Chocolate Covered Popcorn


2 more days until our Luau to celebrate both the babes! They are turning 2 and 4 and I decided to throw one giant party this year instead of 2!  I’ve been working with Beth from The Paper Prince and I must say utilizing a party planner is incredible.  I’m usually a hot mess leading up to birthday parties staying up late and then having to scratch a lot of my ideas due to time.  This party is different thanks to Beth! All of those ideas I’ve been pinning are truly coming to life and I can sit back and enjoy my babes!

I like getting stuff ready ahead of time so earlier this week I made one of my favorites….Chocolate Covered Popcorn.

Ingredients: Plain popcorn, White Chocolate, & Sprinkles!


This was SO easy to make and my babes LOVE it.

First I popped my popcorn and took out all the left over seeds.  (Hint: dump bag in a large bowl and then transfer large spoonfuls into another bowl…the seeds will be left in the first bowl.) Next I melted my Wilton chocolate according to the directions on the bag. Once that was a nice smooth texture I poured it over my popcorn and carefully stirred it.  I transferred all the popcorn to a cookie sheet with parchment on it and then added the sprinkles as the chocolate was hardening. Once the chocolate was dry I stored in an air tight container.

image How adorable does this popcorn look in these tiki cups?!


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