Clothing Organization!!

….so if you are anything like me you have stockpiled clothes, shoes, and baby accessories LONG before your babe has even arrived.

Where do you put it all?  How do you organize all those tiny clothes in small spaces?  I HIGHLY recommend installing the Martha Stewart organizer from Home Depot.  It honestly is one of the best investments I have made for each of my babes.  The starter kit doesn’t include everything pictured, but it’s a great start.  We added additional shelves to make more room.  Baby and kid’s clothing isn’t very large, so you can fit a tremendous amount by using this.

This is my son’s closet:


 And this is my daughters:


And, of course, no girl room is complete without hairbow and headband storage!! I made this out of a picture frame, ribbon, and tiny hooks from Home Depot!


A few other tips for organizing your babes rooms:

  • Sort by size and get size separators–these can be found at Buy Buy Baby, Target, or even on etsy
  • Utilize fabric bins for shoes, accessories, extra blankets, and sheets
  • Install hooks on the inside of the closet doors for additional hanging space
  • Take advantage of the space up high by storing extra diapers, wipes, or even boxes that you don’t want to get rid of
  • Hanging shoe organizers add additional space for smaller items like shoes or toys

Now if only their closets still looked like this?!?!?
Happy Hanging!

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