Friday Favorites: November Edition

I’ve been slacking on posting my Friday Favorites so today I’m sharing ALLLLLL my favorites from November. I’m linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals!


The first day of November started with one of my favorite things; clearance shopping the day after a holiday! I got Giada a ton of clearanced Halloween costumes that I plan to give her for Christmas as a dress-up trunk!


Her and I got some use out of our matching Matilda Jane! I love that they make coordinating patterns for toddlers, big girls, and even tweens!


I think the weather this November has been my favorite ever because it is so unexpected! We’ve seen sunshine and 70 degrees which is very uncommon in Michigan. The babes have been soaking up every last second of it because I know the white stuff is coming soon!

Getting gifts in the mail from your Aunt?! For sure a favorite of Giada’s! This sleeping bag and pillowcase from Land Of Nod is SO Giada and she loves watching Sofia from this cozy thing! I want one in my size please!


Over the summer Mike and I traveled to California kid free. The entire trip was amazing and we spent an entire day in Napa touring different wineries. Our favorite one by far was Raymond Vineyards. We  loved it so much we joined a wine club! We get a hand-selected box of wine 4 times a year and we just got our newest shipment.  Hello wine night to us!!



Throughout high school and college I always kept a paper planner. It was my go-to for keeping myself organized and (probably due to technology) I strayed away from keeping a paper planner.  Recently I decided I needed a new one and ordered this one from Plum Paper. It was everything I was looking for and more! Adding all the fun stickers is my favorite part!!!


I’ve been committed to planning more nights out for hubs and I  I recently and chose Downtown Detroit for our latest adventure. Let me tell you this was just what we needed!  The city is making a comeback and the nightlife is perfect for any age. We met up with some friends, drank some swanky cocktails, and soaked up all that Detroit has to offer. The lights…the views.. the company… it was one of my favorite nights out.

A new photographer to the area contacted me to do a styled photo shoot of Giada. Eunice from Minty Snaps wanted to build her portfolio and I happily obliged.  She has twin boys of her own so she needed a little girl model. We met in downtown Birmingham on a very chilly (but sunny) Sunday.  I’m sure anyone who has dealt with a 2 year old knows they don’t just cooperate the first time you ask them to do something! So you can just imagine the amount of sugar, hot chocolate, and begging & pleading we had going on that day. But what really got Giada to cooperate was the fake snow Eunice had up her sleeve!  She finally opened up and was a total ham for the camera. The pics are TO DIE FOR and I cannot wait to share the rest with you later!

As November is drawing to an end I am so excited for my favorite holiday; Christmas!  Christmas decorations are popping up everywhere and I cannot wait for this special time with the kids! Partridge Creek is always decorated so nice! Giada and I swung by there last weekend after a baby shower and the trees were magical!

Have a Happy Friday! Stay tuned for A Shop Small link up I will be hosting tomorrow! I can’t wait to share all of these amazing small shops!

Friday Favorites; A Taste of Fall

The past week has been an unexpected taste of Fall and I’m not complaining. We finally turned the AC off, opened our windows, put on hoodies, and started fully embraced all things pumpkin.

I’m so excited to be linking up with other bloggers for Friday Favorites!


On Monday I grabbed the babes from daycare and we did a little pumpkin shopping. Pumpkin spice anything is a favorite for me! I just love this time of year so much!


…speaking of all things pumpkin. I’m counting down the days until the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I saw this on Instagram and loved it.


We took our family photos this past week and as usual I am in love. I’ll share more of the pics later but our photographer Kathy Davies is one of my favorites. She’s been taking our pictures since Ari was a baby and I just how she interacts with the kids and always captures great memories for us.


Last weekend we hit up a local fair. Cowboy boots with her Matilda Jane?! A new favorite for sure!


We are about to embark on a road trip to Virginia for my sister in law’s wedding. The babes are standing up and I cannot get over how much of a gentleman Ari looks like. This burlap bow tie from Country Couture is def a favorite.

    IMG_8559Pretty sure this will be one of Giada’s favorite fall outfits;

The Harper tunic from Matilda Jane and a matching bow from Bow Kay!


…and I can’t forget about Fall favorites for ME!… I have this scarf & shirt coming and I cannot wait! They are going to make the perfect pair this Fall!  Don’t forget to use code “bestdressedbabes” over at Fresh Apparel for free shipping on any order!

Friday Favorites; Where did July go?!

