I’ve been meaning to post about Matilda Jane for quite some time now. Truth is, though, there is just so much to say.

IMG_9383Many people in my life just don’t “get it”. So I never really had the time to sit down and explain it all and what it meant to me. I didn’t even know where to begin. There’s my story with Matilda Jane; how I got started with it, my relationship with my trunkkeeper,  and the most important part…the community that I belong to because of it.


Matilda Jane’s founder Denise DeMarchis started the line with this motto in mind.

“Come’on who doesn’t love a compliment. It makes your day, all day. That is what I want MJC to do, make the girl smile from ear to ear. I want her to love what she is wearing and be proud of how she looks. I want MJC to showcase the sweetness of the child.”




This past week, sadly, Denise lost her battle with cancer. She was a wife, a mom of 2, the creator of Matilda Jane, and a woman with a heart of gold. She not only touched peoples hearts and lives with clothing, but she also gave her self to raise money for children in Kitale, called the Mighty Acorn. Giving children in Africa a place to sleep, school, food, and all the things needed to survive. You can read a little bio about her here.


After news of her passing the Matilda Jane community rallied to do something in her honor. Women all over the world started paying it forward in Denise’s honor. They are putting the initials “DD” on the tag of a Matilda Jane item and sending it for free to another little girl.


My newsfeed is flooded with the outpouring of love and giving of these beautiful pieces.


The directions are as follows:

It will come to you with DD written on the tags in Sharpie.

“You can never buy a DD. You can never sell a DD. Just wear, enjoy and pass on when you’re done!”


I still can’t quite put into words the feeling I get putting Giada in these clothes but the least I can do is share this feeling with another mama. I’m going to send our very own DD dress to one of you. This dress is called the Veranda. It was one of our very first Matilda Jane items and Giada wore it for Easter this past year. It is so beautiful and I know whoever gets it will love it. The dress is a size 2, so please only enter if your little girl can wear it.




 Head over to Facebook to enter.

Happy 2nd Birthday Giada Estelle!

OMG. My girl is 2. I truly cannot believe it. Turning 2 is the gateway to becoming a big kid and this lady has been on the fast track lately. Giada is such an amazing little girl and I am so very lucky that I get to be her mama.





Shirt: Olive and Birdie, Moccs: Freshly Picked



Outfit: Matilda Jane, Headband: Bow Kay, Necklace: AK’s Hidden Gems, Moccs: Freshly Picked

Giada is as girly as it gets. She loves bows, jewelry, and SHOES! The more sparkles, the better!




She’s very particular and knows exactly what she wants… and has been working SO hard to be able to communicate it recently! Since going to speech therapy her language has really taken off!


Giada is like a magnet to babies. She loves caring for them and nurturing them. When we see other babies she’s immediately drawn to them. She sleeps with no less than 3 babies in her crib each night.


 She adores her big brother and wants to do everything he does. Their relationship has really blossomed over the past year. Giada is no longer the annoying little sister but now his sidekick.  I hope this stage lasts a long time! They enjoy a lot of the same activities and tv shows. It just melts my heart seeing them interact.


Giada has the perfect amount of Sugar to go with her Spice. Happy Birthday Miss Thang, we love you.


Read about when Giada turned ONE here.

Friday Favorites: 60 degrees finally!

Happy, Happy Friday!!!


I’m linking up with Momfessionals again this week for Friday Favorites! Go head over to her blog and wish sweet Griffin a Happy Birthday!

My hubs has been out of town all week and he finally comes home tonight so that’s the reason for the extra happy in there! The babes and I were so lucky because… It FINALLY hit 60 degrees around here! You better believe we were outside as much as possible!

Ari just loves cruising up and down the streets in his Dune Racer that Santa brought him! After researching the crap out of these and polling real life mom friends we decided on this one. Among all the reviews it was the best for both on and off roading. The tires are large enough for this thing to rip roar over grass!


