21 Day Fix Costco Staples

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I recently finished my second round of the 21 day fix and could not be more impressed with my results!!! You can read about my first round here. I’m losing weight, inches, but the best part is that I’m not feeling like I’m depriving myself. The meal plan has been simple to follow and I love preparing my meals on Sunday for the whole week.

Whenever someone switches to a healthier, cleaner meal plan I know money is always a concern. It’s true, eating fresh produce, organic products, and lean meats can be pricey, but if you are smart about it, it actually doesn’t cost that much money. One of my favorite ways to save money is by shopping at Costco! Prices are lower because you are shopping in bulk, but that just means you can shop less!

I go to Costco probably every week or every other and here is what I get:


I love their broccoli because it is already cut up and ready to go! Nothing makes more of a mess than cutting your own broccoli. Sorry, I don’t have time for that! Their deep green blends are perfect for salads, smoothies, and even a great addition to eggs. I also grab their tomato bites, English cucumbers, Brussel sprouts, and sweet potatoes.



This is probably where the bulk of your grocery bill goes to. I love getting the 4 pack of ground turkey because we use it every single day. I use it for greek meat balls, taco bowls, and mini meatloaves. I also get their chicken that comes packaged with 6 sets of 2 chicken breasts. I don’t know about you, but I HATE cleaning chicken. I feel like having to clean 2 or 4 breasts at a time is so much easier than some of the other “bulk” packs of chicken. I use chicken to make buffalo chicken bowls, chicken fajitas, and taco chicken salads!


Almond Butter

This jar of heaven has one ingredient in it; almonds. I use a teaspoon (or 2) with an apple as a 21 day fix snack. This jar is HUGE too and lasts a long time!


Tzatziki Yogurt Dip

I’m not a 21 day nutrition expert but I could this greek yogurt dip as a red container when I am measuring my food. Since a serving of red is 3/4 of a cup I allow myself 1/2 a cup of meat and then 1/4 cup of this “dip”. Cutting back on dips was hard for me so this was a great solution!


Quinoa Tabouli

Are you noticing a Greek theme? This past week I’ve been really into Greek flavors so I grabbed this up and used it as a yellow!


Kalamata Olives

Can’t forget your 10 olives you can have a day!  This jar is HUGE. I mean it. I couldn’t believe it was only $7.99. The small jar I bought at Kroger the week before was probably less than a quarter of this and cost me $5.79! This will last us forever!



Hubs and I each eat at least 2 eggs a day on the meal plan so you can imagine how much we go through! Plus the babes love eggs too! These are $3.79 a dozen and I just love their packaging!


There you have it! My 21 Day Fix Costco staples. What else am I missing?

Celebrating Valentine’s with kids


Happy Valentine’s Day! I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather celebrate with this weekend than these 3! Hubs and I kept things low-key and had a relaxing weekend at home with the babes. Mamma got in some meal prep and we all watched a movie together!

First let’s talk about their getups!

A Spool Full of Sugar made this gorgeous dress for Giada. It was absolute perfection and Darling Delilah outdid herself by creating a matching headband to complete the look. I am anxiously awaiting another ensemble made by them for Easter!!


Ari wore a simple “heart breaker” tee from Old Navy on top of a button down with his favorite skinny jeans chosen for him by Sprouting Threads!


On Saturday we did some shopping at Partridge Creek. It was so cold out so the babes didn’t last very long walking.


We decided to grab a quick drink at Black Finn and let the kids get soft pretzels while they warmed up. Dad life at it’s finest. Sipping a cocktail while facilitating restaurant coloring.


When the babes woke up Sunday morning I surprised them with new aprons. I didn’t want to get them more candy  so I tried to think outside the box. They always like to help me cook (and I like keeping their clothes clean)! Seemed like the perfect gift for them!


Ari’s apron is Star Wars from Kohl’s and I got my hubs a matching one too! Giada’s apron is Matilda Jane.


They loved them! Then while I was making breakfast I let them go to town decorating cinnamon rolls!



They turned out perfect!


Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories


I can’t tell you how much I love connecting with other moms who share my love for clothing and accessories. I was so excited when Megan & I connected through Rodan and Fields and I found out she was selling little girl accessories!  Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories is your go to boutique for classic and stylish accessories for your little one and you!


Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories was created to bring parents and their little ones the most fashionable creations out there. Megan is a mom to two little fashionistas and living in a small town she found it was very difficult to find headbands and accessories that fit her style. She decided to give it a go and make them herself! What started out as a hobby quickly turned into a business! This is how Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories came to be.


