I’ve been meaning to post about Matilda Jane for quite some time now. Truth is, though, there is just so much to say.

IMG_9383Many people in my life just don’t “get it”. So I never really had the time to sit down and explain it all and what it meant to me. I didn’t even know where to begin. There’s my story with Matilda Jane; how I got started with it, my relationship with my trunkkeeper,  and the most important part…the community that I belong to because of it.


Matilda Jane’s founder Denise DeMarchis started the line with this motto in mind.

“Come’on who doesn’t love a compliment. It makes your day, all day. That is what I want MJC to do, make the girl smile from ear to ear. I want her to love what she is wearing and be proud of how she looks. I want MJC to showcase the sweetness of the child.”




This past week, sadly, Denise lost her battle with cancer. She was a wife, a mom of 2, the creator of Matilda Jane, and a woman with a heart of gold. She not only touched peoples hearts and lives with clothing, but she also gave her self to raise money for children in Kitale, called the Mighty Acorn. Giving children in Africa a place to sleep, school, food, and all the things needed to survive. You can read a little bio about her here.


After news of her passing the Matilda Jane community rallied to do something in her honor. Women all over the world started paying it forward in Denise’s honor. They are putting the initials “DD” on the tag of a Matilda Jane item and sending it for free to another little girl.


My newsfeed is flooded with the outpouring of love and giving of these beautiful pieces.


The directions are as follows:

It will come to you with DD written on the tags in Sharpie.

“You can never buy a DD. You can never sell a DD. Just wear, enjoy and pass on when you’re done!”


I still can’t quite put into words the feeling I get putting Giada in these clothes but the least I can do is share this feeling with another mama. I’m going to send our very own DD dress to one of you. This dress is called the Veranda. It was one of our very first Matilda Jane items and Giada wore it for Easter this past year. It is so beautiful and I know whoever gets it will love it. The dress is a size 2, so please only enter if your little girl can wear it.




 Head over to Facebook to enter.

One thought on “#itsnotjustclothes

  1. Perfection!!! What a sweet thing you are doing. Would love to add this to our collection, and pass on when we are done.

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