Best Dressed Easter {A Spool Full of Sugar}


Let’s just take a minute and cue all the heart eyes….


…because this dress is that good!

I had my heart set on finding Giada a handmade Easter dress this year and A Spool Full of Sugar knocked it out of the park. A few weeks ago I found her handmade shop on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her style. When we got ahold of her “Ella” dress it was love at first sight and I knew I needed more of where that came from.


When I first contacted A Spool Full of Sugar about an Easter dress she already had the 3 fabrics she planned on using. We kind of went back and forth about the style that she was going to create and we both agreed that a flutter dress would be perfect for Easter!



We also both agreed that big pockets (to put eggs in of course) were an absolute must! After that I let A Spool Full of Sugar do the rest. When this dress (and matching bow tie) arrived in my mailbox I was speechless! The dress was absolute perfection.


Every last detail was perfectly crafted even down to the 3 colorful buttons on the back. Everything about it screamed Easter!


Of course a handmade dress isn’t complete without a coordinating headband and  Darling Delilah never ceases to amaze me! This headband is the perfect compliment and Giada loves it!


…and in case any of you were wondering, Giada’s shoes are Mini Melissa and I recently found them for a great price at Saks Off Fifth! Not only do they smell amazing, but Giada just loves that they are bunnies! Looks like they no longer have them in pink, but you can grab the purple here.


There you have it, the perfect little Easter ensemble! Hopefully our Michigan weather will cooperate!








Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Babes! I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for this weekend! I’m linking up with Momfessionals again this week sharing my Friday favorites!


It seems like we’ve spent a lot of time at the Wolcott Mill Farm this Spring. They are always hosting events and the babes LOVE it there! Ari’s preschool all went to the Babies, Babies, Babies day and we had so much fun.



 Giada just loved all the animals. She wasn’t afraid at all and just got right in there to check them out!


I got these monogrammed cosmetic bags rom Bright Design Studio and I am IN LOVE. I can’t believe how large they are and how much I can fit in them! The colors are so bright and I can’t wait to fill them up with lots of goodies. These would make a PERFECT gift. I’m thinking Mother’s Day, end of the year teacher gift, or even a highschool graduation gift! What incoming freshman girl wouldn’t want one of these?! Go check out her etsy shop, there are lots of other goodies there!


I’m not a huge fan of sweet drinks, so Summer Shandy isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But Grapefruit Shandy?! OMG. It is the perfect combination of tart and sweet and is SO refreshing on a warm day. I highly recommend it!   IMG_6077Our pics are IN and I am in full fledge party planning mode! I met with Bethany from The Paper Prince this week and I cannot wait for this Luau to happen!


Taco Salad. I don’t think I need to say more. Not only is it a favorite for Mike and I, but now we got Giada on the Taco Salad wagon.  It’s a perfect weeknight dinner and lunch for the next day!


Last weekend we went to our family cottage but the weather was a little chilly for us to play outside. We had no cell service, no internet, and no TV….SO we found a new FAVORITE activity; COLORING! I forgot how much I loved coloring. It doesn’t get much better than a fresh coloring book and a brand new box of crayons!


Target has out their Patriotic gear! So of course this mama had to get Memorial Day outfits ready! How cute are these getups?


Last, don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY going on Facebook for this adorable set of pacifier clips from Trendy Stop!


Everytime I come around your city, Bling Bling

 So…. it all started when Giada was around 6 months old….


 I would dress her up and put her in one of my necklaces…It made picture taking easy because instead of trying to escape, she was infatuated with the necklace around her neck.IMG_20140324_111712

Fast forward to now. Giada is almost 2, although sometimes it seems like she’s almost 22, and I still give her necklaces to wear when I want her to smile for a picture.  The only difference now? She won’t take them off.

FullSizeRender (2)

I came to the realization that Giada needed her own collection of jewelry.  If you know me by now you will know I don’t do anything in moderation. She couldn’t have just one necklace to wear with her entire wardrobe?!?!?

….and so I was on the hunt for someone to make us a collection FAST!


Insert AK’s Hidden Gems, a local Shelby Township mom that makes the cutest jewelry for moms and babes! I messaged her pics of Giada’s clothes and she quickly made us a plethora of necklaces and bracelets to coordinate.


The sets are made for children and are sized appropriately.  Like any potentially hazardous item, though, I never leave Giada wearing her jewelry unattended.

FullSizeRender (3)

Does your little diva need some accessories? You are in LUCK! She is offering 10% off to all my followers. Just enter BESTDRESSEDBABES2015 at checkout on Etsy.

Go like AK’s Hidden Gems on Facebook for discounts and a giveaway coming so SOON!

Boy Kay

I absolutely LOVE finding new, adorable, AFFORDABLE hair bows. Giada’s wardrobe is ever-changing so of course her hair bow collection does too! Kayla, the owner of Bow Kay, is a local mom and when I saw that all her headbands were between $4.50 and $5.50 I had a field day! Her most recent bows scream Spring and I am dying over the floral prints she offers!


Giada has been rocking a ponytail lately so I went with the soft knot bow.  As you can see there is plenty of excess so this headband can grow with Giada! I love that I can make the headband bigger as needed! 


These headbands would be great for Easter baskets!


