5 Reasons to try Hello Fresh

This week I decided to give Hello Fresh a shot! One of my coworkers has been using the meal service for several weeks now and highly recommended it. For those that don’t know Hello Fresh is a meal subscription service. Each week a box of fresh ingredients and recipe cards show up on your door step. All you need to do is follow the super simple instructions and in usually 30 minutes or less you have a very tasty meal. I can’t tell you how nice it was not going to the grocery store this week!!!



Here are my top 5 reasons why you need to give Hello Fresh a try right now!


All the ingredients are pre measured. I always hate when I’m trying new recipes and I need a teaspoon for like 5 different things. I end up spending so much money on all the ingredients that I only need a small pinch of and then leaving them go to waste. The nutrition info is also spelled out completely! For those that are counting calories it is super easy to track!


The recipe cards are SO simple to follow. There are pictures and detailed instructions for every single step! I also loved that there is a handy ruler on the side of each card. So when a recipe says to cut 1/4 inch rounds, you can easily cut 1/4 inch rounds.



Who wants to go to the grocery store? Not me. I loved taking the week off from a big grocery store trip.




The Hello Fresh meals may be simple to make, but they will definitely help you step up your creativity game. I’m guilty of making the same thing over and over…. Not with Hello Fresh!  The meals that were sent to us were all things I had never made before.


Penne Arrabbiate with Pancetta? Something I would never think to make — especially on a weeknight!


{ Crispy Chicken Milanese }


You can save $40! Use my promo code and your first box is $40 off. If you choose the classic box with 3 meals for 2 people it will be $29 out the door. That is a STEAL for fresh ingredients for 3 meals sent right to your doorstep! You can’t even buy Big Mac meals for 2 for that price!


Give it a try and let me know what you think!!


Not to toot my own horn, but how awesome do these look?


Just Between Friends Shopping Take 2


In the Fall I had the pleasure of shopping at the Just Between Friends Detroit/Madison Heights sale and had such a great time! You can read all about my trip here. When they contacted me to shop again at their Spring sale I jumped at the chance!

** I was provided compensation to shop and share my experiences. All opinions are my own!


For those that don’t know Just Between Friends is a consignment style mom to mom sale. Items are organized by size and priced 50-90% below retail. I love that there are no crazy lines and no sorting to find the size you are looking for. Best part? I was able to be in and out in just about 30 minutes! I can’t say that for a normal mom to mom sale! Usually I spend so much time hunting for the tables that have my size I really waste a lot of time!


Not only are there racks of name brand clothes, but there are also toys, gently used books, strollers, maternity clothes, and other baby items!


The rock & play sleeper was a must have when the babes were small and there were 3 there tonight at a STEAL of a price!


I also found some great deals on strollers!


Oh, and there was a HUGE selection of shoes! I couldn’t believe how great of shape they were all in!


I mean how cute are these flannel Toms?!



The sale starts tomorrow 4/7/16 and here are the details:

Thursday, April 7th

9:00am-7:00pm $3.00 Admission benefits HAVEN in Oakland County

Friday,April 8th

9:00am-3:00pm FREE ADMISSION

Saturday,April 9th

830am-1pm Volunteer Pre-sale on 50% off sale, please have volunteer pass to enter, must have worked a 4 hour shift to receive this pass.

9:00am to 1:00pm – 50% OFF SALE on items without a star.(Some items left at full price at the request of the consignor) Consignors choice to discount their items
FREE admission

**They accept Ca$h,Amx,Discover,MC,Visa

Now, onto my FINDS! I tried to get stuff for both the babes and ended up with a pretty even split! I spent a grand total of $53!
First let me start by saying that as the babes get older I find it harder and harder to buy second hand clothes. Bigger kids are harder on their clothes and they just aren’t as nice as the little sizes. Tonight I found some LIKE NEW stuff!
For Ari:
{Tucker & Tate plaid shirt, Carters Camo shirt, Cherokee lightweight hoodie, 2 pairs of Carters pants in amazing condition, a Gap Star Wars tee, and Keen sandals}


For Giada:

{4 Cherokee brand dresses, a Gymboree dress, a pair of Keen sandals, an Old Navy denim flutter top, and two pairs of fun summer shorts}


I think this one is my favorite with the tulle peeking out the bottom. It’s going to look adorable on her in the summer!


I bought this one in a size 4 and I think it will be perfect for Fall. It has little foxes on it!


There you have it. 15 pieces of clothing + 2 pairs of shoes for $53. …. and it only took my 30 minutes to find it all! I call that a mom win!

If you are in the area you should go check it out!

DNR Outdoor Adventure Center



Being outside is probably Ari’s favorite thing in the world. He is a typical boy and just loves getting his hands dirty. It’s always hard to keep him from going stir crazy during the cold winter months. We thought Spring was finally here in MI, but the weather seemed to have other plans.  Last week I took a few days off work to spend time with my sister in law and we planned some activities with the kids.


{ Ari’s zip up is from Old Navy, jeans are Target, and shoes are Children’s Place | Giada’s pants are Matilda Jane, top is Old Navy, jean jacket is Target, and Bow is from Bow Kay | My ripped jeans are American Eagle High Rise jeggings and I will never wear another brand of jeans after getting these! }

The weather was dreary and instead of staying inside we visited the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center in downtown Detroit. I’m always looking for an excuse to head downtown so this was the perfect opportunity!


As you can see it was extra dreary out so we were anxious to get in and burn off some energy!


The DNR Outdoor Adventure Center is located at 1801 Atwater and it’s right along the riverfront. If we were to return when the weather was a little nicer I would definitely pack a picnic lunch to enjoy outside!

When we first got inside the babes ran straight to the giant tree house. It is a tree fort with a slide and a ladder to climb to the second floor. I liked that there was an employee standing near the second floor exit of the treehouse in case a parent didn’t follow right away.


The activity center is in an old warehouse and features 3 floors of activities and hands on exhibits for kids of all ages. At 2.5 and 4.5 the babes were engaged the entire time! It was definitely age appropriate for them!


All of the activities were related to the outdoors. From a fishing simulator to kayaking to snow mobile driving to crossing a stream of water. There was so much for them to touch and do. IMG_9133IMG_9144IMG_9170

I think they liked the helicopter the best! They took turns being the pilot and they loved touching all the buttons!


I’ve taken the kids to several activity centers and nothing really kept their attention as much as the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center did. We were there for almost 2 hours and I had to bribe the babes to leave!



If you are looking for an excuse to get out of the house and down to Detroit, I definitely recommend checking it out! Prices are super reasonable as well!

OAC Prices

Adults (age 13-61) $5
Seniors (age 62 and older) $3
Children (ages 2-12) $3
Children under age 2 Free
Annual family membership $50