and the tutu was so adorable! Her headband was custom made to match by the fabulous Darling Delilah!

Giada Pic15_copy

Photo credit: Adriane Baden Photography

Next party detail: INVITES!


Katie Doodle did an amazing job making invitations, a chalk board sign, and lots of other signs for me to use at the party.



For months I shopped our local thrift stores to find all white tea-pots to use as centerpieces! I bought a couple of mixed bouquets and arranged them myself! The giant cards were from Oriental Trading.



I made full use of my Cricut and made some signs as guests were coming down my stairs.


I also made a super easy banner with all of Giada’s monthly pictures!


About a week before the party I found a local mom that had recently had the same theme.  Her mother in law made these giant lawn decorations and lent them to me for the party. How lucky was that!? They really set the scene as all my guests arrived.


The dessert table was by far one of my favorite parts! I tried to combine vintage tea items with fun girly colors! I already had candy dishes for Ari’s previous parties so I only needed to buy a G, D, and another A!10374029_10105085143777924_8040055114269293520_n

I made Cheshire Cat Tails out of marshmallows, colored chocolate, and sprinkles!


Of course no party is complete without Best Cookies by Farr.  They taste incredible and look cute too!


Giada loved her cake! Babes just make a mess out of their cake so this mama made it herself!

Headband, Bandana Bib, DIY Fabric Garland


The Monday before the party I decided my son & hubs needed these shirts. NO ONE on etsy was making this combo in child/adult. You had to either purchase two child tees or two adult tees. Awesome Custom made them for me and they were just what these two needed! I couldn’t believe they were able to turn them around and ship them to me so quickly!


…and there you have it! LOTS and LOTS of planning for a perfect afternoon! I’m sure Giada won’t remember this day at all, but I can’t wait to show her pictures when she is older!


Friday Favorites: Summer is Coming!

           Happy Friday! I am linking up with Momfessionals today to share my Friday Favorites.  I’m crossing my fingers that Summer is truly coming because most of my favorite things this week have to do with Summer!!


Monday was opening day of baseball!! Go Tigers! My mom got the kids Best Cookies By Farr and they were pretty amazing as usual! No one makes cookies like she does! If you are in the Metro Detroit area do yourself a favor and get these for your next party…she will not disappoint!


My sister in law is getting married in September and we are planning her shower for June. Ari & Giada are the ring bearer and flower girl! I think I finally decided on shower outfits for them! This dress from Anchors and Eyelets is named Estelle (after Giada Estelle)! The mint and pink are perfect for a summer shower!

Dress, Shirt, Shorts


I’ve been planning a joint birthday Luau for the summer for several months now. Ari will be 4 and Giada 2. PS. How did that happen?! This week Dollar Tree put out all their Luau supplies, so guess who had a field day on her lunch hour this week? I have so many fun things planned for this bash!


Speaking of their birthday I have been researching play sets for what seems like MONTHS. Instead of gifts for their birthday we are getting them a play set that they will use for several years! They have so many clothes and toys and I know they will truly enjoy this the most! I think I FINALLY decided on the Clarington Resort from Cedar Summit. What I love most about it is the flower planters and the twirly slide!


I was lucky enough to have some “Mom-Time” this week and I went to a concert in downtown Detroit. I thought it was quite fitting waking up the next morning to this ecard. Definitely my favorite one I’ve seen in a long time!


I also wanted to share my FAVORITE once a week beauty treat. A glass of wine + my Rodan & Fields microdermabrasion paste. I use this in addition to my skincare regimen at least once a week! It’s a salt/sugar scrub with vitamins C & E, has a high-glide, oil-free formula and is designed to promote maximum gentle exfoliation. My skin feels so smooth and soft after I use it!


It’s been SO liberating to go places without a stroller lately! Giada thinks she’s SO big getting to walk and Ari helps me by holding her hand! This week we went shopping and Ari and I (aka me)kept lifting Giada on 3. Pretty sure they both thought it was the coolest thing ever.


Speaking of letting Giada walk in stores she was doing her own thang in Meijer and HAD to choose her own bananas! I just love seeing my baby girl grow into her own independent self!


It was nice enough to play outside one day this week and the babes loved it! I’m hoping more nice weather is here stay!


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Facebook for a chunky necklace/bracelet set from AK’s Hidden Gems! Have a great weekend!