We spent an evening at the local park!  I honestly think this is my new favorite picture of these two. Last summer was still tough with Giada being a “new walker” and Ari being almost 3. I can already tell this summer will be a whole new story when it comes to their friendship. Running, laughing, and holding hands. Does this view get any better?


Our park trip resulted in Giada’s first time on a big kid slide! She loved it and held on for dear life the entire time!


Giada was quite the show stopper at her speech evaluation this week (more on that later). All the ladies at the school district just LOVED her ensemble and Giada was eating it up.  Little lady was twirling and smiling for all that would watch her.


I’ve been wishing, hoping, dreaming of the return of Aruba Freshly Picked moccasins for months now…. and they are backkkkk! They are the perfect compliment to the babes’ Luau outfits for their birthday party!! We took photos in these outfits this week and I cannot wait to see them!


I joined Rodan & Fields at the very end of the summer as a way to get a discount on their great products but also to pay for some of the pricey clothing I wanted for the babes. I got paid this weekend and was FLOORED. I just couldn’t believe how this little skincare business could turn into something so amazing for my family. Getting a paycheck in the middle of the month that more than covers our mortgage? Now that’s a favorite!


April 15 was the third annual Hug a Doodle Day on instagram. If you have a few minutes go ahead and browse #hugadoodleday.  You will not be disappointed I promise! This is my whole-lotta-love 85 pound baby boo named Breslin. He just turned 6 in March and was my very first baby! He is an F1B goldendoodle. His mom was a goldendoodle and his dad was a standard poodle.


Earlier this year I started buying Matilda Jane. I love how unique all the stuff was and how all the items of a line coordinated with each other. I have a whole post dedicated to my love addiction to Matilda Jane Clothing coming very soon!

….but for now…my favorite outfit from Hello Lovely? This Cross My Heart dress and the Party Pants leggings!

       IMG_5700Last but not least I whipped up a super easy breakfast for the babes this week! I preheated my oven to 375, scrambled 3 eggs, microwaved a few pieces of pre cooked bacon, added cheese, and quickly rolled it all in crescent rolls. It lieterally took me less than 5 minutes to assemble! I threw them in the over for 10 minutes while I got everyone dressed and they made the perfect handheld warm breakfast!


Have a great weekend!

First Birthday: Giada in Onderland

   I just LOVE entertaining.  Before my hubs and I were even married we were the first of our friends to own a home. Every weekend you could find a group of us partying in our kitchen until the sun came up. I just love seeing people come together and live for the little details of the parties I throw. I love making each event I host special.  Currently I’m in MAJOR party planning mode for a joint birthday bash I am throwing in June and realized I never blogged about the babes’ previous parties!

Wait no further! Giada’s first birthday party…Giada in One-Derland!

I wanted to make her party as girly as possible! Since my babes both have summer birthdays I knew down the road I would be combining their parties. This was my one shot for a girly party and making it through the first year of having 2 under 2 was something to celebrate! So we did it up big!

Let’s start with the most important part…WHAT SHE WORE! I got Giada’s dress from Lovers Dovers and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  It fit her perfectly and the tutu was so adorable! Her headband was custom made to match by the fabulous Darling Delilah!

Giada Pic15_copy

Photo credit: Adriane Baden Photography

Next party detail: INVITES!


Katie Doodle did an amazing job making invitations, a chalk board sign, and lots of other signs for me to use at the party.



For months I shopped our local thrift stores to find all white tea-pots to use as centerpieces! I bought a couple of mixed bouquets and arranged them myself! The giant cards were from Oriental Trading.



I made full use of my Cricut and made some signs as guests were coming down my stairs.


I also made a super easy banner with all of Giada’s monthly pictures!


About a week before the party I found a local mom that had recently had the same theme.  Her mother in law made these giant lawn decorations and lent them to me for the party. How lucky was that!? They really set the scene as all my guests arrived.


The dessert table was by far one of my favorite parts! I tried to combine vintage tea items with fun girly colors! I already had candy dishes for Ari’s previous parties so I only needed to buy a G, D, and another A!10374029_10105085143777924_8040055114269293520_n

I made Cheshire Cat Tails out of marshmallows, colored chocolate, and sprinkles!


