Sweedie Kids : Making Bibs Trendy


I was provided free product for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  I promise to only promote products and companies that I LOVE!


Let me start this post by saying this. I haven’t really had the best relationship with bibs during my 3 years as a mom.

Seriously. Bibs are just… ehhh…how do I say it?  Dorky.

I dress my kids in pretty cute stuff only to cover their clothes up with a character bib? No thank you.   Then there is another problem; most bibs are made of Velcro, so even when I do put one on my babes, they rip them off in 30 seconds flat.  I don’t know about you, buy I always find myself playing a game of bib on, bib off for the rest of the meal. Most bibs out on the market just don’t serve a purpose for me.  So for the past 3 years instead of using bibs, I usually just strip my babes down for meal time and take them straight to the bath after. This plan of attack works when we are at home, but makes it super tricky to dine out and a pretty big mess for me.

LUCKILY I recently found out about Sweedie Kids. They are a company that makes Bandana Bibs and was started by 2 moms who were born and raised in Sweden!  Hence the name Sweedie Kids.   I’ve seen this style of bibs before worn by toddlers and always thought they were just a fashion statement until I got my hands on some!  Yes, they are a fashion statement but also an AMAZING baby product that serves so many functions.

How often do you see that?!


After trying these bibs out, its safe to say I’m a Bandana Bib Believer!  Finally I found TRENDY bibs that are also functional!!!

 Here are a few of the reasons why I LOVE Sweedie Kids.

1. Instead of using velcro they have snaps. Once I put these on my babes, they cannot take them off.

2.  The patterns!  All of their patterns are very modern and neutral.  They can be worn with almost any outfit without looking “dorky”

3.  They are very absorbent.  They added a sweatshirt material backing that helps absorb extra drool!  I’m sure some of you have little ones that seem to drool and drool all day long.  Well they can wear these without having to switch bibs every hour.

4.  These can be worn by older kids too!  My son is famous for wiping his ranch, ketchup, or any other dipping sauce he got his hands on, on his arm.  I  can’t tell you how much oxy clean I go through in a week!  While he’s too old to be seen in a Mickey Mouse bib, this modern Bandana Bib from Sweedie Kids made him look like a cool cat.  Before we ate I told him “only use your Bandana Bib to wipe your mouth”, and it worked!  We left the restaurant with not a drop on his clothes!  Oh and he thought he was pretty cool wearing it too!


5.  They are machine washable and don’t fade! I got these in just over a month ago and wanted to really test out the durability of them.  Like I said before I was a bib skeptic.  I used these bibs for a month straight, machine washed them after each use, and they still look as great as day one!



Thank you for changing my mind Sweedie Kids! I am in LOVE! I bet you will be too!  Go shop their etsy shop!

Sweedie Kids has generously offered a 20% discount off to Best Dressed Babes Fans.  Just use code BESTDRESSED from now until 7/2

Mom Hair, Don’t Care

OK I need to set the record straight.

My hubs refers to my new, short hair as “mom hair”. Because, you know, all mom’s have short hair.  There’s definitely a frumpy stereotype associated with mom hair, but to me, mom hair has a whole new meaning.


You see, when I had long hair this was my routine; I would spend forever blow drying it, flat ironing it, teasing it, and then 10 minutes later when ALL my volume was gone and my hair looked flat, up it went into a pony tail.  Which made me feel frumpy and disheveled. I was wasting all that time to just end up with a pony tail. I wanted to look put together at all times and a pony tail wasn’t cutting it.


FINALLY I took the plunge almost 6 months ago and can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.  Not only do I now get amazing volume, but my style stays ALL DAY.  I can work all day, play at the park, take a trip to Target and still have the style that I left the house with at 6:30 am.  Best part about it, it NEVER ends up in a pony tail.

Now, that is what I call Mom hair!

What do you think!?!  Before and After!


10 Secrets to planning picture perfect outfits.


Have you decided to bite the bullet and hire a photographer to take family photos of your family but you are lost on what to dress everyone in?!  It’s not the 1990’s and no you cannot all wear black and white.  Don’t worry, though, because I’d like to think that I am VERY experienced in the art of coordinating family outfits and  I am going to share my secrets with you!

Family photos are an investment.  Personally I feel like time with my babes just FLIES by.  In the blink of an eye they go from newborns, to babies, to toddler, and before we know it they will be grown up!  Once that happens, all we will only have are our memories and PICTURES of the time when they were small.  We try to take photos as a family every 6 months now that the kids are young.  Hiring a professional photographer isn’t cheap so I want to make sure that I get the most out of our bi-annual documentation of our lives.  Meaning we don’t just search the internet for the lowest priced photographer, show up in any old outfit,  cram in 30 minutes of pictures, and call it day.  These pictures are very important to me, so I plan them WELL in advance and take them with a photographer we LOVE and trust.

So here goes.  My 10 secrets to planning the perfect outfits for family photos.

1.  Pick a color scheme with 3 colors and try to mix patterns.  As you can see we are famous for having blue in our photos, but each time we have a 2 other accent colors.

2.  Dress mom and dad pretty neutral that way the kids can change outfits mid photo session and the parents won’t clash.  Same session below kids changed outfits mid shoot.


3.  Plan who will be holding who ahead of time.  For us I typically hold my daughter since she is smaller and my husband holds my son.  See below my husband has on a mint shirt and my son is in plaid.  If my hubs was holding my daughter (also wearing mint), they would have clashed.  My daughter was in a pattern, so I was plain.

