The Ultimate Hair Bow guide!

…because a girl has got to have options!


When I was expecting my second child at exactly 15 weeks, 6 days I found out I having a girl.  At 16 weeks on the dot I began buying hair bows.  It seemed my whole life I was dreaming of accessorizing a little girl.  I bought some headbands from target and some from carters, but I wanted something different. I didn’t want the same headbands and hair clips that every little girl had. I wanted options.  Obviously I started shopping on etsy.  It’s become an addiction.  My little lady is just over a year and has more headbands than there are days in a year.  No joke.  You can’t put your babe in the same headband day in and day out.  You need a variety.  Luckily I am a headband expert and can share the BEST headband styles & shops out there!

Darling Delilah

These are some adorbale bands made with fabrics and flowers.  Best part?  The owner will custom make to any outfit or dress! She also makes bow ties for the boys if you need a brother/sister combo!


Giada Pic15_copy


Wisely Crafted Originals

These bands are also a combination of floral and fabric, but on a larger scale.  The few I have bought have at least 5 different elements to the band! I just love the different textures she uses and the color combinations she comes up with!



Ruby Blue Inc

Their instagram profile used to read “Warning insanely cute stuff your husband doesn’t want you to know about,” and that couldn’t be more true!  Ruby Blue makes “messy” headbands and I cannot get enough!

 IMG_20140616_174848 (1)IMG_20140615_071206

Little Town Boutique

This mamma uses a lot of felt in her bands and has a lot of my favorite colors; mint, gold, and coral!!  These teeny bows were perfect size for a newborn, and her flower clip was a great addition to a lace headband!

IMG_20130607_175619  IMG_20140225_082551

Sola Bowtique

Simple bands that add something extra to any outfit! The mom behind the biz is always willing to customize too!


Made With Xoxo Boutique

I’ve shared this shop before when I posted about turning old baby clothes into hair bows.  This shop makes “knot” bows for the ladies and bowties for the little men.  She can get many different fabrics for the bows and they look cute as a clip or on a headband.



This mama is an instagram based seller, but has customer service second to none.  She makes bows that can be worn as headbands or bowties.  DM her your needs, and with a selection of over 100 fabrics she is usually able to ship your bows next day!!



This is another instagram based seller that makes knot bows and turbans.  She was the first shop I bought from on instagram last year and when she posts her sales, her bands go quick!!!


Know of someone with a little lady or one on the way?  Make sure to share this collection!!


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Hair Bow guide!

  1. Heidi! Cutie blog!! It’s your Spartan (and fellow blogger) friend here, Lauren Koster (Walsh). Do you have a pinterest link? There might be kid things to shop for in my not-too-distant future (!!), and I’d love to follow along with your favorite products.

  2. Heidi! Cute blog!! It’s your Spartan (and fellow blogger) friend, Lauren Koster (Walsh). Do you have a link to your pinterest? There might be kid things to buy in my not-too-distant future (!!) and I’d love to follow along with your favorite products.

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