Ironing…. Ain’t nobody got time for that

I was a boy mom first.  Most days my son wore plaid shorts and a tee-shirt or a button down with a sweater and some jeans.  It was simple; he wore his clothes, I threw them in the wash, dried them, folded them (when I got around to it), and everything was dandy.  Fast forward to having a girl…  She has more ruffles and bows attached to her clothing than I know what to do with!! I tried washing and drying her clothes in the same carefree manner and nothing looked right.  Intead of ruffles laying just so and bows looking just right, they stuck out ALL WRONG and needed to be IRONED before every wear.  Ironing might have been my mom and my grandma’s favorite household chore, but as for me, it isn’t happening.  I loathe ironing.  I don’t iron my husband’s shirts, I don’t iron my own work clothes, so I will certainly NOT be ironing my baby’s dresses.  Sorry, girl.

In the dryer THIS is how her dresses were looking…ruffles every where and bows obviously not in the same condition as when I first bought the dress.


Instead of ironing, I started hanging all of her dresses to dry.  Once they come out of the wash, I immediately straighten out the ruffles to lay flat, and hang to dry.  It’s that simple, and look how nice they turn out!  You can really tell a difference on the dress on the far left.


A little comparison too:


As for the dresses with  bows… I lay them flat to dry and neatly arrange the bow how it should lay while its wet.


The results? Perfect ruffles and bows.




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