Just Between Friends Shopping Round 3

Holy smokes did this summer fly by? We were constantly on the go and I felt like I never got a moment to catch my breath. Now that we are into the second week of school over here I’m feeling a little better. We are getting into a routine and I can finally get caught up. On life.


Because the summer was so hectic I really didn’t do much Fall clothing shopping. The first weeks of schools the babes wear their summer clothes anyways so not a big deal. Lucky for me I was invited to shop the Fall Just Between Friends sale again! I love that I can grab a TON of clothes that are in great used condition and not break the bank doing so.


** I was provided compensation to shop and share my experiences. All opinions are my own!

For those that don’t know Just Between Friends is a consignment style mom to mom sale. Items are organized by size and priced 50-90% below retail. I love that there are no crazy lines and no sorting to find the size you are looking for.


Here are some of the clothing items that caught my eye! Tons of name brands at reasonable prices! That dress on the bottom right is one that Giada wore for Thanksgiving a few years back. It brought back so many memories!

I mean look at all these shoes!!  I just love shoe shopping!


As a new dance mom I couldn’t resist checking out the like new tap shoes!

and tons of tennis shoes in great condition!

Along with clothing there are other baby/kids items at reasonable prices.

There were also a ton of toys/games in NEW or like new condition.

This is my third time shopping at  Just Between Friends sale and I am hooked!

You can read about my visit last Fall here

and my recent Spring visit here

The details of the Fall sale are as follows:

Friday, Sept. 16th: Opening Day

Open 9am-7pm; $3 Admission(18 & older) Kids are Free!
Print a FREE Admission Coupon, Admissions benefit our partner charities.

Saturday, Sept. 17th: Half Price Day

50% off items WITHOUT a star for ALL Shoppers!

9am-2pm: FREE Admission


**They accept Ca$h,Amx,Discover,MC,Visa

OK. On to the best part. Here is what I came home with!


*all of this was $60


Here is the girl stuff I picked up ranging in sizes from 3t to 4t. At prices this good I like to shop current sizes and the next size up.

Clockwise from the top left; Gap jean jacket, Gap Chambray dress, Cherokee skinny jeans, Old Navy sweater vest, Old Navy bird shirt.


I picked up a few staple items for Ari too! I about died when I saw this wool Gap coat in his exact size. I mean Gap jackets NEVER go on sale, coupons don’t apply, and are usually pushing $100. When I saw this for around $10 I snatched it up!

Clockwise from upper left; Gap wool coat, under armor lightweight jacket, Gymboree thick knit shirt.


I mean, I think homeboy likes it!

Now that I have a brand new Kindergartener I also grabbed a few Level 1 readers at a great price!


…and a drumroll for my favorite item of the night.


This poodle costume! Cue all the heart eyes because this was made for Giada. She immediately had to try it on.


SO many great bargains to be had!

If you are in the area you should definitely check the sale out!


5 Reasons to try Hello Fresh

This week I decided to give Hello Fresh a shot! One of my coworkers has been using the meal service for several weeks now and highly recommended it. For those that don’t know Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service. Each week a box of fresh ingredients and recipe cards show up on your door step. All you need to do is follow the super simple instructions and in usually 30 minutes or less you have a very tasty meal. I can’t tell you how nice it was not going to the grocery store this week!!!



Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to give Hello Fresh a try right now!


All the ingredients are pre measured. I always hate when I’m trying new recipes and I need a teaspoon for like 5 different things. I end up spending so much money on all the ingredients that I only need a small pinch of and then leaving them go to waste. The nutrition info is also spelled out completely! For those that are counting calories it is super easy to track!


The recipe cards are SO simple to follow. There are pictures and detailed instructions for every single step! I also loved that there is a handy ruler on the side of each card. So when a recipe says to cut 1/4 inch rounds, you can easily cut 1/4 inch rounds.



Who wants to go to the grocery store? Not me. I loved taking the week off from a big grocery store trip.




The Hello Fresh meals may be simple to make, but they will definitely help you step up your creativity game. I’m guilty of making the same thing over and over…. Not with Hello Fresh!  The meals that were sent to us were all things I had never made before.


Penne Arrabbiate with Pancetta? Something I would never think to make — especially on a weeknight!


