All things Easter!

How is Easter just a few weeks away?


Our next few weeks are JAM packed with all things Easter. Easter egg hunts, Easter bunny visits, and a full day of activities planned for Good Friday. I got the babes’ baskets ALL ready to go so I wasn’t scrambling to finish them amidst all the chaos surrounding the holiday.

First up photos! My hubs usually takes our photos like this one from last year!


But, he’s been traveling a lot for work and just didn’t have the time this year. I used Luna Signature and couldn’t be happier. Our session was 20 minutes in and out, very affordable, and I got some pretty amazing shots of the babes.

 Baskets! Last year I splurged and bought the LARGE Pottery Barn baskets and liners. When I thought about how many Easters I’d be filling them up, I was able to easily justify the cost. Right now they are 20% off with free shipping! You should definitely order them if you don’t have them! They are pretty amazing and can be filled with LOTS of goodies. I tried to avoid filling them with candy and instead with items they were going to need at some point this Spring.

Giada’s Basket:


Headband (Bow Kay), Mirror craft (Dollar Spot at Target), Pink Peeps, Sunglasses (H&M), Headband (Wisely Crafted Originals), Bathing Suits (Target), Sandals (Buy Buy Baby -Use a coupon!), Necklace & Bracelet Set (AK’s Hidden Gems)

Ari’s Basket:


Blue Peeps, Spring button down shirts (Target), Sunglasses (Crazy 8 & Old Navy), America Tank (Kohls), Bathing Suit (Old Navy), Flash Cards (Target Dollar Spot), Sandals (Target)

Next up let’s talk about these Vintage Eggs made by Nancy from Wisely Crafted Originals.


How gorgeous are they? All of her work is always so unique and these did not disappoint me. These eggs are sophisticated and not just for little girls. Moms can wear them in their hair, as a brooch, or even on a bag.

FullSizeRender (1)

Giada and I are in LOVE!


Last up in this all things Easter post;  Need a super easy treat to make?

Check out these Chick Pretzels! So easy to make and I promise everyone will love them!


I hope the weather cooperates because we have lots to do these next couple of weeks!



It’s funny how nicknames get started. My sassy little thing Giada? Yea she is now called Sea Otter.

Recently we started calling her Gia-der at home. Ari thought it was silly and ofcourse started calling her Gia-der at daycare.  It caught on amongst the kids and soon they all started calling her Gia-der. Our daycare teacher’s husband, being silly, asked why they were all calling her Sea Otter…. and now the name has stuck!

Sea Otter


Photo by the fabulous Luna Signature

Boy Kay

I absolutely LOVE finding new, adorable, AFFORDABLE hair bows. Giada’s wardrobe is ever-changing so of course her hair bow collection does too! Kayla, the owner of Bow Kay, is a local mom and when I saw that all her headbands were between $4.50 and $5.50 I had a field day! Her most recent bows scream Spring and I am dying over the floral prints she offers!


Giada has been rocking a ponytail lately so I went with the soft knot bow.  As you can see there is plenty of excess so this headband can grow with Giada! I love that I can make the headband bigger as needed! 


These headbands would be great for Easter baskets!


Guess what!? Bow Kay is giving away a set of 3 hair bows over on Facebook! One little lady is going to be styling for Spring! Go enter now!


Mama “Must-Have” Monday: Greek Salad

  I’m at the point this Winter where I am doing everything in my power to will Spring to get here. I’ve been buying Spring clothing and now resorted to cooking Spring meals (is that even a thing)? Well fresh salads remind me of sunshine and warmer weather so I’m going with yes!  My Mama “Must-Have” this week is Greek Salad.


This side salad is so addicting. Hubs and I cannot live without with it. We’ve been on a kick lately having this with our lunch and dinner! Tonight I made grilled chicken marinated in homemade tzatziki sauce and added it to this! It was amazing. You are going to love it!


Ingredients: Diced red onion, Cucumber, Cherry tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, & Greek Dressing (I use Ken’s) All you do is toss all your ingredients together and voila! A nice “Spring” side dish.