Roll with the punches.

ABM_1398690831Everyone has their own type of parenting style.  There are the crunchy parents, the attachment parents, the helicopter parents, and then there is my husband and I … I like to call it “Roll with the Punches”.  I plan ahead and schedule our lives down to the minute, but sometimes (or all the time) things don’t always happen the way you plan for, so we just go with it.  I like to think I’m helping my children to be flexible 🙂


Yesterday we had a family baptism.  Smack dab in the middle of naptime.  With 14 babies being baptized.  14 babies!  It would have been easy to skip the church and meet up at the luncheon afterwards.  But, I pride myself on being a go with the flow parent and not missing out on life’s events.  We have a schedule, both my kid’s nap at the same time, but you know what, their cousin only gets baptized once.  So we planned accordingly.  Church started at 2:15 and it was a half hour drive.  We ate lunch, negotiated with my 2 year old to wear his blazer and bowtie, and packed everyone up by 1pm.  I wanted a full hour in the car for rest time (I was secretly hoping they would both fall asleep at 1 and have a full hour of nap).  Well it didn’t go according to plan, neither kid fell asleep at 1pm, but I half expected this to happen so I was prepared to entertain 2 cranky kids in the event they (gasp) didn’t follow their normal schedule that day.


During the 14 baby baptism ceremony the following items were crucial to avoiding any major meltdowns:

  • Papa and Grandma.  My 2 year old spent most of the time in the foyer with Papa, but hey he was still there and he just adores spending time with Papa.
  • Fruit snacks.  A silent snack that takes a long time to eat!
  • A matchbox car.  Another relatively quiet distraction.
  • Mum Mums for the baby.
  • A variety of teething toys and rattles for the baby.

Almost 2 hours later, the babes were tired and a little cranky, BUT they made it, and even posed for a family picture after.


Anyone else follow the roll with the punches parenting method!?

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