{ Crispy Chicken Milanese }


You can save $40! Use my promo code and your first box is $40 off. If you choose the classic box with 3 meals for 2 people it will be $29 out the door. That is a STEAL for fresh ingredients for 3 meals sent right to your doorstep! You can’t even buy Big Mac meals for 2 for that price!


Give it a try and let me know what you think!!


Not to toot my own horn, but how awesome do these look?


Just Between Friends Shopping Take 2


In the Fall I had the pleasure of shopping at the Just Between Friends Detroit/Madison Heights sale and had such a great time! You can read all about my trip here. When they contacted me to shop again at their Spring sale I jumped at the chance!

** I was provided compensation to shop and share my experiences. All opinions are my own!


For those that don’t know Just Between Friends is a consignment style mom to mom sale. Items are organized by size and priced 50-90% below retail. I love that there are no crazy lines and no sorting to find the size you are looking for. Best part? I was able to be in and out in just about 30 minutes! I can’t say that for a normal mom to mom sale! Usually I spend so much time hunting for the tables that have my size I really waste a lot of time!


Not only are there racks of name brand clothes, but there are also toys, gently used books, strollers, maternity clothes, and other baby items!


The rock & play sleeper was a must have when the babes were small and there were 3 there tonight at a STEAL of a price!


I also found some great deals on strollers!


Oh, and there was a HUGE selection of shoes! I couldn’t believe how great of shape they were all in!


I mean how cute are these flannel Toms?!



The sale starts tomorrow 4/7/16 and here are the details:

Thursday, April 7th

9:00am-7:00pm $3.00 Admission benefits HAVEN in Oakland County

Friday,April 8th

9:00am-3:00pm FREE ADMISSION

Saturday,April 9th

830am-1pm Volunteer Pre-sale on 50% off sale, please have volunteer pass to enter, must have worked a 4 hour shift to receive this pass.

9:00am to 1:00pm – 50% OFF SALE on items without a star.(Some items left at full price at the request of the consignor) Consignors choice to discount their items
FREE admission

**They accept Ca$h,Amx,Discover,MC,Visa

Now, onto my FINDS! I tried to get stuff for both the babes and ended up with a pretty even split! I spent a grand total of $53!
First let me start by saying that as the babes get older I find it harder and harder to buy second hand clothes. Bigger kids are harder on their clothes and they just aren’t as nice as the little sizes. Tonight I found some LIKE NEW stuff!
For Ari:
{Tucker & Tate plaid shirt, Carters Camo shirt, Cherokee lightweight hoodie, 2 pairs of Carters pants in amazing condition, a Gap Star Wars tee, and Keen sandals}


For Giada:

{4 Cherokee brand dresses, a Gymboree dress, a pair of Keen sandals, an Old Navy denim flutter top, and two pairs of fun summer shorts}


I think this one is my favorite with the tulle peeking out the bottom. It’s going to look adorable on her in the summer!


I bought this one in a size 4 and I think it will be perfect for Fall. It has little foxes on it!


There you have it. 15 pieces of clothing + 2 pairs of shoes for $53. …. and it only took my 30 minutes to find it all! I call that a mom win!

If you are in the area you should go check it out!

21 Day Fix Must Haves

Thinking about getting started with the 21 day fix?

IMG_8623I have had great results with the program so far! You can read about my very first review here. I’ve completed 3 rounds of the 21 day fix and one 3 day refresh. In just 11 weeks I’ve lost 30 lbs! That’s the equivalent of losing Giada! She weighs exactly 30 lbs! The number one reason why I’ve been successful is because I have been in a challenge group with my coach and other people with similar goals. That accountability has helped keep me motivated.


Along with that support, here are my top 10 items that helped me be successful with the 21 day fix. Some of the stuff you probably already have at home!


1.Personal blender

I started off drinking my Shakeology from this Hamilton Beach blender… it did the trick, and at 17.99 it certainly did not break the bank! I loved how small it was and the fact that I could take it with me to go. But when I added any greens to my shake they were left chunky. I could never get the smooth consistency I was looking for. I recently upgraded to a Nutri Ninja Professional and it has been life changing for me! I love that I can just blend in the morning and walk out the door with same cup I blended in. I blend in spinach, kale, and bananas and would never even know there were there! I make Shakeology every single day, so the price tag of 79.99 for this model was totally justifiable for me!


