Ari J…and then he was 3

 On July 24, 2011 my life changed in ways I never knew possible.  My heart grew to a size I never imagined and in a single instant I went from being Heidi to being Mom.  That moment was filled the most intense emotions I have ever felt.  This was the day I met Ari.


Towards the end of my pregnancy I was swollen and hot and just when I thought I couldn’t make it another day here he was.

8 lbs, 8 oz of perfection and he was all mine.


Looking back from last year to this year SO much has changed.  The progression from 2 to 3 was gradual.  He changed a little each day but BOY did this little boy turn into a kid (OR for those that know me in real life) more like a mini Mike.   Ari has the most contagious personality.  You can’t be around him without wanting to smile.  I dare you.  Seriously.  Come have a meal or a conversation with him and I bet he can make you crack up.


At age 3, here are a few things about Ari….

He has the biggest heart.  We cannot leave daycare without him giving his friends and his teachers a hug.  Some even get a kiss on the cheek “we only kiss our family on the lips” is what he says.  When I tell him to tell his friends to have a good night.  What does he say?  “Have a good evening everyone”.  His vocabulary is ridiculous and he loves using new words every chance he gets.


He’s become a master negotiator.  Whenever he wants something he uses please.  But when that doesn’t work he throws in a “Is that a good deal?  Mamma?”. Wheeling and dealing already and has me wrapped around his finger.


Ari just adores his sister.  Their relationship has been so amazing to watch from last year to this year.  Every morning when it’s time to go to daycare Ari goes in Giada’s crib to wake her up.  She saves her biggest smiles for him.  On most nights he’s hanging out next to her high chair “sharing” a yogurt with her and spooning it into her mouth.  He talks to her like she’s on his same level and watching them interact is one of my favorite things to do.


He loves strings.  Cell phone chargers…. belts…. straps for bags…. regular old string… you name it, he will find it and play with it.   We will be at friend’s houses and he will somehow find strings at their house to play with too.  Not sure the significance of the strings…but whenever I am missing a belt or shoelaces, I know who to ask!

Ari has quite the memory.  If I tell him he was going to do something or I need him to remind me to get something specific at Target the next time we go, you better believe he will not forget.  In fact most times he remembers my Target list better than I do!


This year I’ve watched him make friends.  Like really make friends, not just arranged play dates.   He has conversations with them, plays pretend with them, and asks to go to their houses.  Luckily I just so happen to get along great with his friends’ moms!

Being his mom I’ve learned never to underestimate him.  He’s capable of so much and shows that everyday.  Over the past 3 years he’s taught me so many things and made me see the world in a better way.

Happy Birthday Ari Joseph, We LOVE YOU!!!!!


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