Giada was so excited to try on her new bands from Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories! They were the perfect compliment to some of her current outfits! What I loved most about the process was the fact that I could send her a picture of Giada’s clothes and Megan made something to match! It was completely customizable and the headbands turned out perfect!



Inspired Spirit Wear & Accessories has some fabulous Valentine options! Make sure to contact her with your needs!


To make it even better she is giving away one custom flower in pink or red on a skinny elastic!


Head over to Facebook to enter!



New Year, New Mom: 21 Day Fix Review

I can’t believe the month of January has come and gone! Like so many other people I started the new year with a resolution to become a better me. I’m usually so wrapped up in being “mom” that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was in terrible shape and absolutely needed to make a change for the better.


I started the 21 Day Fix on January 4 and haven’t looked back! What I love most about it is how simple it is to follow. The meal plan is flexible and easy to prepare and the workouts are a mere 30 minutes a day.


I’m a very all-or-nothing kind of girl so I researched as much as I could and followed the meal plan to a tee. This included starting every day with Shakeology and drinking ALL my recommended water.


The hardest part was finding time to workout when my hubs was working late and I had two babes to corral. Instead of waiting for them to go to bed most nights I would set them up with their dinner & the ipad at the picnic table and get my workout in! Pressing play is the hardest part!


The meal plan promotes eating every 2-3 hours. Instead of a carb filled snack or a calorie loaded specialty coffee my NEW go to is an apple with almond butter!


Along with the support from my challenge group I think I was so successful because I made a plan each week and stuck with it! My meals were made ahead of time and my workouts were set in stone!


I’ve gotten a lot of questions on my meal prep so I thought I’d share how I have been preparing for each week! This is a sample of a weeks’ worth of meals. To keep things simple I make the same lunches and dinners for a whole week. I do my meal prep on Sundays and never have to cook the rest of the week. It really is worth it to not have to mess my kitchen daily!


Pictured above are turkey bowls, buffalo chicken bowls, and my Shakeology supplies.

Turkey Bowls: Lean ground turkey with low sodium taco seasoning, one yellow container of a rice/quinoa blend, and a yellow container of beans and corn. I usually add 2 tablespoons of salsa the morning I am going to eat it. I either eat the bowl plain or add to a cup of spinach to get another serving of veggies in. Recently I started leaving out the corn and only using one yellow container total between the beans and the rice.

Buffalo Chicken Bowls: I boil boneless skinless chicken breasts in plain water for about 30 minutes. Then I shred and add Mrs. Dash chicken blend,Frank’s wing sauce, and a diced red onion. I like to eat cold on top of pre made broccoli slaw. For dressing I combine plain greek yogurt and dry ranch. If I haven’t had a blue container for the day I add goat cheese too!

Shakeology Staples: I usually freeze a cup of spinach to add to my Shakeology in the am. Sometimes I add frozen banana or frozen berries too!


I try to do a lot of my shopping at Costco and Aldi. At Costco I buy my chicken, ground turkey, microwave packs of the rice/quinoa, spinach, eggs (SO cheap!), almond butter, and broccoli. I can get away with shopping every other week for a lot of those items mentioned. Read my Costco Must haves here.


I also utilize Aldi as much as I can because their prices are pretty amazing for some staples to my meal plan! This taco seasoning was 39 cents a pack!

Also on the meal plan are eggs! My hubs and I have been addicted to hard boiled eggs and I have to share a few egg tips with all of you! We each take 2 eggs with us to work each day so it’s safe to say I’ve kind of become an egg-pert! On my meal prep day I also boil my eggs. I place them in cold water and bring the pot to a boil. Once the water is boiling I remove from heat, cover, and set a timer for 20 minutes. At the 20 minute mark I transfer them immediately to ICE cold water. They turn out perfect every time! To peel them easily, use the back of a teaspoon. A co-worker told me this tip and it has been life-changing!




So that’s where I’ve been the past month! Following my meal plan, doing my work outs, and making ME a priority. I’m down 15 pounds and UP a whole bunch of energy!

I’m starting my next 21 days TODAY and cannot wait to see my results.

What are your favorite 21 Day Fix meals?

**Edited: Since writing this post it has seen a lot of traction on pinterest. If you are getting started make sure to read my 21 Day Fix Must Haves and my 21 Day Fix Costco Staples