2. Lunch and dinner containers

Meal prep is a huge component to the 21 day fix. The more you do ahead of time, the easier your week will be. Just think, if you have a fridge full of healthy meals waiting for you, you are more likely to eat those healthy meals.  Since I usually prep for my husband and I there are typically 10 lunches and 10 dinner, so 20 total meals. I wanted containers that were universal and stacked nicely in the fridge. I found these at Meijer and they were super inexpensive! If you have any meal prep questions feel free to reach out to me personally! bestdressedbabes at gmail dot com

Here are a few of my meal preps:




3. Scale

Duh. Weighing in at the beginning and end of each challenge is key to keep motivation up. If you aren’t seeing a huge change, make sure to check your measurements! Don’t forget to always weigh in on the same day and at the same time. I use Monday morning as my official weigh in each week.

4. Flexible Measuring tape


Sometimes your results are easily measured on the scale, but sometimes the scale doesn’t move, but your body is changing. Make sure to have a flexible measuring tape to measure your body before and after each challenge. You can find these at any craft store or on amazon.

5. Veggie spiralizer

This tool is a great way to get in some of your veggies! I love to use this to make zoodles (zucchini noodles). For 8.99 at target, this item is a great kitchen gadget to have!


6. Large water bottle

 Water is SO key to weight loss. It is recommended to drink double your body weight in water. So if you weigh 150lbs, then you should be drinking 75 oz of water at minimum each day. Having a large water bottle makes it easier to keep the water flowing. I like to use my Shakeology cup as a water bottle since it’s 25 ounces. Makes it easy to measure as I go!


7. 21 Day Fix App

This FREE APP is incredible! I cannot tell you how much I use it! Not only does it allow you to track all your meals for the day, but it gives you a visualization of how much food you have left. Stumped on what to eat? Click on any of the categories and it lists out foods for that color! It also provides a visual for your body measurements and you can track day 1 and then day 21.



8. Measuring cups

Sometimes your containers are in the dishwasher so it’s good to know the equivalents in actual measurements so you can use your own measuring cups instead.



9. Seasonings & Extracts

It is recommended to reduce as much extra sodium as possible. I like to use Mrs. Dash for extra flavor to my recipes. It’s salt free! I also use vanilla, almond, and peppermint extracts for “free” on the plan. They are a great way to flavor your coffee without adding sugar or cream to it!


10. Shakeology

Last, but certainly not least, Shakeology is crucial to my success. Yes you can certainly follow the meal plan and workouts without Shakeology, but I don’t think you will see as great of a success. Personally I think it helps me to avoid sugars and processed foods during the day because I have started my day with such a yummy meal. I don’t find myself missing sugary foods because every day I know I’m getting my sweet Shakeology. If you search pinterest there are a million different recipes to modify your shake each day if you get bored of drinking the same thing day in and day out. I like to drink mine with cashew milk and add a frozen banana and some kale. I drink it in the car on my way to work!


Any questions, let me know! I’m glad to help!


Best Dressed Easter {A Spool Full of Sugar}


Let’s just take a minute and cue all the heart eyes….


…because this dress is that good!

I had my heart set on finding Giada a handmade Easter dress this year and A Spool Full of Sugar knocked it out of the park. A few weeks ago I found her handmade shop on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her style. When we got ahold of her “Ella” dress it was love at first sight and I knew I needed more of where that came from.


When I first contacted A Spool Full of Sugar about an Easter dress she already had the 3 fabrics she planned on using. We kind of went back and forth about the style that she was going to create and we both agreed that a flutter dress would be perfect for Easter!



We also both agreed that big pockets (to put eggs in of course) were an absolute must! After that I let A Spool Full of Sugar do the rest. When this dress (and matching bow tie) arrived in my mailbox I was speechless! The dress was absolute perfection.


Every last detail was perfectly crafted even down to the 3 colorful buttons on the back. Everything about it screamed Easter!


