Sweedie Kids : Making Bibs Trendy


I was provided free product for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  I promise to only promote products and companies that I LOVE!


Let me start this post by saying this. I haven’t really had the best relationship with bibs during my 3 years as a mom.

Seriously. Bibs are just… ehhh…how do I say it?  Dorky.

I dress my kids in pretty cute stuff only to cover their clothes up with a character bib? No thank you.   Then there is another problem; most bibs are made of Velcro, so even when I do put one on my babes, they rip them off in 30 seconds flat.  I don’t know about you, buy I always find myself playing a game of bib on, bib off for the rest of the meal. Most bibs out on the market just don’t serve a purpose for me.  So for the past 3 years instead of using bibs, I usually just strip my babes down for meal time and take them straight to the bath after. This plan of attack works when we are at home, but makes it super tricky to dine out and a pretty big mess for me.

LUCKILY I recently found out about Sweedie Kids. They are a company that makes Bandana Bibs and was started by 2 moms who were born and raised in Sweden!  Hence the name Sweedie Kids.   I’ve seen this style of bibs before worn by toddlers and always thought they were just a fashion statement until I got my hands on some!  Yes, they are a fashion statement but also an AMAZING baby product that serves so many functions.

How often do you see that?!


After trying these bibs out, its safe to say I’m a Bandana Bib Believer!  Finally I found TRENDY bibs that are also functional!!!

 Here are a few of the reasons why I LOVE Sweedie Kids.

1. Instead of using velcro they have snaps. Once I put these on my babes, they cannot take them off.

2.  The patterns!  All of their patterns are very modern and neutral.  They can be worn with almost any outfit without looking “dorky”

3.  They are very absorbent.  They added a sweatshirt material backing that helps absorb extra drool!  I’m sure some of you have little ones that seem to drool and drool all day long.  Well they can wear these without having to switch bibs every hour.

4.  These can be worn by older kids too!  My son is famous for wiping his ranch, ketchup, or any other dipping sauce he got his hands on, on his arm.  I  can’t tell you how much oxy clean I go through in a week!  While he’s too old to be seen in a Mickey Mouse bib, this modern Bandana Bib from Sweedie Kids made him look like a cool cat.  Before we ate I told him “only use your Bandana Bib to wipe your mouth”, and it worked!  We left the restaurant with not a drop on his clothes!  Oh and he thought he was pretty cool wearing it too!


5.  They are machine washable and don’t fade! I got these in just over a month ago and wanted to really test out the durability of them.  Like I said before I was a bib skeptic.  I used these bibs for a month straight, machine washed them after each use, and they still look as great as day one!



Thank you for changing my mind Sweedie Kids! I am in LOVE! I bet you will be too!  Go shop their etsy shop!

Sweedie Kids has generously offered a 20% discount off to Best Dressed Babes Fans.  Just use code BESTDRESSED from now until 7/2

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