I can’t believe it is almost August. July seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye.  Technically today is my Friday because I took tomorrow off work! So I’m getting this post up a little early! Hubs and I have been living in a whirlwind between vacation, weekly obligations, and weekend trips to the lake so I haven’t been keeping up with Friday Favorites.

My all time favorite this summer? Spending 10 days in Cali with the mister. We have never taken a trip of this magnitude. Ever. This was the first time we really had “extra” money to fund an adventure like this thanks to Rodan & Fields.

*Side note if you are interested in joining me in this amazing adventure please shoot me an email and I would be happy to fill you in!

Boy was this trip something to remember!

We ordered fun cocktails….

IMG_2335Went to amazing beaches…


Visited Santa Monica Pier…


Found as many patios as we could…


Took a MILLION selfies…


Went wine tasting in Napa Valley…


Visted San Francisco…


Rode bikes across the Golden gate bridge….


…and finished our time out by celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary of Mike’s Aunt and Uncle with the rest of the family.


What an accomplishment and something I aspire to!

Meanwhile. The babes were with both sets of grandparents having a mini-vacation of their own!

Being able to fund this trip was only half of our planning. Having people who will care for our babes like we would was the other half. Luckily we had both!


Getting to Facetime them was definitely a favorite for me.


My favorite shirt at the moment? This Mom Life tee from Fresh Apparel! It’s so comfy and truly defines me! And probably every other mom out there! Right now you can get free shipping by using code “bestdressedbabes” at checkout!


My favorite little boy turns 4 tomorrow! We are off to celebrate this weekend!


Friday Favorites : Holiday Weekend Edition

     So it’s been a short week here because of the holiday and I’m not complaining!

I’m linking up with Momfessionals to share my Friday Favorites. Last weekend -the official kick off to summer- we spent it at the lake with family and friends. Ari is obsessed. It truly is a magical place for him and this year to top it off? His best friend spent the weekend with us too!


One of my favorites this summer? My Traverse with captain’s chairs! Last summer I had a Journey and had to strategically pack to fit our belongings, a cooler, and leave room for this 80lb big boy. This year Breslin can fit in between the two captain’s chairs and that allows us to use the ENTIRE back for packing!


Sunshine & a Beach! As soon as we got to the cottage the kids suited up and headed straight to the water. It’s so amazing what a difference a year can make. Last year Giada wasn’t walking and now this year she’s right out there with Ari & Bres!


Bon fires with your bestie! Like I said earlier Ari’s best friend’s family joined us for the weekend and it was so cute to watch them enjoy the fire!


One more cottage favorite: the pontoon boat! When we are at the cottage we typically take a ride after dinner each night. I think Ari likes relaxing on the back just a little?


A new favorite for Giada? The mini Frappuccino from Starbucks! Her speech teacher recommended having her drink shakes or smoothies through a straw to strengthen her mouth muscles. This was the perfect size for her as mom perused Target.


Another favorite for Giada & me? This silicon teething necklace Trendy Baby Mama. Little miss is getting in her 2 year molars and has been a drooling mess. This is perfect for me to wear when she’s being clingy and let her chomp away. Like any chocking hazard this is intended to be used with supervision only.


Speaking of 2 year old molars Giada is turning 2 in ONE WEEK! She took some photos last week with Birdy Boutique and I cannot get over how adorable they turned out. Birdy Boutique is offering FREE mini photo sessions (with a purchase). Michigan moms, you MUST take advantage of this! See details here.


My current favorite Matilda Jane combo? This Love Bug knot top and landscape ruffles! OMG I can’t get enough!



I think Ari hit a growth spurt because all of a sudden nothing was fitting him. I stocked up on some summer tees and tanks from Old Navy and couldn’t believe the deals I got using my gap card rewards + their offer at the time +free shipping.  This whole order averaged $5 an item!


Last favorite is for me!! I decided to embrace the humidity and wear my hair curly. I typically straighten it each day so this has been a HUGE timesaver for me. This year I started to use salt spray before using my diffuser to blow dry and it’s been SO easy to do! My favorite salt spray is this one.



Happy Friday everyone!



Friday Favorites: May is Cray

I cannot believe how crazy our May is this year! Between soccer 2 nights a week, speech & gymnastics for Giada, weekends away at the cottage, and trying to prepare for the kids’ birthday party we are super busy!

I’m linking up with Momfessionals to share my favorites this week!


