4 Must Have iPhone Photo Apps


I’m about to share a pretty big secret that I’m a little embarrassed to admit. I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years now and have absolutely no clue how to use photoshop, or lightroom, or any other photo editing software on my computer. I’ve gotten by on using my trusty old iPhone to create any image I use. In this day in age I find myself using my iPhone for everything so why not utilize it to create images for my blog too? I’d love to share my go to apps with all of you. No need to download a million photo apps (because yes there a quite a few out there)… here are my top 4 Must Have iPhone photo apps.  Everything I need to get done happens on these 4 apps.

1. PhotoGrid


This app is a simple app to add up to 15 photos and make them into a grid. There is also an option to make them into a collage of sorts with various background choices. I use this app a ton!




2. A Beautiful Mess


This app has tons of borders, fun doodles to add, and cute phrases! Here are some pics that I made with this one.




3. Rhonna Designs


Can we say gold foil font? I love Rhonna because there is an option to use gold foil for the font. I also love the different font options that look hand drawn.


4. Word Swag


 This is my newest obsession! Its so simple to use. Basically you type in the words you want to use and there are a MILLION different fonts/layouts to use. It’s so simple yet makes some great graphics.



There you have it. The 4 must have iPhone photo apps. Anything else that I am missing out on? Let me know!

NACHO average Valentine


Last week I shared my daughter’s (You’re My Main Squeeze) Valentines, so today I wanted to share my son’s!! He is 3.5 and goes to daycare and preschool each week.  He needed Valentines that were appropriate for 3-5 year olds and because I was sending them to 2 places I needed over 40! Again I wanted to skip the candy and do something different.


NACHO Average Valentine


This was seriously SO EASY and inexpensive to make! I gathered all the supplies on my lunch hour!


Nacho Doritos ($10.50 for a 50 pack at Sam’s club!)

Valentine cards (Made with A Beautiful Mess and printed at Walgreens)

Clear bags & Ribbon (Ribbon was $.50 a spool at Michaels!)


They were super easy to assemble and my son LOVED helping!



You’re my main SQUEEZE


Love is in the air. I cannot believe that Valentine’s Day is here! My daughter is 20 months and goes to daycare. This year I didn’t want to send candy.  Instead I decided to think of an alternative since there are other babes there that are too young for candy.

Squeeze Pouches!

image (2)

Both my babes love them and started eating them around 9 months. I thought it was a perfect treat for all ages at daycare!

image (3)

Best part about it? I literally put these together on my lunch hour this week.


Valentine ribbon & Clear plastic bags (Michaels)

Printed Cards (Walgreens)

Squeeze pouches (Sam’s Club)


Obviously my 20 month old isn’t old enough to be addressing Valentine’s so I used my favorite app, A Beautiful Mess to create just what I was looking for! I sent the photo to Walgreens via their app (made sure to use a coupon code) and my cards were ready in under an hour! Here are some options if you want to steal one of my designs!

Love these!? Stay tuned for a post about my son’s non-candy Valentines later this week!

DIY Deco Mesh Wreath


I’m going to let you in on one of the best kept secrets.  You know those “fancy” wreaths that usually cost an arm & a leg? What if I told you that you could recreate your own for about $20 in just under 20 minutes? It’s true. It really is that easy.


I found all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. After shopping around they have the best prices even with coupons at other stores!

You will need:

A wreath frame

2 rolls of Deco Mesh

Accent ribbon


To get started you will take one end of your mesh, gather it together, and secure it by twisting the pipe cleaners around it one time. Continue all the way around the outer circle.


Next, take your second color and do the same thing all the way around using the same ties.


Then move to the center circle and go all the way around again with your first color.


You guessed it, do it again with the second color all the way around.

Fluff your wreath and add accent ribbons where you see fit! Make sure to fold down the pipe cleaners when you are finished so you don’t see them!

What do you think of my finished ones?



Get your craft on.


