Bannor Toys! {Product Review}


I was provided free product for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  I promise to only promote products and companies that I LOVE!


I am VERY excited to share this shop with all of you!! I’ve said this before, but for those that don’t know, I LOVE HANDMADE anything.   Knowing that something was made by hand makes it that much more special, more unique, more one of a kind. Then, add my kid’s name to it?  Well then you got me!  I found Bannor Toys through my instagram community and I immediately fell in love!   I got to “know” the Bannor family (Yes- family; this is a husband and wife duo behind these toys!) through their instagram posts and knew I needed their toys!


All  Bannor Toys are made from natural wood and what I love most is that they are made by hand right here in the US!  The finish is an organic beeswax and flaxseed oil mixture that is all natural and nontoxic so it is the perfect finish for your babe’s mouth!!

When it came time to choose what toys we wanted I had a hard time deciding!  I was originally drawn to their state rattles, but they don’t have Michigan yet! So, I decided to get my daughter the heart shaped rattle…The wood is so smooth and it really is the perfect size for her hands.  Ever notice how some baby toys are just SO small that it makes it impossible for them to hold?! She absolutely LOVES it, and since she’s getting in even more teeth right now she’s always chewing on it too!  These rattles would make an excellent shower gift for any mom to be.  I know when I was a new mom I just loved getting “unique gifts” and I would have loved receiving one of these!


For my almost 3 year old, I chose a wooden camera.  It seems like nowadays every toy lights up, makes noise, or does a combination of the two.  It’s nice to have some good quality toys that are made to just “pretend”.  My husband is a photographer and my son just loves having his “own camera”.


Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Bannor Toys.  We love them!

Make sure to check out their site and follow them on instagram to see all their fabulous toys + some behind the scenes shots!

Oh and PS. I will be giving away one of their rattles on instagram this week as a part of Giada’s Favorite Things Giveaway! Stay tuned.



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