Celebrating Valentine’s with kids


Happy Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather celebrate with this weekend than these 3! Hubs and I kept things low-key and had a relaxing weekend at home with the babes. Mamma got in some meal prep and we all watched a movie together!

First let’s talk about their getups!

A Spool Full of Sugar made this gorgeous dress for Giada. It was absolute perfection and Darling Delilah outdid herself by creating a matching headband to complete the look. I am anxiously awaiting another ensemble made by them for Easter!!


Ari wore a simple “heart breaker” tee from Old Navy on top of a button down with his favorite skinny jeans chosen for him by Sprouting Threads!


On Saturday we did some shopping at Partridge Creek. It was so cold out so the babes didn’t last very long walking.


We decided to grab a quick drink at Black Finn and let the kids get soft pretzels while they warmed up. Dad life at it’s finest. Sipping a cocktail while facilitating restaurant coloring.


When the babes woke up Sunday morning I surprised them with new aprons. I didn’t want to get them more candy  so I tried to think outside the box. They always like to help me cook (and I like keeping their clothes clean)! Seemed like the perfect gift for them!


Ari’s apron is Star Wars from Kohl’s and I got my hubs a matching one too! Giada’s apron is Matilda Jane.


They loved them! Then while I was making breakfast I let them go to town decorating cinnamon rolls!



They turned out perfect!


My love affair with Olive and Birdie

Quite honestly I cannot believe I have not blogged about Olive and Birdie yet.  I think it’s safe to say that I am obsessed with this shop. I first stumbled upon Olive and Birdie when preparing for Giada’s birthday which was in June… Obviously I needed something with glitter and I wanted it to coordinate with her gold Freshly Picked moccasins. Bingo. A gold “one” tee. It was perfect.


I mean come on.


After being SUPER impressed with Christina’s fast customer service and the quality of her shirts I knew I just needed another!!  So, we got a red glitter “Ho, Ho, Ho” shirt for our Santa visit this year.

IMG_20141129_221412 (1)

Of course, the shirt was absolute perfection and we got so many compliments on it!


Just recently I decided I really wanted a NYE outfit for Giada and I couldn’t find anything on the market that fit the bill. So, again I contacted Christina from Olive and Birdie and she designed the PERFECT tee for us!


How adorbs is this going to look??


Run over to her shop to get this shirt in time for NYE! She has amazing customer service and even better glitter tees!

Freshly Picked Moccs: The Real Deal

I’m sure if you search pinterest or even google for Freshly Picked Moccasins you will come across tons of raving reviews from other bloggers.  Most of the reviews you find will showcase pictures of their sparkling new moccs.  It’s hard not to get roped in when they are perfectly photographed and said blogger goes on and on about how soft they are and how well they stay on their babe’s feet.  I wrote one of those reviews myself back in April when I first got my hands on Freshly Picked moccs.  I absolutely LOVED them but (at the time) I wasn’t really able to tell how they held up over time. I really only had them for just about a month.


SO. Here I am 9 months later happy to share with you a post that shares the real deal. One that shows how these moccs have held up over time.


Freshly Picked Moccs: The REAL DEAL.


My babes both got a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in March of last year. I chose very neutral colors.  These moccs were expensive in my opinion so I wanted colors that could go with a lot of outfits. I was determined to get my monies worth out of these bad boys!  So as soon as I got them I let my babes were their moccs whenever and wherever.  Susan made these moccs to be able to stand up to playtime and I wanted to really test that. My babes wore these in the mud, to daycare, in the sprinkler, and all over town.  The results?  These moccs really do hold up!!!!  Look at these pictures of these moccs that were worn for 9 months! The only reason why we are replacing our current moccasins is because they have been outgrown not outworn.

 As far as comfort goes these are second to none.  My very opinionated 3 year old chooses these above all else.  He prefers not to wear socks and when given the choice ALWAYS chooses his moccasins.  In fact all the teachers at his school always rant and rave about how cute they are and how surprised at just how durable they are! He wears them on the playground and in the wood chips and never has an issue!


Are you convinced yet!? Go buy a pair for Christmas!

UPDATE:: Giveaway is closed.



Little Acorn Leggings { Shop Review }

I am SO excited to share this shop with all of you!!!!!!  I just love dressing my babes in patterned leggings and I found the perfect shop for them!! Not only did I find some sweet leggings, but I was also lucky enough to meet the sweetest shop owner ever!  Kristi isn’t a mom, but got started by making leggings for her nieces and nephews.

After having success she decided to start Little Acorn Leggings.

2014-06-21 07.28.57-2

I was drawn to her shop because I loved the unique patterns she had to offer!  After getting to know her a little bit I wanted to share her story with all of you.  I always assume that most “kid shops” are started by moms, so it was pretty cool to meet Kristi and learn more about her! Here is just a glimpse of the lady behind Little Acorn!

What inspired you to create Little Acorn? While I don’t have children of my own, I have 2 nieces and a nephew. My sister dresses my youngest niece and my nephew in so many cute little leggings, moccs, tees, etc…from independent little instagram and etsy shops. Over my spring break from teaching preschool, she asked if I could make her a pair of leggings for them both from a fabric she loved. I hadn’t sewn in years, apart from simple things like curtains, but I definitely knew how! So we gave it a shot on inexpensive fabric, and ta-da! Success! So next up we made the cute print pairs and I instantly wanted to do more. It’s so fun to create and design. So I thought this was a great little business to start here in our small town, since I knew a few mamas and family members who love trendy little clothes for their little ones too!

Tell me a little about yourself. As I already mentioned, I don’t have children of my own yet, but I have 2 nieces, 12 and 3, and a nephew who is 1. I am lucky enough to have a super close relationship with them, that means so much to me. I also have a 2 year old boxer/lab cross Rhemy who is pretty spoiled, so I guess I have a fur baby. I live in Morden, MB which is a very pretty, but small community. I grew up here, but I did spend a few years living elsewhere, including 1 year I spent living in South Africa volunteering at a children’s home there for orphaned or abandoned children. That was a life changing experience and leaving behind the children I had grown to love as my own was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But I wouldn’t trade that year for anything. I came back to my hometown and started working in the childcare. I worked at the daycare here in town for 8 years, and obtained my Early Childhood Education diploma during that time. Three years ago I was offered a position as Director/teacher of the Preschool. The past 3 years there has been challenging, learning how to take on a leadership role, but impacting children’s lives is always rewarding.

What has been most rewarding/challenging part of starting your own small business? The most rewarding part of starting my own business has definitely been seeing items I have made on children in the community and even beyond! Also having these customers come back for more has been equally as rewarding. While I am still nowhere near as big as some shops out there, I am so happy with the success of Little Acorn. The most challenging thing for me is honestly trying to pick prints to offer! I am so indecisive, and there are sooo many cute options out there, I want to offer them all! So narrowing it down is tricky. But if picking fabrics is my biggest problem, I would say I don’t have much to complain about.

What makes your products unique? I found this one hard to answer. There are so many shops out there selling similar little leggings. All are so cute.  I think what makes us all unique is just trying to find prints that nobody else has to offer and try to have our own “style”.

 I just LOVE hearing stories about the PEOPLE behind the shops. Knowing who your product came from is so cool to me!


Now hurry and get your babes some leggings! This week only use code BESTDRESSED to save an additional 15% off!