Of course a handmade dress isn’t complete without a coordinating headband and  Darling Delilah never ceases to amaze me! This headband is the perfect compliment and Giada loves it!


…and in case any of you were wondering, Giada’s shoes are Mini Melissa and I recently found them for a great price at Saks Off Fifth! Not only do they smell amazing, but Giada just loves that they are bunnies! Looks like they no longer have them in pink, but you can grab the purple here.


There you have it, the perfect little Easter ensemble! Hopefully our Michigan weather will cooperate!








21 Day Fix Costco Staples

IMG_6665 (1).PNG

I recently finished my second round of the 21 day fix and could not be more impressed with my results!!! You can read about my first round here. I’m losing weight, inches, but the best part is that I’m not feeling like I’m depriving myself. The meal plan has been simple to follow and I love preparing my meals on Sunday for the whole week.

Whenever someone switches to a healthier, cleaner meal plan I know money is always a concern. It’s true, eating fresh produce, organic products, and lean meats can be pricey, but if you are smart about it, it actually doesn’t cost that much money. One of my favorite ways to save money is by shopping at Costco! Prices are lower because you are shopping in bulk, but that just means you can shop less!

I go to Costco probably every week or every other and here is what I get:


I love their broccoli because it is already cut up and ready to go! Nothing makes more of a mess than cutting your own broccoli. Sorry, I don’t have time for that! Their deep green blends are perfect for salads, smoothies, and even a great addition to eggs. I also grab their tomato bites, English cucumbers, Brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes.



This is probably where the bulk of your grocery bill goes to. I love getting the 4 pack of ground turkey because we use it every single day. I use it for greek meat balls, taco bowls, and mini meatloaves. I also get their chicken that comes packaged with 6 sets of 2 chicken breasts. I don’t know about you, but I HATE cleaning chicken. I feel like having to clean 2 or 4 breasts at a time is so much easier than some of the other “bulk” packs of chicken. I use chicken to make buffalo chicken bowls, chicken fajitas, and taco chicken salads!


Almond Butter

This jar of heaven has one ingredient in it; almonds. I use a teaspoon (or 2) with an apple as a 21 day fix snack. This jar is HUGE too and lasts a long time!


Tzatziki Yogurt Dip

I’m not a 21 day nutrition expert but I could this greek yogurt dip as a red container when I am measuring my food. Since a serving of red is 3/4 of a cup I allow myself 1/2 a cup of meat and then 1/4 cup of this “dip”. Cutting back on dips was hard for me so this was a great solution!


Quinoa Tabouli

Are you noticing a Greek theme? This past week I’ve been really into Greek flavors so I grabbed this up and used it as a yellow!


Kalamata Olives

Can’t forget your 10 olives you can have a day!  This jar is HUGE. I mean it. I couldn’t believe it was only $7.99. The small jar I bought at Kroger the week before was probably less than a quarter of this and cost me $5.79! This will last us forever!



Hubs and I each eat at least 2 eggs a day on the meal plan so you can imagine how much we go through! Plus the babes love eggs too! These are $3.79 a dozen and I just love their packaging!


There you have it! My 21 Day Fix Costco staples. What else am I missing?

Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories


I can’t tell you how much I love connecting with other moms who share my love for clothing and accessories. I was so excited when Megan & I connected through Rodan and Fields and I found out she was selling little girl accessories!  Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories is your go to boutique for classic and stylish accessories for your little one and you!


Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories was created to bring parents and their little ones the most fashionable creations out there. Megan is a mom to two little fashionistas and living in a small town she found it was very difficult to find headbands and accessories that fit her style. She decided to give it a go and make them herself! What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a business! This is how Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories came to be.


Giada was so excited to try on her new bands from Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories! They were the perfect compliment to some of her current outfits! What I loved most about the process was the fact that I could send her a picture of Giada’s clothes and Megan made something to match! It was completely customizable and the headbands turned out perfect!



Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories has some fabulous Valentine options! Make sure to contact her with your needs!


To make it even better she is giving away one custom flower in pink or red on a skinny elastic!


Head over to Facebook to enter!



