Friday Favorites; Back in Action

Happy Friday!! I’m linking up with some other bloggers today to share my Friday Favorites! This was our first full week back home from Vacation and it was back to school and routine!


On Saturday Mike took Ari to a University of Michigan game for the first time ever. He was so excited to go to the “Big House” with his dad. Hearing all about their adventures when they got home was a favorite for me. He was so happy!


While the boys were out Giada and I did some shopping and went diaper-free!! She’s been doing so well for the past week and I cannot wait until  we are officially done with diapers over her! Girls shopping morning? A favorite for sure!


Which reminds me of my all time favorite emoji.  This is what she was reenacting. See the resemblance?


After G and I went shopping, the weather was cool and I was feeling the Fall vibe so I searched pinterest for a new chili recipe. I found this White Chicken Chili one and only needed to grab a few things to make it! It turned out to be exactly what I was looking for in a chili recipe. I’ve already made it twice since Saturday. Hubs loved it, I loved it, and most important, the babes devoured it! This is definitely a new favorite recipe in our house!


Later in the week we got to take a walk to our favorite place for treats… 711!


Giada got a bunch of new necklaces from her favorite jewelry shop; AK’s Hidden Gems and has been rocking them all week!


…and we got some amazing Mommy & Me matching scarves from Trendy Stop! These are going to be a favorite all Fall long. I love the colors in them! They match a ton of stuff we already have!

  4    Giada got to meet her Speech teacher for the first time this week! The Lucia top from Matilda Jane? Definitely a favorite of mine! You will be seeing lots of this!


Oh and how about that high pony? It’s so cute to see her in action with her speech teacher. She gets undivided attention for the whole session and just eats it up.



Wednesday night we went to a Just Between Friends sale and hit the jackpot! You can see all my steals here. This style shopping is my new go-to for second hand shopping. I absolutely loved the layout of it!


Last night we met some friends for a last minute playdate at the outdoor mall. Nordstrom on a Thursday. Sun was shining and the kids all cooperated. Holla.


Last up. Did you see our Halloween pics?! They are the cutest thing ever. I think they are my favorite yet. Check them out and head over to facebook to enter to win your own mini session too!


This weekend is another low-key one for us. I cannot wait. 

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites; Back in Action

  1. They are so adorable!! I can’t wait until we are diaper free 🙂 Chelsea@/

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