Art By Brandis. A must have.

If you haven’t already read my About Me post, I suggest you start there.  That tells a lot about me as a person, a mother, and what I hold near and dear.  One of the things that I really value are handmade items; the sweat, the work, and most important the love that goes into making something.  I am always on the hunt for handmade items for my home and for my children. They are so meaningful to me and I can’t get enough. When I first stumbled upon Art By Brandis on instagram, I fell in love with her work. Instantly I knew she was the perfect lady to create a family portrait for us.   I mean look at how awesome these pictures are!


  I quickly emailed her and couldn’t wait to get started!  All she needed was 4 pictures of our family showing our personality and style.  I gave her a few instructions for my vision of the portrait, but I left the creative process up to her!  In a matter of 3 emails going back and forth and a week later this arrived on my door.

Processed with VSCOcam

I just about died when I saw it.  It was perfect in every way and is something that I know I will cherish in the years to come when my babes aren’t small enough to hold on my hip anymore.

If seeing the portrait for the first time wasn’t enough to make me cry, I was on the phone with a cousin this past week and she mentioned to me how much she loved our portrait.  She went on and on about how realistic it looked and how Brandis truly captured our family.  Then she said something that really hit me.

One day your kids are going to fight over who gets that“. 

Cue the tears. It’s true.  Having something like this is truly priceless.

Processed with VSCOcam

…Later that day I started thinking of all the possibilities. I was hooked and now I plan to get more as gifts!  Here are some of my ideas:

  • Recreate a wedding photo for a couple’s anniversary (parent, grandparents, maybe a friend’s one year anniversary?)
  • Group photo of grandkids for a grandparent (even if they physically aren’t in the same place at the same time) with a few photos of each, Brandis could draw them together
  • Photo of pets that aren’t with us anymore
  • Old photo of you and your best friend as a birthday gift

Honestly there are SO many different things you could do.  All you need are a few photos, an imagination, and Brandis can make it happen.  This is her and her beautiful family!!!


 OK now that ALL of you are ready to flood her email and order a portrait immediately, here is the BEST PART!!!  Brandis is offering my readers an additional 15% OFF their own custom portrait.  Head over to her site to see how to get it! 

ADDITIONALLY we are giving away a FREE PORTRAIT on Instagram!

Head over to @bestdressedbabes for details!

Thank you Brandis.  This portrait means the world to me.

One thought on “Art By Brandis. A must have.

  1. Heidi, thank you for such sweet and beautiful words. I am truky thankful our patgs crossed and that I was able to create such a special portrait for you. I am so happy to get to work with you now and hopefully in the future too! .xo. Brandis

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