I’ve been meaning to post about Matilda Jane for quite some time now. Truth is, though, there is just so much to say.

IMG_9383Many people in my life just don’t “get it”. So I never really had the time to sit down and explain it all and what it meant to me. I didn’t even know where to begin. There’s my story with Matilda Jane; how I got started with it, my relationship with my trunkkeeper,  and the most important part…the community that I belong to because of it.


Matilda Jane’s founder Denise DeMarchis started the line with this motto in mind.

“Come’on who doesn’t love a compliment. It makes your day, all day. That is what I want MJC to do, make the girl smile from ear to ear. I want her to love what she is wearing and be proud of how she looks. I want MJC to showcase the sweetness of the child.”




This past week, sadly, Denise lost her battle with cancer. She was a wife, a mom of 2, the creator of Matilda Jane, and a woman with a heart of gold. She not only touched peoples hearts and lives with clothing, but she also gave her self to raise money for children in Kitale, called the Mighty Acorn. Giving children in Africa a place to sleep, school, food, and all the things needed to survive. You can read a little bio about her here.


After news of her passing the Matilda Jane community rallied to do something in her honor. Women all over the world started paying it forward in Denise’s honor. They are putting the initials “DD” on the tag of a Matilda Jane item and sending it for free to another little girl.


My newsfeed is flooded with the outpouring of love and giving of these beautiful pieces.


The directions are as follows:

It will come to you with DD written on the tags in Sharpie.

“You can never buy a DD. You can never sell a DD. Just wear, enjoy and pass on when you’re done!”


I still can’t quite put into words the feeling I get putting Giada in these clothes but the least I can do is share this feeling with another mama. I’m going to send our very own DD dress to one of you. This dress is called the Veranda. It was one of our very first Matilda Jane items and Giada wore it for Easter this past year. It is so beautiful and I know whoever gets it will love it. The dress is a size 2, so please only enter if your little girl can wear it.




 Head over to Facebook to enter.

Muglia Luau


 AHHHH our long awaited party has come and gone. This weekend was a whirlwind of fun and I am so excited to share all of our party details! Seems like this party was forever in the making. The babes’ birthdays are 7 weeks apart and fall during an extremely busy time of year. Instead of trying to plan and throw 2 separate birthdays (with all the same guests) I hosted one big bash this year! I decided on a Luau since that could be fun for boys & girls, kids & adults. Boy was I right! The party was a blast!


Lets start at the very beginning of my planning….OUTFITS! I wanted the babes to have coordinating Hawaiian getups in dark colors so they could eat, drink, and play without immediately looking like a hot mess. I found these outfits on Zulily and they were PERFECT!


I always like to do a little photo shoot prior to a party. I use the pics for the invitations and to have on display at the party. We used Luna Signature and Aleksandra did an amazing job capturing their true personalities! The week I had the pictures scheduled Freshly Picked re-released my all time favorite color; Aruba! This color had previously been discontinued.  When I saw that the color was back I knew the babes needed them to complete their outfits! Giada’s pineapple headband was from one of my favorite shops Wisely Crafted Originals.



 Beth from The Paper Prince helped me with every last detail of the party. I sent her my ideas and she came up with a party plan for me! She designed cute polaroid invites with the pictures from Luna!


Further into my party planning I found these shirts on Zulily too.

Big Kahuna and Bigger Kahuna and I knew the boys needed these!


  I tried to keep the appetizers in theme, but simple. I made cut up cheese, little smokies, Hawaiian style meatballs, and this delicious Cheesy Pineapple Dip with Bacon. All of our guests were raving about it. It was AMAZING!

I also kept dinner super simple and served sub sandwiches ($32 for 6 feet from Walmart-trust me its an amazing deal), pasta salad, broccoli salad, and fruit salad. Having the fruit in little wine glasses made the food line run much smoother than usual. I am so glad I pinned this idea!


The dessert table was EPIC.