I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that I like to accessorize my babes.  We have more headbands than I even know what to do with but somehow I always need more.  You know what else we have a ton of?  Clothes that no longer fit.  Since my hot glue gun is always ready to be fired up I decided to try my hand at making my little miss a headband.  It was late and I didn’t feel like going to a fabric store, so I decided to repurpose some of my favorite clothes to make headbands!! You may have seen my previous post about making hairbows from old clothing.  Buttttt that involves a little bit of sewing. I wanted something simple so I went for rosettes!

I transformed these two skirts into a fab headband!


For those that don’t know how to make a fabric rosette I’m going to break it down for you.  It’s beyond simple.  All you need is a strip of fabric and a hot glue gun.  Cut your fabric into a strip between 2 and 3 inches and fold it in half lengthwise.  Tie the end in a knot to make you center/starting point.



Next, start twisting and rolling your fabric around the center. You can leave the “tail” of your know on the underside.


Add a dab of hot glue to the side every few turns to hold your rosette in place.


When you are happy with the size simply finish by gluing the bottom piece to the bottom of the rosette!!!

I added a simple flower I had on stash and put them on plain white elastic!


What do you think!?!?!? I am in LOVE!  …. and it didn’t cost me anything!  Go ahead, get your craft on!


Endless Fun! { Teacher Gift }

Anyone need a quick and easy end of the school year teacher gift?


   My son attended a weekly parent/tot class this school year and it was ending this week!  The final night really snuck up on me so I needed to get something for his teacher and time was limited!  Working full time really puts a damper on my shopping & crafting!  LUCKILY, I was able to throw this entire gift together while I was OUT & ABOUT!  I hit up Bath & Body works for inspiration and saw their new display of “Endless Weekend”.  How fitting is that scent for a teacher about to start summer break!?!

Bath and Bodyworks also gave me a free clear bag and pink ribbon!


I did not have time to go home and create a cute little gift tag on my computer… SO I did what any mom in 2014 does… I used my cell phone!  My absolute favorite app {A Beautiful Mess} was perfect for me to whip up a catchy phrase, share it to instagram, and then use the Walgreens mobile app to send the photo to be printed–which was just around the corner.  An hour later I had a cute little gift for my son’s teacher!  Best part, no computer, no printer, and no money spent on packaging!


 Feeling pretty proud of myself!  What do you think??


DIY Fabric Banner


My little girl is going to be one in less than a month.  Hold the phone. ONE.  I still can’t believe it.  It honestly feels like yesterday I was dying with anticipation to meet this little lady.  Needless to say I am in FULL FLEDGE planning mode for her birthday party.  Don’t worry, I will share more details along the way!  I’ve been pinning all of these glorious dessert tables lately and I knew mine needed a banner of some sort!  After a late night SOLO Joann Fabrics trip I decided to make a super easy fabric banner.

Normally the lines at the fabric counter are much too long for any mom with kids in tow to bear, so I opted for fabric squares.  They are priced at 1.99 and are precut to 18″ x 22″.  I used 6 for my banner and had fabric left over.  The fabric selection isn’t AS great, so if you HAVE to have other fabrics go ahead and wait in line.  2 fabric squares = a half of a yard.

Fabric Banner supplies:

Twine, Fabric, Scissors  ABM_1399562483

To get started I ironed out each square so there weren’t any major creases and then folded them in half keeping the width 18 inches and having the 22 inch length folded over.  Using a measing tape, I made tiny slits every inch and a half to make a total of 12 strips of fabric.


I cut each strip out making it 22 inches by 1.5 inches– Don’t worry if each one isn’t perfectly straight, the banner will still look adorbs.  Promise.


  I then measured the doorway where I wanted the banner to hang so I knew just how long to make it and marked my twine accordingly.  Then came the easy part, looping the fabric along the twine.  Since I’m a little OCD at times I stuck with the same pattern as I went.  You could easily just make it random!ABM_1399562589

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I plan to make a coordinating one for my babe’s highchair too!!   The possibilities are endless for this project!   You could make one for each holiday, hang it above a crib, or even use for family picures!

