You are the Key to my Success { Teacher Gift }

I cannot believe how packed our schedule is from now until the end of the school year! Seriously May is Cray. In order to get “ahead” of the game I organized Ari’s end of the year teacher gifts today on my lunch hour! I love throwing together simple (and useful!) gifts that don’t take me forever to assemble.


I got these super cute lanyards from Trendy Stop on Etsy and they are the cutest ever! This shop has so many different colors, patterns, and has the fastest turnaround time!


The lanyards arrived SO fast and had easy open clips on the end. I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate normal key rings. It never fails that I mess my nails up on them!


I also picked up some Starbucks gift cards to add to the lanyard and used a hole punch so I could attach them.

Hint: make sure not to punch through the barcode!


Ta Da! Now what teacher couldn’t use an extra lanyard & a gift card to Starbucks?

Last, every gift needs a card! I made a quick personalized little card on my favorite app ever; A Beautiful Mess (if you don’t have it, get it!) and sent it to be printed at Walgreens via their app. Less than an hour later they were ready to go!IMG_8281  I added a “From Ari” to our cards but left this blank in case anyone wanted to borrow it! Printing to Walgreens from your phone is so convenient and easy! Give it a try!


There you have it! A teacher gift in under and hour!

Go order your lanyards from Trendy Stop and tell her I sent you!

In case you wanted some other Teacher Gift ideas here are some others I have done:

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