Bright Design Studios

  I’m so excited to share this shop with all of you!! Not only does Bright Design Studios make stuff for the babes, they also make stuff for us moms too! I found this shop a few weeks back when I was looking for some personalized plastic plates.


I just loved all the bright colors and designs they had to offer! We went with a floral pattern for Giada and a batman one for Ari. When they arrived I was very impressed with how vibrant the colors were!

The babes LOVED the plates! Instead of the same ole plates, these jazz up our dinnertime!



Not only do the plates look cute, but they are made of break resistant, durable melamine and are 10 inches in diameter! Thay left plenty of room for a full dinner without anything touching. I put these to the test and sent them through the dishwasher several times. They looks as good as new still!

Sometimes kids these days have SO many toys and clothes I just don’t know what to buy for birthday gifts….these would make a GREAT personalized gift for a little one! Head over to etsy to browse the many designs offered. If there isn’t something exactly as you like Bright Design Studio offers custom options as well!


Check out all these other great options! Platters, plates, placemats…..and for Mama- Cosmetic Bags!


FullSizeRender4 I was so PUMPED to get these cosmetic bags with my monogram on them!  They were SO much larger than I expected and again the colors were so vibrant!


These bags are the PERFECT gift. Think moms, teachers, graduates…what lady wouldn’t want a cute new monogrammed cosmetic bag?! I would absolutely love to get one of these as a gift!

Make sure you are following Bright Design Studios on Facebook for discount codes AND a special giveaway coming later this week!

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