Ironing…. Ain’t nobody got time for that

I was a boy mom first.  Most days my son wore plaid shorts and a tee-shirt or a button down with a sweater and some jeans.  It was simple; he wore his clothes, I threw them in the wash, dried them, folded them (when I got around to it), and everything was dandy.  Fast forward to having a girl…  She has more ruffles and bows attached to her clothing than I know what to do with!! I tried washing and drying her clothes in the same carefree manner and nothing looked right.  Intead of ruffles laying just so and bows looking just right, they stuck out ALL WRONG and needed to be IRONED before every wear.  Ironing might have been my mom and my grandma’s favorite household chore, but as for me, it isn’t happening.  I loathe ironing.  I don’t iron my husband’s shirts, I don’t iron my own work clothes, so I will certainly NOT be ironing my baby’s dresses.  Sorry, girl.

In the dryer THIS is how her dresses were looking…ruffles every where and bows obviously not in the same condition as when I first bought the dress.


Instead of ironing, I started hanging all of her dresses to dry.  Once they come out of the wash, I immediately straighten out the ruffles to lay flat, and hang to dry.  It’s that simple, and look how nice they turn out!  You can really tell a difference on the dress on the far left.


A little comparison too:


As for the dresses with  bows… I lay them flat to dry and neatly arrange the bow how it should lay while its wet.


The results? Perfect ruffles and bows.




Roll with the punches.

ABM_1398690831Everyone has their own type of parenting style.  There are the crunchy parents, the attachment parents, the helicopter parents, and then there is my husband and I … I like to call it “Roll with the Punches”.  I plan ahead and schedule our lives down to the minute, but sometimes (or all the time) things don’t always happen the way you plan for, so we just go with it.  I like to think I’m helping my children to be flexible 🙂


Yesterday we had a family baptism.  Smack dab in the middle of naptime.  With 14 babies being baptized.  14 babies!  It would have been easy to skip the church and meet up at the luncheon afterwards.  But, I pride myself on being a go with the flow parent and not missing out on life’s events.  We have a schedule, both my kid’s nap at the same time, but you know what, their cousin only gets baptized once.  So we planned accordingly.  Church started at 2:15 and it was a half hour drive.  We ate lunch, negotiated with my 2 year old to wear his blazer and bowtie, and packed everyone up by 1pm.  I wanted a full hour in the car for rest time (I was secretly hoping they would both fall asleep at 1 and have a full hour of nap).  Well it didn’t go according to plan, neither kid fell asleep at 1pm, but I half expected this to happen so I was prepared to entertain 2 cranky kids in the event they (gasp) didn’t follow their normal schedule that day.


During the 14 baby baptism ceremony the following items were crucial to avoiding any major meltdowns:

  • Papa and Grandma.  My 2 year old spent most of the time in the foyer with Papa, but hey he was still there and he just adores spending time with Papa.
  • Fruit snacks.  A silent snack that takes a long time to eat!
  • A matchbox car.  Another relatively quiet distraction.
  • Mum Mums for the baby.
  • A variety of teething toys and rattles for the baby.

Almost 2 hours later, the babes were tired and a little cranky, BUT they made it, and even posed for a family picture after.


Anyone else follow the roll with the punches parenting method!?

Clothing Organization!!

….so if you are anything like me you have stockpiled clothes, shoes, and baby accessories LONG before your babe has even arrived.

Where do you put it all?  How do you organize all those tiny clothes in small spaces?  I HIGHLY recommend installing the Martha Stewart organizer from Home Depot.  It honestly is one of the best investments I have made for each of my babes.  The starter kit doesn’t include everything pictured, but it’s a great start.  We added additional shelves to make more room.  Baby and kid’s clothing isn’t very large, so you can fit a tremendous amount by using this.

This is my son’s closet:


 And this is my daughters:


And, of course, no girl room is complete without hairbow and headband storage!! I made this out of a picture frame, ribbon, and tiny hooks from Home Depot!


A few other tips for organizing your babes rooms:

  • Sort by size and get size separators–these can be found at Buy Buy Baby, Target, or even on etsy
  • Utilize fabric bins for shoes, accessories, extra blankets, and sheets
  • Install hooks on the inside of the closet doors for additional hanging space
  • Take advantage of the space up high by storing extra diapers, wipes, or even boxes that you don’t want to get rid of
  • Hanging shoe organizers add additional space for smaller items like shoes or toys

Now if only their closets still looked like this?!?!?
Happy Hanging!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from my family to yours!!


I first found BabaMoon almost 3 years ago when it was my son’s first Easter and I wanted a unique photo prop….I found these randomly on etsy and it was love at first sight.  The hats are a little pricey, but he’s been able to wear the SAME hat 3 years in a row!







All her hats are handmade and come from the UK so I needed to order super early if I wanted one for my daughter (which I did).


These hats are so well made and photograph so beautifully.





Go check her out for other handmade photo props and tell her I sent you!


