Show & Tell Tuesday: What’s In a Name

I just love the topic this week for Show & Tell Tuesday: What’s in a Name!

I love hearing how others decide on names and I am so excited to share how my hubs and I decided on the names Ari & Giada.

Let’s just say when it comes to naming children I had very specific rules we needed to follow. The names couldn’t be in the top 100 for the previous year, I couldn’t know someone with that name, and it needed to be a name without an obvious shortened version that could be used as a nickname. We both liked names that were different but not too trendy.

Ari Joseph


My hubs and I went round and round on boy names my entire pregnancy. It’s so hard to name a baby that you have never seen! Growing up my husband was VERY close with his Dziadzia (his maternal grandfather). He had 2 girls so he would always tell my husband his name wouldn’t be carried on after him. Whatever name we chose we knew we were going to use his grandfather’s name, Joseph, as the middle name. We wanted a unique name and really had a hard time deciding. As soon as my son was born, though, my husband looked at him and then looked at me and said “he’s an Ari”. We got the name idea from the TV show Entourage.


How ironic that the day Ari was born 7/24/11, it was the season premiere of the final season of Entourage.

Giada Estelle


Again we had a hard time choosing a name during my pregnancy. This time we had to not only choose a name we’d both like, but also that sounded ok with Ari. It needed to be equally unique and my husband wanted a “pretty name”. He was the one who really pushed for Giada and I always loved the name Estelle. We decided the night before she was born and I stayed up making a little sign to announce her name.


The name Giada means “gem” and that’s my girl’s intitials too! GEM!

….and just for fun, a few other names I really liked:

Boys: Angelo, Sebastian, Dante

Girls: Ella, Reagan, Sophia

The Name Game


Social security has recently released the rankings of baby names for 2013.

Where do your babes fall?

Mine are Ari Joseph & Giada Estelle.

How did we come up with them!?  Naming someone for life is such a permanent thing.  When my husband I were naming our two we had several {self created} rules.

1.  Name couldn’t be in the top 100

2. No names that typically would have a nickname or be shortened.  I wanted my babes to have one name and not be asked “Do you go by x or by y?”

3. No weird spellings

4.  Middle names needed to flow (with my son we knew we were going to use my husband’s grandfather’s name Joseph, so the first name needed to fit).

With all those rules, I am pretty certain their names won’t be found on souvenir key chains, pens, or pencils, but I’m OK with that.  I’d like to think that I gave them their own unique identity and {hopefully} growing up they won’t share their name with anyone. 🙂

Whatever your “rules” may be for naming your babes, here’s a fun game I liked to play while we were expecting.  Pick a letter of the alphabet and go back and forth thinking of names that start with that letter.  It helps get your creative juices going and it’s interesting to hear what the other comes up with!

Share how you came up with your babes’ names, I’d love to hear!