Happy 2nd Birthday Giada Estelle!

OMG. My girl is 2. I truly cannot believe it. Turning 2 is the gateway to becoming a big kid and this lady has been on the fast track lately. Giada is such an amazing little girl and I am so very lucky that I get to be her mama.





Shirt: Olive and Birdie, Moccs: Freshly Picked



Outfit: Matilda Jane, Headband: Bow Kay, Necklace: AK’s Hidden Gems, Moccs: Freshly Picked

Giada is as girly as it gets. She loves bows, jewelry, and SHOES! The more sparkles, the better!




She’s very particular and knows exactly what she wants… and has been working SO hard to be able to communicate it recently! Since going to speech therapy her language has really taken off!


Giada is like a magnet to babies. She loves caring for them and nurturing them. When we see other babies she’s immediately drawn to them. She sleeps with no less than 3 babies in her crib each night.


 She adores her big brother and wants to do everything he does. Their relationship has really blossomed over the past year. Giada is no longer the annoying little sister but now his sidekick.  I hope this stage lasts a long time! They enjoy a lot of the same activities and tv shows. It just melts my heart seeing them interact.


Giada has the perfect amount of Sugar to go with her Spice. Happy Birthday Miss Thang, we love you.


Read about when Giada turned ONE here.

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