Welcome Spring!!

It seems like we have experienced the Worst. Winter Ever… this year.  Oh wait, we did.  This winter in Michigan has broke all records as far as snowfall totals dating long before me or my parents were even born.  To say we have been anxious for warmer temps is an understatement.  As the calendar turned April 1 on Monday, though, it appears that Spring has finally decided to show itself.  We’ve been enjoying temps in the 50’s with SUNSHINE! Hey, I’ll take it!  We’ve been getting out for walks before dinner and yesterday we even went to the mall to play on their outdoor play area! It has been glorious!

Monday was opening day for our hometown baseball team; The Detroit Tigers! I couldn’t resist these matching shirts from Old Navy!


Here are all 3 of my babes on one of our walks this week enjoying the SUN!  I really hope this weather lasts because it instantly puts everyone in a better mood.



Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to head over to my Facebook for a chance to win this set of 3 knot bows!!! The winner will be announced on Monday 4/7.


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