Muffins with Mom! Our daycare is just precious and hosted a breakfast for the moms. I loved being able to join the babes for muffins!


Mother’s Day was spent at one of my favorite place ever; Cherry Creek! We had our wedding & baby showers here and the food is phenomenal. It was so nice to just wake up and go out to a fancy breakfast!


Giada started gymnastics this month and I’m pretty sure I have died and gone to heaven. Growing up I was a cheerleader and loved gymnastics. (Hey I can even still do a backhandspring!) This is her first “organized” activity and she is loving the one on one time.


Instead of investing in a leotard right away I decided to get her some “work out” clothes from Old Navy. Little girl yoga pants? OMG.

Check out their “activewear” selection. There are some great deals right now!

Little man started outdoor soccer this past week and seeing his excitement is one of my favorite things ever.  I thought his cheeks were going to hurt at the end of his first practice because he was smiling so much.


Matching pearl necklaces from AK’s Hidden Gems?! Perfect addition to our Mother’s Day ensembles! We got so many compliments!


As far as hairbows go, I tend to get on kicks putting Giada in certain styles.  Now that she is getting older (she will be 2 in less than a month!), I’ve become obessed with these giant flowers from Bow Kay. They are the perfect headband to jazz up any outfit!


On the agenda this weekend!? Installing our swing set! I cannot wait! Make sure you are following on instagram for updates! @bestdressedbabes



Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Babes! I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for this weekend! I’m linking up with Momfessionals again this week sharing my Friday favorites!


It seems like we’ve spent a lot of time at the Wolcott Mill Farm this Spring. They are always hosting events and the babes LOVE it there! Ari’s preschool all went to the Babies, Babies, Babies day and we had so much fun.



 Giada just loved all the animals. She wasn’t afraid at all and just got right in there to check them out!


I got these monogrammed cosmetic bags rom Bright Design Studio and I am IN LOVE. I can’t believe how large they are and how much I can fit in them! The colors are so bright and I can’t wait to fill them up with lots of goodies. These would make a PERFECT gift. I’m thinking Mother’s Day, end of the year teacher gift, or even a highschool graduation gift! What incoming freshman girl wouldn’t want one of these?! Go check out her etsy shop, there are lots of other goodies there!


I’m not a huge fan of sweet drinks, so Summer Shandy isn’t exactly my cup of tea. But Grapefruit Shandy?! OMG. It is the perfect combination of tart and sweet and is SO refreshing on a warm day. I highly recommend it!   IMG_6077Our pics are IN and I am in full fledge party planning mode! I met with Bethany from The Paper Prince this week and I cannot wait for this Luau to happen!


Taco Salad. I don’t think I need to say more. Not only is it a favorite for Mike and I, but now we got Giada on the Taco Salad wagon.  It’s a perfect weeknight dinner and lunch for the next day!


Last weekend we went to our family cottage but the weather was a little chilly for us to play outside. We had no cell service, no internet, and no TV….SO we found a new FAVORITE activity; COLORING! I forgot how much I loved coloring. It doesn’t get much better than a fresh coloring book and a brand new box of crayons!


Target has out their Patriotic gear! So of course this mama had to get Memorial Day outfits ready! How cute are these getups?


Last, don’t forget to enter my GIVEAWAY going on Facebook for this adorable set of pacifier clips from Trendy Stop!


Friday Favorites: 60 degrees finally!

Happy, Happy Friday!!!


I’m linking up with Momfessionals again this week for Friday Favorites! Go head over to her blog and wish sweet Griffin a Happy Birthday!

My hubs has been out of town all week and he finally comes home tonight so that’s the reason for the extra happy in there! The babes and I were so lucky because… It FINALLY hit 60 degrees around here! You better believe we were outside as much as possible!

Ari just loves cruising up and down the streets in his Dune Racer that Santa brought him! After researching the crap out of these and polling real life mom friends we decided on this one. Among all the reviews it was the best for both on and off roading. The tires are large enough for this thing to rip roar over grass!


We spent an evening at the local park!  I honestly think this is my new favorite picture of these two. Last summer was still tough with Giada being a “new walker” and Ari being almost 3. I can already tell this summer will be a whole new story when it comes to their friendship. Running, laughing, and holding hands. Does this view get any better?


Our park trip resulted in Giada’s first time on a big kid slide! She loved it and held on for dear life the entire time!


