Shop Spotlight: Birdy Boutique!

Nothing makes me happier than sharing a local shop that my very own babe got to model for!!

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What do you do when you love something?

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You share it!

Birdy Boutique was started by two Polish sisters who LOVE birds! The freedom, peacefulness and beauty that they enjoy from birding has allowed them great appreciation for peace and nature.  Their four children have shown them how precious and joyful life can be. These moms are committed to spreading their love for nature because they believe that children need this exposure to appreciate it as they are our future.

Who are these sisters? Barbra, mom to two extremely lively children, is wife to an Army officer. She herself is a retired army officer and currently resides in Alaska. Joanna is a proud married mama of two little ones under the age of two and a loving Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She lives in a little walking community in Michigan where she loves birding, photography, exploring, teaching and scoring good deals. Her true passion is teaching and she loves traveling with her family.

These girls are a perfect match! Barbara is extremely talented in the craft room and sews all of their baby items and Joanna used her talents to expose them to the online world.


Their online boutique features many fun and adorable items with birds on them.  What’s even cooler is that each one of our products has a “birdy” fact!!

s607405339452198577_p63_i17_w640 - Copy

Things found there include adorable earrings, comfortable baby attire, and colorful hair accessories. Mom can shop for baby and for herself too!


So now they open their boutique doors to you, where mama can shop for herself and baby too!

   untitled (1 of 1)

I mean how cute do these two look in their Birdy Baby bowties? Want to get your hands on some?  They have generously offered to giveaway a SET OF EIGHT bowties!

Head over to Facebook to enter!


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