Friday Favorites: May is Cray

I cannot believe how crazy our May is this year! Between soccer 2 nights a week, speech & gymnastics for Giada, weekends away at the cottage, and trying to prepare for the kids’ birthday party we are super busy!

I’m linking up with Momfessionals to share my favorites this week!


Muffins with Mom! Our daycare is just precious and hosted a breakfast for the moms. I loved being able to join the babes for muffins!


Mother’s Day was spent at one of my favorite place ever; Cherry Creek! We had our wedding & baby showers here and the food is phenomenal. It was so nice to just wake up and go out to a fancy breakfast!


Giada started gymnastics this month and I’m pretty sure I have died and gone to heaven. Growing up I was a cheerleader and loved gymnastics. (Hey I can even still do a backhandspring!) This is her first “organized” activity and she is loving the one on one time.


Instead of investing in a leotard right away I decided to get her some “work out” clothes from Old Navy. Little girl yoga pants? OMG.

Check out their “activewear” selection. There are some great deals right now!

Little man started outdoor soccer this past week and seeing his excitement is one of my favorite things ever.  I thought his cheeks were going to hurt at the end of his first practice because he was smiling so much.


Matching pearl necklaces from AK’s Hidden Gems?! Perfect addition to our Mother’s Day ensembles! We got so many compliments!


As far as hairbows go, I tend to get on kicks putting Giada in certain styles.  Now that she is getting older (she will be 2 in less than a month!), I’ve become obessed with these giant flowers from Bow Kay. They are the perfect headband to jazz up any outfit!


On the agenda this weekend!? Installing our swing set! I cannot wait! Make sure you are following on instagram for updates! @bestdressedbabes



Friday Favorites: 60 degrees finally!

Happy, Happy Friday!!!


I’m linking up with Momfessionals again this week for Friday Favorites! Go head over to her blog and wish sweet Griffin a Happy Birthday!

My hubs has been out of town all week and he finally comes home tonight so that’s the reason for the extra happy in there! The babes and I were so lucky because… It FINALLY hit 60 degrees around here! You better believe we were outside as much as possible!

Ari just loves cruising up and down the streets in his Dune Racer that Santa brought him! After researching the crap out of these and polling real life mom friends we decided on this one. Among all the reviews it was the best for both on and off roading. The tires are large enough for this thing to rip roar over grass!


We spent an evening at the local park!  I honestly think this is my new favorite picture of these two. Last summer was still tough with Giada being a “new walker” and Ari being almost 3. I can already tell this summer will be a whole new story when it comes to their friendship. Running, laughing, and holding hands. Does this view get any better?


Our park trip resulted in Giada’s first time on a big kid slide! She loved it and held on for dear life the entire time!


Giada was quite the show stopper at her speech evaluation this week (more on that later). All the ladies at the school district just LOVED her ensemble and Giada was eating it up.  Little lady was twirling and smiling for all that would watch her.


I’ve been wishing, hoping, dreaming of the return of Aruba Freshly Picked moccasins for months now…. and they are backkkkk! They are the perfect compliment to the babes’ Luau outfits for their birthday party!! We took photos in these outfits this week and I cannot wait to see them!


I joined Rodan & Fields at the very end of the summer as a way to get a discount on their great products but also to pay for some of the pricey clothing I wanted for the babes. I got paid this weekend and was FLOORED. I just couldn’t believe how this little skincare business could turn into something so amazing for my family. Getting a paycheck in the middle of the month that more than covers our mortgage? Now that’s a favorite!


April 15 was the third annual Hug a Doodle Day on instagram. If you have a few minutes go ahead and browse #hugadoodleday.  You will not be disappointed I promise! This is my whole-lotta-love 85 pound baby boo named Breslin. He just turned 6 in March and was my very first baby! He is an F1B goldendoodle. His mom was a goldendoodle and his dad was a standard poodle.


Earlier this year I started buying Matilda Jane. I love how unique all the stuff was and how all the items of a line coordinated with each other. I have a whole post dedicated to my love addiction to Matilda Jane Clothing coming very soon!

….but for now…my favorite outfit from Hello Lovely? This Cross My Heart dress and the Party Pants leggings!

       IMG_5700Last but not least I whipped up a super easy breakfast for the babes this week! I preheated my oven to 375, scrambled 3 eggs, microwaved a few pieces of pre cooked bacon, added cheese, and quickly rolled it all in crescent rolls. It lieterally took me less than 5 minutes to assemble! I threw them in the over for 10 minutes while I got everyone dressed and they made the perfect handheld warm breakfast!


Have a great weekend!

Summer Bucket List. 10 Must do Activities.


This past weekend was AMAZING.

Three days off work, not a cloud in the sky, and sunshine all day.  It was Mother Nature’s way of saying “Hello Summer”!  We took full advantage of the beautiful weather but had to skip our planned trip to the zoo due to double ear infections.  Womp Womp.  We stayed home on Monday and just laid low.  It got me thinking of all the things I want to do this summer!  Let’s be honest, summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye, so having a list helps me make sure we don’t miss out on anything!! I created a family bucket list for the summer of 10 must do activities!  Here they are!

1.  Visit the our local Zoo, wearing our handmade zoo gear, AND feed the giraffes!


2.  Let the kids stay up late to enjoy the lake and the beautiful sunsets!


3.  Ride our bikes to a local park for a Sunday morning outdoor breakfast!

4.  Make GIANT bubbles.


5. Roast hotdogs on our fire pit!


6. Make Kool Aid ice cubes!


7.  Make weeknight slurpee walks a weekly priority!


8.  Make S’Mores Cones… I’m Sure we will be doing this several times!


9. Hit up as many Splash parks as we can!


10. Go to a local fair and feed animals!