Mama “Must-Have” Monday: Greek Salad

  I’m at the point this Winter where I am doing everything in my power to will Spring to get here. I’ve been buying Spring clothing and now resorted to cooking Spring meals (is that even a thing)? Well fresh salads remind me of sunshine and warmer weather so I’m going with yes!  My Mama “Must-Have” this week is Greek Salad.


This side salad is so addicting. Hubs and I cannot live without with it. We’ve been on a kick lately having this with our lunch and dinner! Tonight I made grilled chicken marinated in homemade tzatziki sauce and added it to this! It was amazing. You are going to love it!


Ingredients: Diced red onion, Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, & Greek Dressing (I use Ken’s) All you do is toss all your ingredients together and voila! A nice “Spring” side dish.


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