Freshly Picked Moccasins {Review}

logo   I was provided free product for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are 100% my own.  I promise to only promote products and companies that I LOVE!

I first heard about Freshly Picked on Shark Tank and was immediately intrigued by the owner and founder Susan Peterson.  This woman created a product (which has now turned into an entire business) with her own two hands.  In the beginning, she literally made each pair of moccasins by herself!  I started searching the internet for “Freshly Picked” and just loved learning more about her and her story.  It was great to learn that even as the business has grown tremendously they are STILL made by hand in the US!  I also couldn’t believe how many celebrities already had their kids in these moccasins.  They HAD to be amazing if the Kardashian kids were wearing them, right?


I knew my babes needed a pair!  Next came probably the hardest part…. choosing a color!  All of the colors are so vibrant and fun it took me a long time to decide!

IMG_20140410_141235When our moccs arrived I immediately fell in love!  I mean, the packaging was even cute.  Each pair came in it’s own bag with a cute FP pin attached to it!  We will definitely be reusing our bags for other small treasures!  The leather of the shoes truly is the softest ever and I couldn’t help but wish they made these in my size!!   Each shoe had the size written inside of it by hand.   For some reason, that detail really stood out to me!

Next was the true test….trying them on my babes!

My daughter is 10 months, crawls everywhere, stands, and tries to take off every shoe I put on her!  Sometimes its near impossible to keep shoes on her because of all those reasons.  Several reviews promised that these were made with that purpose; staying on her feet.  You know what?  They sure did.  Not only are these so cute on, they really stay on better than any other shoes we already own.  My daughter will definitely be getting some other colors!


My son is almost 3 and at that stage where every shoe is too tight (even though they really aren’t).  When he put his moccasins on he was dancing around the house in them.  He absolutely loved them and didn’t have one complaint!  Plus I think they look pretty cool on him too!


Freshly Picked has generously offered to give away a FREE pair of their amazing moccasins to one of my readers!

Please head over and LIKE my Facebook page for more information on how to win!

Details will be posted April 18 and winner will be announced May 1!


Pretzel Chicks!

Need a last minute easy Easter snack for your babes?

Look no further! These are the perfect size for little hands and were so simple to make!!



Per usual I signed up to bring snack to my son’s school for their “Easter Party”. I wanted something that was cute but most importantly EASY!  These fit the bill! They were so simple to make and only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish!!

To make Pretzel Chicks (not to be confused with Hot Chicks) you will need the following:


Small pretzels, Mini Chocolate Chops, 2 Orange starbursts, and Yellow baking chocolate (found at Michaels)

Make sure to line a cookie sheet with wax paper so the chocolate comes off easily and have all your supplies ready to before melting your chocolate.


To make the beaks simply cut each starburst into 3 rectangles, cut those in half, and finally cut each on a diagonal.  Each starburst will give you 12 beaks.


Melt your chocolate in the microwave according to the package directions and then transfer to a plastic bag when it is melted.  To easily do this line a drinking glass with your bag for a mess free transfer!  Cut a small hole in the corner of your bag so you can easily fill each pretzel.


Use the chocolate to fill in each pretzel.  It might be a little uneven but you can use the back of a spoon to smooth out.  Immediately put an eye and a beak on the wet chocolate and place the entire tray in the fridge for them to set.


Enjoy!! How cute do these look in a little Easter basket?  What kinds of Easter treats are you making? I’d love to see!


Styling for all Seasons {Boys!}

If you didn’t already read part one (GIRLS) of styling for all seasons, go check it out!!  As far as styling my little man year round, my number one habit I have is using some form of plaid in every outfit!  It helps break up the monotony of t-shirt and pants all day everyday.  It’s nice to have a variety of colors too!  The easiest way to do this is by using lots of button down shirts.  I swear they never look worn (even the ones I buy second hand) and can be used under sweaters, under t-shirts, or even just open over a t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  There are so many uses for them so whenever I see a bargain for them I stock up!

Below I shared 3 looks for summer & winter by using clothes we ALREADY had!!  Happy Styling!




Welcome Spring!!

It seems like we have experienced the Worst. Winter Ever… this year.  Oh wait, we did.  This winter in Michigan has broke all records as far as snowfall totals dating long before me or my parents were even born.  To say we have been anxious for warmer temps is an understatement.  As the calendar turned April 1 on Monday, though, it appears that Spring has finally decided to show itself.  We’ve been enjoying temps in the 50’s with SUNSHINE! Hey, I’ll take it!  We’ve been getting out for walks before dinner and yesterday we even went to the mall to play on their outdoor play area! It has been glorious!

Monday was opening day for our hometown baseball team; The Detroit Tigers! I couldn’t resist these matching shirts from Old Navy!


Here are all 3 of my babes on one of our walks this week enjoying the SUN!  I really hope this weather lasts because it instantly puts everyone in a better mood.



Also, if you haven’t already, be sure to head over to my Facebook for a chance to win this set of 3 knot bows!!! The winner will be announced on Monday 4/7.