It’s a Wonderful Life

Tis the Season to take a step back and reflect on how lucky I am. I have an amazing family, a solid career, and some pretty amazing friends. I thought it was fitting that for our Christmas card this year I chose the phrase

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

This year we had a mini photo session with Luna Signature to get some pictures for our Christmas card. We met with Aleksandra on a Sunday in October and LUCKED out. The weather was gorgeous and the babes were so cooperative! *Mental note to self, 4pm is the ideal time for them!

When I’m planning our outfits I always start with Giada! I had this Matilda Jane Platinum top that I knew I wanted to use. The colors were not traditional Christmas colors, but I thought it could work by adding some red accents!

I love mixing patterns and textures when I’m dressing our family for photos and using a variety of colors!



What do you think?! I think the colors turned out great and Aleksandra did an amazing job of capturing our little fam!


For the actual cards themselves I tried a new company and went with Mix Book. I ordered them on a Thursday, chose standard shipping, and they arrived the following Monday. I was SUPER impressed with that turn around time.

Here they are!


Check out our previous cards!


Shop Small Blog Link Up { Accessories }

It’s no secret I LOVE shopping small. Handmade gifts are always the most unique and shopping from a small business owner allows me to have a more personal connection to the items I buy.

I posted last week my favorite apparel shops and today (Cyber Monday!) I’m sharing my favorite accessory shops!


AK’s Hidden Gems has the most adorable and affordable necklaces and bracelets for your little fashionistas!


Darling Delilah is one of my FAVORITE headband shops! Her items are so unique and she sells one headband for $5 every single Friday! How cool is that?

Giada_mintysnaps (8 of 11).jpg

Closet of HJK makes bows and bowties with a guaranteed 1 day turn around time! I love that I can order a bow and it can be used as a hair clip or a clip on tie!


Bow Kay makes so many cute bows. I shop from her all the time. Recently she made this crown, though, and it is to die for!

Giada_mintysnaps (1 of 11).jpg

Have you been shopping small this season? Join the link up and share your favorites!

Shop Small Link Up Blog Link Up { Apparel }

 It’s no secret I LOVE shopping small. Handmade gifts are always the most unique and shopping from a small business owner allows me to have a more personal connection to the items I buy.

Now that the Holiday season is officially upon us Kelly from Happily Ever Mock and I decided to organize a link up of our favorite Small Shops! Why not shop small for Christmas this year? Better yet participate in Shop Small Saturday (11/28)!


Join us by sharing your favorite small shops. Grab our image, link back to one of us, and add your post to the bottom!

I will be posting my favorite small shops in two separate segments; { Apparel } & { Accessories }

First up is Apparel!

Fresh Apparel has catchy slogan tees for the entire family! I’ve written about them several times because they just keep coming out with best stuff!  You can always use code “BESTDRESSEDBABES” for free shipping too!

Adorable Essentials is exactly what is says it is. Essential items for your little ones that are adorable without breaking the bank! Adorable Essentials carries a plethora of ruffle pants and tops that can be worn with your boutique clothing. A lot of times I will buy Matilda Jane tops and then pair them with the more affordable Adorable Essentials bottoms. This is a mom ran company with always provides FREE SHIPPING and has amazing customer service!

They also have some pretty amazing holiday dresses too!

Freshly Picked is by far the classiest company around. They always seem to amaze me with their generosity and kindness. They have grown over the past several years by leaps and bounds but still have the small shop feel. Every time I have ever hosted a giveaway with them I receive a hand written thank you in the mail. If you are looking for moccasins for your babes you really should support them!

Freshly Picked is hosting a HUGE Black Tuesday sale! Make sure to head there early!


The mom behind Delaney’s Den is local to me, like 2 miles away local! She makes all kinds of custom clothing! I love her style and colors she chooses. We recently received this mustard colored dress and it is pretty amazing in real life!


Anchors & Eyelets makes some pretty amazing boutique inspired dresses. She always combines the best fabrics to get a vintage feel that I absolutely adore!


Last but not least It’s So Me Boutique is a brick & mortar shop in downtown Utica with the largest collection of boutique clothes. I dare you to go in and not buy everything in sight! If you aren’t local to Michigan, they also went live with their website! Stop in their shop on Saturday or shop their site!


Where will you be shopping this holiday season? I’d love to hear some of your recommendations.