The Best Path


The day has come.  Tomorrow my son is off to preschool! It marks his first time packing a lunch, his first time going to school without a parent, and his first real taste of independence.  He’s been anxiously awaiting this day for quite some time now and you know what?  I am right there with him!! I’m not sad to let him go.  In fact I am so excited for what’s in store this year and everything he is going to experience. 


For a long time I worried thinking about how a brand new 3 year old would be able to handle full day preschool. Reality is, though, that my husband and I both work so it was full day or nothing.  After going back and forth about our decision we settled on 2 full days a week at a local school with an entire early childhood wing. He will be in a class with other 3 and 4 year olds and expected to be pretty independent throughout the day.  It’s a little nerve wracking thinking of him doing everything on his own, but here I am on the eve of his first day very confident this is exactly what he needs.


Ari loves to learn and he’s very social.  He thrives with structure and is a sponge when he is around older children.  Last year we went to a Parent & Me class in the evening and he looked forward to it every week.  He was down right disappointed on the weeks we didn’t have class. Seeing his attitude towards school last year I knew that if he didn’t go to school this year, I would be letting him down.  He would be missing out on experiences that he would enjoy so much.


I subscribe to several parenting blogs and often read diverse opinions and points of view when it comes to parenting.  Although parenting styles can range drastically across the board, I find that every single parent strives for the same thing; the best path for their child.  No two children will travel the same path and that’s ok, but what is important is that every parent find a way to keep their child on their best path possible. Sometimes its scary and sometimes it takes sacrifice, but in the end, it’s so worth it.


This upcoming year is going to have its ups and downs, but I am confident that this is the best path for Ari and his future!


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