Guess what!? Bow Kay is giving away a set of 3 hair bows over on Facebook! One little lady is going to be styling for Spring! Go enter now!


Car Seat Ponchos! Keeping babes warm, safe, AND cute!

image (1)

Winter is FULL force here in Michigan!  Just the other day we got over a foot of snow!! But it didn’t stop me from getting out and about with the babes!  We brave the snow daily and I wanted to take a minute to share my latest lifesaver which is also a fashion find!



Did you know that bulky jackets are NOT supposed to be worn while your babe is in a car seat?  I’m no car seat expert, but I’ve read enough horror stories to take car seat safety serious. Don’t take my word for it, read more about the dangers of fluff in the carseat here.  In the past I have had the babes take their jackets off before I buckle them in and then put them back on when we exit the car. It’s super time consuming especially when we are making multiple stops!

Luckily Birdy Boutique saved me the hassle this year and provided me with carseat ponchos that can be worn in and out of the car! Once I found out about these ponchos I did a little more research on keeping kids safe and warm and realized that the poncho is the best of both worlds!

The ponchos from Birdy Boutique are all handmade and are double sided with two designs! They are almost a full blanket to keep your babes warm in infant carriers and in convertible seats. They can be worn in and out of the car making the winter much easier to handle. Not only are they super practical, but they are super cute too! Birdy Boutique offers several different options to give you the exact look you want; bowties for boys and lace or ribbon for girls!


What are you waiting for? Run to Birdy Boutique and get a poncho. Don’t spend another winter day without one!

Get your craft on.


I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that I like to accessorize my babes.  We have more headbands than I even know what to do with but somehow I always need more.  You know what else we have a ton of?  Clothes that no longer fit.  Since my hot glue gun is always ready to be fired up I decided to try my hand at making my little miss a headband.  It was late and I didn’t feel like going to a fabric store, so I decided to repurpose some of my favorite clothes to make headbands!! You may have seen my previous post about making hairbows from old clothing.  Buttttt that involves a little bit of sewing. I wanted something simple so I went for rosettes!

I transformed these two skirts into a fab headband!


For those that don’t know how to make a fabric rosette I’m going to break it down for you.  It’s beyond simple.  All you need is a strip of fabric and a hot glue gun.  Cut your fabric into a strip between 2 and 3 inches and fold it in half lengthwise.  Tie the end in a knot to make you center/starting point.



Next, start twisting and rolling your fabric around the center. You can leave the “tail” of your know on the underside.


Add a dab of hot glue to the side every few turns to hold your rosette in place.


When you are happy with the size simply finish by gluing the bottom piece to the bottom of the rosette!!!

I added a simple flower I had on stash and put them on plain white elastic!


What do you think!?!?!? I am in LOVE!  …. and it didn’t cost me anything!  Go ahead, get your craft on!


The Ultimate Hair Bow guide!

…because a girl has got to have options!


When I was expecting my second child at exactly 15 weeks, 6 days I found out I having a girl.  At 16 weeks on the dot I began buying hair bows.  It seemed my whole life I was dreaming of accessorizing a little girl.  I bought some headbands from target and some from carters, but I wanted something different. I didn’t want the same headbands and hair clips that every little girl had. I wanted options.  Obviously I started shopping on etsy.  It’s become an addiction.  My little lady is just over a year and has more headbands than there are days in a year.  No joke.  You can’t put your babe in the same headband day in and day out.  You need a variety.  Luckily I am a headband expert and can share the BEST headband styles & shops out there!

Darling Delilah

These are some adorbale bands made with fabrics and flowers.  Best part?  The owner will custom make to any outfit or dress! She also makes bow ties for the boys if you need a brother/sister combo!


Giada Pic15_copy


Wisely Crafted Originals

These bands are also a combination of floral and fabric, but on a larger scale.  The few I have bought have at least 5 different elements to the band! I just love the different textures she uses and the color combinations she comes up with!



Ruby Blue Inc

Their instagram profile used to read “Warning insanely cute stuff your husband doesn’t want you to know about,” and that couldn’t be more true!  Ruby Blue makes “messy” headbands and I cannot get enough!

 IMG_20140616_174848 (1)IMG_20140615_071206

Little Town Boutique

This mamma uses a lot of felt in her bands and has a lot of my favorite colors; mint, gold, and coral!!  These teeny bows were perfect size for a newborn, and her flower clip was a great addition to a lace headband!

IMG_20130607_175619  IMG_20140225_082551

Sola Bowtique

Simple bands that add something extra to any outfit! The mom behind the biz is always willing to customize too!


Made With Xoxo Boutique

I’ve shared this shop before when I posted about turning old baby clothes into hair bows.  This shop makes “knot” bows for the ladies and bowties for the little men.  She can get many different fabrics for the bows and they look cute as a clip or on a headband.



This mama is an instagram based seller, but has customer service second to none.  She makes bows that can be worn as headbands or bowties.  DM her your needs, and with a selection of over 100 fabrics she is usually able to ship your bows next day!!



This is another instagram based seller that makes knot bows and turbans.  She was the first shop I bought from on instagram last year and when she posts her sales, her bands go quick!!!


Know of someone with a little lady or one on the way?  Make sure to share this collection!!