DIY Fabric Banner


My little girl is going to be one in less than a month.  Hold the phone. ONE.  I still can’t believe it.  It honestly feels like yesterday I was dying with anticipation to meet this little lady.  Needless to say I am in FULL FLEDGE planning mode for her birthday party.  Don’t worry, I will share more details along the way!  I’ve been pinning all of these glorious dessert tables lately and I knew mine needed a banner of some sort!  After a late night SOLO Joann Fabrics trip I decided to make a super easy fabric banner.

Normally the lines at the fabric counter are much too long for any mom with kids in tow to bear, so I opted for fabric squares.  They are priced at 1.99 and are precut to 18″ x 22″.  I used 6 for my banner and had fabric left over.  The fabric selection isn’t AS great, so if you HAVE to have other fabrics go ahead and wait in line.  2 fabric squares = a half of a yard.

Fabric Banner supplies:

Twine, Fabric, Scissors  ABM_1399562483

To get started I ironed out each square so there weren’t any major creases and then folded them in half keeping the width 18 inches and having the 22 inch length folded over.  Using a measing tape, I made tiny slits every inch and a half to make a total of 12 strips of fabric.


I cut each strip out making it 22 inches by 1.5 inches– Don’t worry if each one isn’t perfectly straight, the banner will still look adorbs.  Promise.


  I then measured the doorway where I wanted the banner to hang so I knew just how long to make it and marked my twine accordingly.  Then came the easy part, looping the fabric along the twine.  Since I’m a little OCD at times I stuck with the same pattern as I went.  You could easily just make it random!ABM_1399562589

I’m so happy with how it turned out!  I plan to make a coordinating one for my babe’s highchair too!!   The possibilities are endless for this project!   You could make one for each holiday, hang it above a crib, or even use for family picures!

Where are you planning on hanging a fabric banner?


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