Mama “Must-have” Monday: Rodan & Fields

Typically I blog about my babes including everything that I do and buy for them.  Well, for once, I wanted to share a few mama must haves! I’m going to start a new series called Mama “Must-have” Monday where I share one item that I am currently loving!!


This week I present to you Rodan & Fields Eye Cream!

Ladies and Gentlemen. This is a jar of MAGIC. For real. I was never into creams and such until I started using Rodan & Fields. I turned 30 this past summer and knew I needed to get serious about my skin.  I use my eye cream religiously in the morning and before bed and I’m happy to report that dark circles are a thing of the past!


Stay up late or wake up early? No one needs to know but you.  This little jar lasts me over 3 months and is probably my favorite Rodan & Fields product in my arsenal.

Interested in trying it out? Want to learn how to save 10% and get free shipping? Shoot me an email.

One thought on “Mama “Must-have” Monday: Rodan & Fields

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