It takes a village to raise a Mom

We all know the saying. “It takes a village to raise a child”


What about us moms??

Nobody warned me how physically and emotionally draining becoming a mom would be.  How do we get through the sleepless nights, the demanding toddler stages, and the never-ending whiney cartoon days?

A Mom Village.

 And we need one as large as we can get.  Majority of my close friends are not married and do not have kids.  They all adore my kids and are the best “aunts & uncles” to them, but when I became a mom I yearned for other Mom friends who “got it”.   I didn’t need just one or two mom friends.  I needed a village.  I needed a village who could share in mom victories, chuckle in my mistakes, and offer encouragement when things didn’t go according to plan.

I needed people who got it.

  • When I updated my status saying Mama needed wine, they got it.
  • When all I seemed to talk about was poop and pee, they got it.
  • When all I needed was to vent about leaky sippy cups, projectile vomit, or the never ending laundry, they got it.

Lucky for me I found a village that I am forever grateful for.  A friend of a friend started a private online community that provided endless support for me.  It is literally a network of 2000 + moms that are always there.  Always willing to laugh, offer advice, and just listen when I need to vent.   This village of moms has made me a better mom.  I can’t do it alone and most often someone else has been there, done that, and is willing to tell you all about it.  This group has moms with beliefs similar to mine, but also those who offer other opinions and parenting methods that I may have never considered.

Being a part of this group for almost 2 years now makes me realize how essential a village of mom friends really is.  It has made me open to making more mom friends in real life and allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.  Just the other day I was at our local outdoor mall and I recognized a mom there with her two little kids.  I had never met her, but knew her from the mom group online.  5 years ago I would have never dreamed of walking up to someone I didn’t know. But, it had been a long day, I was there alone, and so I put my insecurities aside.  I walked up to her introduced myself and just like that I spent the next hour talking to another mom.  It was just what I needed that day.

Moms.  Don’t do it alone.

Find your village.

When you are at the park, the mall, the grocery store and you see another mom, say hi.  Introduce yourself.   When you see a mom walking in your neighborhood, stop her, exchange numbers offer to arrange a playdate.  Invite other moms to be your facebook friend and interact with them.  Invite them to meet you at the park, the library, the mall; wherever.  Make friends with the other moms at daycare or at school.

Create your village.  Because let’s be honest, no one can do this alone.




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