Where are you planning on hanging a fabric banner?


Pretzel Chicks!

Need a last minute easy Easter snack for your babes?

Look no further! These are the perfect size for little hands and were so simple to make!!



Per usual I signed up to bring snack to my son’s school for their “Easter Party”. I wanted something that was cute but most importantly EASY!  These fit the bill! They were so simple to make and only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish!!

To make Pretzel Chicks (not to be confused with Hot Chicks) you will need the following:


Small pretzels, Mini Chocolate Chops, 2 Orange starbursts, and Yellow baking chocolate (found at Michaels)

Make sure to line a cookie sheet with wax paper so the chocolate comes off easily and have all your supplies ready to before melting your chocolate.


To make the beaks simply cut each starburst into 3 rectangles, cut those in half, and finally cut each on a diagonal.  Each starburst will give you 12 beaks.


Melt your chocolate in the microwave according to the package directions and then transfer to a plastic bag when it is melted.  To easily do this line a drinking glass with your bag for a mess free transfer!  Cut a small hole in the corner of your bag so you can easily fill each pretzel.


Use the chocolate to fill in each pretzel.  It might be a little uneven but you can use the back of a spoon to smooth out.  Immediately put an eye and a beak on the wet chocolate and place the entire tray in the fridge for them to set.


Enjoy!! How cute do these look in a little Easter basket?  What kinds of Easter treats are you making? I’d love to see!


Styling for all Seasons! {Girls!}

I know so many moms that are “afraid” to buy baby clothes ahead of time since they aren’t certain on the size their babes will be for that particular season. That definitely holds true when it comes to items like boots or a winter coat. But when it comes to dresses, skirts, & tee shirts; those can be worn year round by layering! I’ve found that shopping ahead for a little girl is MUCH easier. My little girl has been wearing dresses ALL winter long and I can’t wait to transition them into Spring and Summer as well!

A few tips for you to start thinking out of the box when it comes to making clothes work for ALL seasons!

-For a dress to work in the winter you can always add tights, leggings, or even skinny jeans to cover her legs.

-As far as the sleeve length goes, you can add a cardigan or a jean jacket on top, or a long sleeve shirt underneath to keep her warm!

-Also (as you can see below) just by simply changing shoes can make an outfit go from winter to summer in a flash!!




This is PART 1. of Styling for all seasons. Stay tuned for a Boy post too!

Turn old Baby Clothes into Hairbows!!

Ever wonder what to do with ALL those baby clothes that are outgrown??

Since Giada is our last baby I find myself growing attached to a lot of her clothes. It may sound silly, but I remember where I was when I purchased each item and the feelings I felt in anticipation of her wearing my carefully selected items. It’s no secret that dressing my little girl is probably one of my favorite things to do in life. She has MOUNDS and MOUNDS of clothes it really is insane. My mom jokes that it looks like I have triplets. I cannot hold on to all that clothing, though! So, I’ve been able to part with some of her stuff, some I’ve saved for her to have one day, and some I’ve decided to repurpose. Growing up my Grandma was quite the seamstress and could sew anything and everything for me. I really need to learn how to sew because the possibilities are endless. In the meantime, though, I met Beth. She is a local mom who just started a shop selling handmade items. I reached out to her to see if she would be interested in transforming some of Giada’s clothes into knot hair bows.

These are a few pics of her in this anchor dress!

One of my first times coordinating her and her big bro:


And one of my first times letting her try on my bling:


For someone who sews, this was a pretty simple task. She simply made two ovals, sewed them together, and then tied in a knot. Each one is attached to a clip and can be clipped in her hair or added to a headband.


They turned out SO FABULOUS.  I cannot thank her enough for making these for me.  Now I can enjoy seeing Giada’s clothes on her a lot longer 🙂



OK, OK enough pictures.  Go like Made with XOXO Boutique on facebook and tell her I sent you 🙂