The Paper Prince designed it all and came over to set it all up. I’ve never had a backdrop before and the grass cloth totally made this!

IMG_0249The surf boards were from The Paper Prince and a local artist drew the “Happy Birthday” sign. Her name is Mackenzie and she is truly talented. Find her on instagram @mack131!



I served Chocolate covered popcorn


  Pina Colada style cupcakes….


…and Best Cookies by Farr!


The party took place in our backyard! The centerpieces were square glass vases (from our wedding!) filled with sand, seashells, and Hawaiian party picks (made by The Paper Prince). I also had a pail of chips on each table.


…and I found a local friend that had a tiki bar to rent to us! It was beyond perfect!


I made a super easy “Ocean Water” punch! It was blue Hawaiian punch, lemonade, and citrus vodka!


 Then….the Kona Ice truck showed up.


They serve Hawaiian shaved ice and there are syrup pumps on the outside of the truck.

IMG_0165 The kids (and adults) absolutely loved it!






Later that night I found Ari completely cashed out in his bed. Leftover Cheetos and an umbrella pick are the sign of a good party!


Thanks for checking out our bash! I am already brainstorming ideas for next year!

We love love love Freshly Picked moccasins! They completed the babes’ outfits perfectly and have generously offered to giveaway a free pair of moccasins to one of my followers! See facebook for details! Giveaway details will be posted 6/15 at 9pm. Stay tuned!


Chocolate Covered Popcorn


2 more days until our Luau to celebrate both the babes! They are turning 2 and 4 and I decided to throw one giant party this year instead of 2!  I’ve been working with Beth from The Paper Prince and I must say utilizing a party planner is incredible.  I’m usually a hot mess leading up to birthday parties staying up late and then having to scratch a lot of my ideas due to time.  This party is different thanks to Beth! All of those ideas I’ve been pinning are truly coming to life and I can sit back and enjoy my babes!

I like getting stuff ready ahead of time so earlier this week I made one of my favorites….Chocolate Covered Popcorn.

Ingredients: Plain popcorn, White Chocolate, & Sprinkles!


This was SO easy to make and my babes LOVE it.

First I popped my popcorn and took out all the left over seeds.  (Hint: dump bag in a large bowl and then transfer large spoonfuls into another bowl…the seeds will be left in the first bowl.) Next I melted my Wilton chocolate according to the directions on the bag. Once that was a nice smooth texture I poured it over my popcorn and carefully stirred it.  I transferred all the popcorn to a cookie sheet with parchment on it and then added the sprinkles as the chocolate was hardening. Once the chocolate was dry I stored in an air tight container.

image How adorable does this popcorn look in these tiki cups?!


Happy 2nd Birthday Giada Estelle!

OMG. My girl is 2. I truly cannot believe it. Turning 2 is the gateway to becoming a big kid and this lady has been on the fast track lately. Giada is such an amazing little girl and I am so very lucky that I get to be her mama.





Shirt: Olive and Birdie, Moccs: Freshly Picked



Outfit: Matilda Jane, Headband: Bow Kay, Necklace: AK’s Hidden Gems, Moccs: Freshly Picked

Giada is as girly as it gets. She loves bows, jewelry, and SHOES! The more sparkles, the better!




She’s very particular and knows exactly what she wants… and has been working SO hard to be able to communicate it recently! Since going to speech therapy her language has really taken off!


Giada is like a magnet to babies. She loves caring for them and nurturing them. When we see other babies she’s immediately drawn to them. She sleeps with no less than 3 babies in her crib each night.


 She adores her big brother and wants to do everything he does. Their relationship has really blossomed over the past year. Giada is no longer the annoying little sister but now his sidekick.  I hope this stage lasts a long time! They enjoy a lot of the same activities and tv shows. It just melts my heart seeing them interact.


Giada has the perfect amount of Sugar to go with her Spice. Happy Birthday Miss Thang, we love you.


Read about when Giada turned ONE here.