4 Must Have iPhone Photo Apps


I’m about to share a pretty big secret that I’m a little embarrassed to admit. I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years now and have absolutely no clue how to use photoshop, or lightroom, or any other photo editing software on my computer. I’ve gotten by on using my trusty old iPhone to create any image I use. In this day in age I find myself using my iPhone for everything so why not utilize it to create images for my blog too? I’d love to share my go to apps with all of you. No need to download a million photo apps (because yes there a quite a few out there)… here are my top 4 Must Have iPhone photo apps.  Everything I need to get done happens on these 4 apps.

1. PhotoGrid


This app is a simple app to add up to 15 photos and make them into a grid. There is also an option to make them into a collage of sorts with various background choices. I use this app a ton!




2. A Beautiful Mess


This app has tons of borders, fun doodles to add, and cute phrases! Here are some pics that I made with this one.




3. Rhonna Designs


Can we say gold foil font? I love Rhonna because there is an option to use gold foil for the font. I also love the different font options that look hand drawn.


4. Word Swag


 This is my newest obsession! Its so simple to use. Basically you type in the words you want to use and there are a MILLION different fonts/layouts to use. It’s so simple yet makes some great graphics.



There you have it. The 4 must have iPhone photo apps. Anything else that I am missing out on? Let me know!