Mama “Must-Have” Monday: Greek Salad

  I’m at the point this Winter where I am doing everything in my power to will Spring to get here. I’ve been buying Spring clothing and now resorted to cooking Spring meals (is that even a thing)? Well fresh salads remind me of sunshine and warmer weather so I’m going with yes!  My Mama “Must-Have” this week is Greek Salad.


This side salad is so addicting. Hubs and I cannot live without with it. We’ve been on a kick lately having this with our lunch and dinner! Tonight I made grilled chicken marinated in homemade tzatziki sauce and added it to this! It was amazing. You are going to love it!


Ingredients: Diced red onion, Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, & Greek Dressing (I use Ken’s) All you do is toss all your ingredients together and voila! A nice “Spring” side dish.


Mama “Must-Have” Monday: Salt Spray

Happy Monday Babes! I am so excited for this series! Mama Must-Haves! If you didn’t read last week, you have to go check out the Rodan and Fields eye cream!

For 29 years I dreamed about having thicker, coarser hair.  You know, the kind that just holds a style all day long? That type of hair.  I teased and I teased and tried every hair spray on the market but nothing gave me that texture I wanted.  Until my stylist told me about salt spray.  Yes salt spray.  I know most of you probably associate salt spray with “beachy, wavy hair”. That’s what I always thought. But that’s not the only thing it’s good for!  Salt spray has totally changed my hair for the better!

image (5)

I use the Tigi Catwalk Session Series on my wet hair.  I’m not shy and use a generous amount.  As I round brush my hair I begin to notice the salt spray working. It feels like I can’t get my brush through sometimes, but that just means I used enough! The salt spray helps me keep volume ALL day long. Literally I cannot go a day without using it.


I typically buy my salt spray at the salon for $20. But you can also get it at Ulta or Amazon. If you are really interested, do yourself a favor and just sign up for subscribe & save through amazon. It makes each bottle only $11.64!!

Mama “Must-have” Monday: Rodan & Fields

Typically I blog about my babes including everything that I do and buy for them.  Well, for once, I wanted to share a few mama must haves! I’m going to start a new series called Mama “Must-have” Monday where I share one item that I am currently loving!!


This week I present to you Rodan & Fields Eye Cream!

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a jar of MAGIC. For real. I was never into creams and such until I started using Rodan & Fields. I turned 30 this past summer and knew I needed to get serious about my skin.  I use my eye cream religiously in the morning and before bed and I’m happy to report that dark circles are a thing of the past!


Stay up late or wake up early? No one needs to know but you.  This little jar lasts me over 3 months and is probably my favorite Rodan & Fields product in my arsenal.

Interested in trying it out? Want to learn how to save 10% and get free shipping? Shoot me an email.