9Q4B4149 9Q4B4181

 4.  Don’t be afraid to add color by using accessories.  Think bowties, hair bows, statement necklaces! Those are all ways to add color!!

5. Plaid shirts for boys!!  They are a nice way to choose a color scheme since there are usually 3 colors in them!  I usually put my son in a plaid shirt and choose complementing colors for my daughter.

IMG_1607 9Q4B4476

6.  Dress for the season!  Fall colors should be worn in fall, bright colors for summer, etc.  Take advantage of your background and plan accordingly.  For our Fall photos we tried to make use of the changing leaves!


7. Bring your pets and dress them as well! They are a part of the family and wouldn’t it be great to document your child’s best friend!? My dog is HUGE so I buy him a little boys size medium!


8.  Hang your outfits up on a neutral back ground and take pictures of the outfits ahead of time.  This way you can see how everything looks together and even ask your friends for their opinions on the color scheme.



9.  Dress in layers.  That way you can take a layer off to get slightly different looks!

3718_10102594814233294_1999536309_n 302685_10102594801169474_179844522_n

10.  Look on the internet!!  If you search pinterest for “family photo outfits” you are bound to get SEVERAL results.  You don’t have to plan alone!!


Happy outfit planning!!

**all photos were taken by our friend Kathy Davies at Kathy Davies Photography

My Baby isn’t a baby anymore.

IMG_20130605_122604  IMG_20140605_112749

….and just like that I have a one year old.  I can’t even begin to describe how quickly Giada’s first year of life flew by.  Maybe it’s because we juggled two under two at first and those first few months were a whirlwind in itself,  but for real this week she woke up as a one year old!   It’s almost as if she knew she turned 1, because she is acting SO independent lately.

I don’t even know how an entire year has possibly gone by.  I can still remember June 5, 2013 like it was yesterday. I honestly don’t think I slept at all the night before.  I kept going in her room, touching her clothes, adding more hair bows & clothes to my hospital bag, all the time wondering if I REALLY was having a baby girl.  I just couldn’t believe it until I met her.

Giada has truly completeted our family in ways I never knew possible.  She’s been so easy going, good natured, and laid back that it made it pretty easy transitioning from 1 to 2 kids.

A few fun facts about Giada’s first year of life:

– She started sleeping all night in her crib at 7 weeks.  This was huge for us as since Ari didn’t go into his crib until close to 8 months and boy was that a rough transition.

– Since I probably took 5,628,565 pictures of her one of her first words was “cheeeeeese”.  For real, it’s the cutest thing ever hearing her say it.


-Giada just ADORES her brother.  If there was ever a case for why you should give your child a sibling, its these two.  Watching their relationship evolve this year has probably been the most rewarding part of 2 under 2 for me.

IMG_20140607_081601 (1)IMG_20140529_175304

-She was hospitalized at 3 months old for an unexplained fever.  Not only did they run a million tests on her, but we also stayed at the hospital for 2 nights.  Little lady was hooked up to an IV, several monitors, and needed her vitals checked every hour, but handled it better than I did.  Little lady was a trooper.

– Mommy has a shopping problem so Giada’s shoe collection can probably top a family of four’s!  Whenever I don’t see her for a few minutes I check her room and most often she’s sitting inside her closet playing with her shoes.  I think it’s a sign. We have a mini Carrie Bradshaw on our hands.

-Although Giada was born an ounce shy of 9lbs (8lbs/15oz) AND can put away more pizza than her big bro, she still hasn’t broke 20 lbs yet! I don’t know where she puts it all!?!?

Yes she is my real life doll and I cannot believe how lucky I am to have her.  Thanks to Kathy Davies Photography for the amazing pictures of our princess.



9Q4B4221 9Q4B4454

Bannor Toys! {Product Review}


I was provided free product for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  I promise to only promote products and companies that I LOVE!


I am VERY excited to share this shop with all of you!! I’ve said this before, but for those that don’t know, I LOVE HANDMADE anything.   Knowing that something was made by hand makes it that much more special, more unique, more one of a kind. Then, add my kid’s name to it?  Well then you got me!  I found Bannor Toys through my instagram community and I immediately fell in love!   I got to “know” the Bannor family (Yes- family; this is a husband and wife duo behind these toys!) through their instagram posts and knew I needed their toys!


All  Bannor Toys are made from natural wood and what I love most is that they are made by hand right here in the US!  The finish is an organic beeswax and flaxseed oil mixture that is all natural and nontoxic so it is the perfect finish for your babe’s mouth!!

When it came time to choose what toys we wanted I had a hard time deciding!  I was originally drawn to their state rattles, but they don’t have Michigan yet! So, I decided to get my daughter the heart shaped rattle…The wood is so smooth and it really is the perfect size for her hands.  Ever notice how some baby toys are just SO small that it makes it impossible for them to hold?! She absolutely LOVES it, and since she’s getting in even more teeth right now she’s always chewing on it too!  These rattles would make an excellent shower gift for any mom to be.  I know when I was a new mom I just loved getting “unique gifts” and I would have loved receiving one of these!


For my almost 3 year old, I chose a wooden camera.  It seems like nowadays every toy lights up, makes noise, or does a combination of the two.  It’s nice to have some good quality toys that are made to just “pretend”.  My husband is a photographer and my son just loves having his “own camera”.


Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about Bannor Toys.  We love them!

Make sure to check out their site and follow them on instagram to see all their fabulous toys + some behind the scenes shots!

Oh and PS. I will be giving away one of their rattles on instagram this week as a part of Giada’s Favorite Things Giveaway! Stay tuned.