Mom Hair, Don’t Care

OK I need to set the record straight.

My hubs refers to my new, short hair as “mom hair”. Because, you know, all mom’s have short hair.  There’s definitely a frumpy stereotype associated with mom hair, but to me, mom hair has a whole new meaning.


You see, when I had long hair this was my routine; I would spend forever blow drying it, flat ironing it, teasing it, and then 10 minutes later when ALL my volume was gone and my hair looked flat, up it went into a pony tail.  Which made me feel frumpy and disheveled. I was wasting all that time to just end up with a pony tail. I wanted to look put together at all times and a pony tail wasn’t cutting it.


FINALLY I took the plunge almost 6 months ago and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.  Not only do I now get amazing volume, but my style stays ALL DAY.  I can work all day, play at the park, take a trip to Target and still have the style that I left the house with at 6:30 am.  Best part about it, it NEVER ends up in a pony tail.

Now, that is what I call Mom hair!

What do you think!?!  Before and After!


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