Of course no party is complete without Best Cookies by Farr.  They taste incredible and look cute too!


Giada loved her cake! Babes just make a mess out of their cake so this mama made it herself!

Headband, Bandana Bib, DIY Fabric Garland


The Monday before the party I decided my son & hubs needed these shirts. NO ONE on etsy was making this combo in child/adult. You had to either purchase two child tees or two adult tees. Awesome Custom made them for me and they were just what these two needed! I couldn’t believe they were able to turn them around and ship them to me so quickly!


…and there you have it! LOTS and LOTS of planning for a perfect afternoon! I’m sure Giada won’t remember this day at all, but I can’t wait to show her pictures when she is older!


Boy Kay

I absolutely LOVE finding new, adorable, AFFORDABLE hair bows. Giada’s wardrobe is ever-changing so of course her hair bow collection does too! Kayla, the owner of Bow Kay, is a local mom and when I saw that all her headbands were between $4.50 and $5.50 I had a field day! Her most recent bows scream Spring and I am dying over the floral prints she offers!


Giada has been rocking a ponytail lately so I went with the soft knot bow.  As you can see there is plenty of excess so this headband can grow with Giada! I love that I can make the headband bigger as needed! 


These headbands would be great for Easter baskets!


Guess what!? Bow Kay is giving away a set of 3 hair bows over on Facebook! One little lady is going to be styling for Spring! Go enter now!


The Ultimate Hair Bow guide!

…because a girl has got to have options!


When I was expecting my second child at exactly 15 weeks, 6 days I found out I having a girl.  At 16 weeks on the dot I began buying hair bows.  It seemed my whole life I was dreaming of accessorizing a little girl.  I bought some headbands from target and some from carters, but I wanted something different. I didn’t want the same headbands and hair clips that every little girl had. I wanted options.  Obviously I started shopping on etsy.  It’s become an addiction.  My little lady is just over a year and has more headbands than there are days in a year.  No joke.  You can’t put your babe in the same headband day in and day out.  You need a variety.  Luckily I am a headband expert and can share the BEST headband styles & shops out there!

Darling Delilah

These are some adorbale bands made with fabrics and flowers.  Best part?  The owner will custom make to any outfit or dress! She also makes bow ties for the boys if you need a brother/sister combo!


Giada Pic15_copy


Wisely Crafted Originals

These bands are also a combination of floral and fabric, but on a larger scale.  The few I have bought have at least 5 different elements to the band! I just love the different textures she uses and the color combinations she comes up with!



Ruby Blue Inc

Their instagram profile used to read “Warning insanely cute stuff your husband doesn’t want you to know about,” and that couldn’t be more true!  Ruby Blue makes “messy” headbands and I cannot get enough!

 IMG_20140616_174848 (1)IMG_20140615_071206

Little Town Boutique

This mamma uses a lot of felt in her bands and has a lot of my favorite colors; mint, gold, and coral!!  These teeny bows were perfect size for a newborn, and her flower clip was a great addition to a lace headband!

IMG_20130607_175619  IMG_20140225_082551

Sola Bowtique

Simple bands that add something extra to any outfit! The mom behind the biz is always willing to customize too!


Made With Xoxo Boutique

I’ve shared this shop before when I posted about turning old baby clothes into hair bows.  This shop makes “knot” bows for the ladies and bowties for the little men.  She can get many different fabrics for the bows and they look cute as a clip or on a headband.



This mama is an instagram based seller, but has customer service second to none.  She makes bows that can be worn as headbands or bowties.  DM her your needs, and with a selection of over 100 fabrics she is usually able to ship your bows next day!!



This is another instagram based seller that makes knot bows and turbans.  She was the first shop I bought from on instagram last year and when she posts her sales, her bands go quick!!!


Know of someone with a little lady or one on the way?  Make sure to share this collection!!