Fresh Apparel: Holiday Must Have!



I’ve written about Fresh Apparel in the past… their products are amazing and their designs are always on point. Every item that I have received from them has gotten a lot of love! So it’s no surprise that I am obsessed with their Holiday lineup!

It’s not the holidays without a night spent watching Elf and when I saw this tee I just about died.


The slogan was perfect and the fact that it was unisex was even better. Both my babes can rock this tee all season long. I call that a mom win!

The shirts are American Apparel raglans and are so soft. No complaints from the babes on texture and they wash well!

Head over to Fresh Apparel and browse the rest of their holiday line of tees and sweatshirts! There is something for everyone and you will NOT be disappointed with your purchase!

Merry Christmas ya filthy animal?! Hilarious. I cannot wait to rock this!

    As always use code “BESTDRESSEDBABES” at checkout for free shipping!

Make it a December to Remember

 Happy December 1st!!

We are jam packed with parties and holiday get togethers but I wanted to take a moment to share some ideas to make this a December to Remember for you and your families! My husband and I just love this time of year and how magical it is for the babes. Although things may get crazy and everyone will be exhausted come January 1, it is so worth it to celebrate through the eyes of children.  Here are a few ideas!!


Visit Santa! You may have to get up early. You may have to wait in lines. You may have to feed your children a million snacks to contain them. BUT it’s all worth it! We went over the weekend and although my youngest was not having it my son was just so precious to watch.  Before it was our turn he was just mesmerized by the Big Man.  Santa kept waving and giving a thumbs up to us. It seriously made my son’s day.



ABM_1417453186 ABM_1417453519

Make Fake Snow! Whether it’s a white Christmas or not your babes can enjoy some fun white stuff without hats or gloves. Mix equal parts baking soda & shaving cream and let them go to town!  I found both items at the Dollar store!!


Elf on the Shelf. I know I know this is obvious as EVERYONE is doing it. BUT this was our first year and my son (3.5) absolutely loves it.  He was shrieking with excitement when he found “Shimmy Coma” taking a bath in marshmallows over the weekend. He thought it was the funniest thing he has ever seen.


Christmas crafts!  Make some gifts for their grandparents!  My babes LOVE getting their hands dirty and creating something special.


New Jammies!! Our holiday jammies arrived the day after Thanksgiving. I wanted them to get a lot of use out of them! Plus, who doesn’t love new jammies?


A few other ideas I have for making this a December to Remember:

-Make/decorate cookies

-Drive to see Christmas lights

-Read Christmas books and sing Christmas carols before bed

-Make crafts for neighbors & teachers

-Breakfast with Santa

-Donate old toys to families in need


How are you making this  December to Remember? I’d love to hear!


Merry, Merry Christmas

I used to think Christmas was special.

But, I never knew just how special it could be until I met these two people.

Seeing their excitement is the best part of Christmas.  One of my favorite memories from this Christmas was when Mike took Ari out shopping just the two of them.  They went to Kohls to pick something out for Giada and I.  Mike told me that Ari was very excited to pick his gifts out and chose very carefully.    When they got home that evening Ari came in the door and was beaming.  He told me he had a special secret for me.  He just kept repeating “I have a SECRET mumma, I have a secret”. It was one of the sweetest things ever.  I cannot wait to see what he has picked out for me.  I’m sure I will love whatever it is!

1480741_10101954314315458_888503143_nI have been waking up early and staying up late preparing for Christmas and I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces when they wake up Christmas morning.  It will truly be something magical.

This year we visited Santa at Somerset and Ari was very excited.  Last year things didn’t go so hot so I was a little nervous.  He did great and told Santa that he wanted a Big, Huge Lawnmower.  He really is Mike’s son! LOL

Merry Christmas from the Muglia Family


Reindeer Cookies


I often compare my life to the infamous scene in Home Alone when everyone wakes up and realizes that they overslept.  The entire family is running around the house frantically trying to get out the door, that instrumental song “Holiday Flight” is playing, and it just looks like complete chaos.  That is how I feel this December and in my mind that song is playing on repeat.

Tis the Season!  Although I started pre-gaming for Christmas super early this year we have been crazy busy with parties, work commitments, juggling 2 kids, and just the general hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  Not too mention that my oven has been acting up, so I just didn’t have it in me to “bake” cookies this year.   Rather than throw in the towel I decided to “Fake Bake” something super easy that didn’t involve my oven OR even my mixer.  The Turkey Cookies  I made for Thanksgiving were so simple and cute I decided to make something similar for Christmas.  Reindeer cookies 🙂



Nutter Butter Cookies

Small pretzels

Wilton candy eyes

Red M&M’s

Melting Chocolate


I started by lining my cookie sheet with wax paper and laying out my pretzels.  The chocolate cools super fast so I also had my eyes and nose close by ready to assemble!



Again the best way to melt chocolate is to put it in a glass measuring cup and microwave in 30 second intervals at 50% power.  Dip the cookie in the chocolate once its nice and melted and balance with a fork.  Wait until most of the drips have fallen off and then place on top of the antlers.

DSCN3085Immediately put your eyes and nose on the wet chocolate.  Repeat this until you have made as many Reindeer as you like.  If the chocolate starts to get chunky go ahead and microwave for another 30 seconds.


Happy Fake Baking everyone!!

Thanks a Latte { Teacher Gift }


Ari has many special people in his life.  For Christmas I wanted to come up with something unique yet practical for him to give some of his teacher aides.  What teacher person doesn’t love getting a Starbucks gift card as a gift?!  I know I love it!! Just handing someone a gift card, though, didn’t seem very “fun” to me so I made an inexpensive gift card holder for them!


To start I bought a 3 pack of $15 Starbucks cards from Sam’s club.  I think I only paid $43 for them!  Then when I was at Target during one of my bi-weekly trips I nicely asked the barista for a few frap cups/lids.  I stuffed the cups with tissue paper and the gift card and then I attached cute little “Thanks a Latte” tags to the front of the cup.  To finish off the gift I added a red bow to the top.  I’m sure Ari is going to love handing these out to his teachers this year!