Giada was quite the show stopper at her speech evaluation this week (more on that later). All the ladies at the school district just LOVED her ensemble and Giada was eating it up.  Little lady was twirling and smiling for all that would watch her.


I’ve been wishing, hoping, dreaming of the return of Aruba Freshly Picked moccasins for months now…. and they are backkkkk! They are the perfect compliment to the babes’ Luau outfits for their birthday party!! We took photos in these outfits this week and I cannot wait to see them!


I joined Rodan & Fields at the very end of the summer as a way to get a discount on their great products but also to pay for some of the pricey clothing I wanted for the babes. I got paid this weekend and was FLOORED. I just couldn’t believe how this little skincare business could turn into something so amazing for my family. Getting a paycheck in the middle of the month that more than covers our mortgage? Now that’s a favorite!


April 15 was the third annual Hug a Doodle Day on instagram. If you have a few minutes go ahead and browse #hugadoodleday.  You will not be disappointed I promise! This is my whole-lotta-love 85 pound baby boo named Breslin. He just turned 6 in March and was my very first baby! He is an F1B goldendoodle. His mom was a goldendoodle and his dad was a standard poodle.


Earlier this year I started buying Matilda Jane. I love how unique all the stuff was and how all the items of a line coordinated with each other. I have a whole post dedicated to my love addiction to Matilda Jane Clothing coming very soon!

….but for now…my favorite outfit from Hello Lovely? This Cross My Heart dress and the Party Pants leggings!

       IMG_5700Last but not least I whipped up a super easy breakfast for the babes this week! I preheated my oven to 375, scrambled 3 eggs, microwaved a few pieces of pre cooked bacon, added cheese, and quickly rolled it all in crescent rolls. It lieterally took me less than 5 minutes to assemble! I threw them in the over for 10 minutes while I got everyone dressed and they made the perfect handheld warm breakfast!


Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites: Summer is Coming!

           Happy Friday! I am linking up with Momfessionals today to share my Friday Favorites.  I’m crossing my fingers that Summer is truly coming because most of my favorite things this week have to do with Summer!!


Monday was opening day of baseball!! Go Tigers! My mom got the kids Best Cookies By Farr and they were pretty amazing as usual! No one makes cookies like she does! If you are in the Metro Detroit area do yourself a favor and get these for your next party…she will not disappoint!


My sister in law is getting married in September and we are planning her shower for June. Ari & Giada are the ring bearer and flower girl! I think I finally decided on shower outfits for them! This dress from Anchors and Eyelets is named Estelle (after Giada Estelle)! The mint and pink are perfect for a summer shower!

Dress, Shirt, Shorts


I’ve been planning a joint birthday Luau for the summer for several months now. Ari will be 4 and Giada 2. PS. How did that happen?! This week Dollar Tree put out all their Luau supplies, so guess who had a field day on her lunch hour this week? I have so many fun things planned for this bash!


Speaking of their birthday I have been researching play sets for what seems like MONTHS. Instead of gifts for their birthday we are getting them a play set that they will use for several years! They have so many clothes and toys and I know they will truly enjoy this the most! I think I FINALLY decided on the Clarington Resort from Cedar Summit. What I love most about it is the flower planters and the twirly slide!


I was lucky enough to have some “Mom-Time” this week and I went to a concert in downtown Detroit. I thought it was quite fitting waking up the next morning to this ecard. Definitely my favorite one I’ve seen in a long time!


I also wanted to share my FAVORITE once a week beauty treat. A glass of wine + my Rodan & Fields microdermabrasion paste. I use this in addition to my skincare regimen at least once a week! It’s a salt/sugar scrub with vitamins C & E, has a high-glide, oil-free formula and is designed to promote maximum gentle exfoliation. My skin feels so smooth and soft after I use it!


It’s been SO liberating to go places without a stroller lately! Giada thinks she’s SO big getting to walk and Ari helps me by holding her hand! This week we went shopping and Ari and I (aka me)kept lifting Giada on 3. Pretty sure they both thought it was the coolest thing ever.


Speaking of letting Giada walk in stores she was doing her own thang in Meijer and HAD to choose her own bananas! I just love seeing my baby girl grow into her own independent self!


It was nice enough to play outside one day this week and the babes loved it! I’m hoping more nice weather is here stay!


Don’t forget to enter my giveaway on Facebook for a chunky necklace/bracelet set from AK’s Hidden Gems! Have a great weekend!