Instagram Shopping… How to!


I’ve been sharing some of my favorite instagram finds on facebook lately and have gotten a lot of questions regarding instagram shopping. I thought a whole post dedicated to instagram shopping would be very helpful! I started shopping on instagram last summer on maternity leave when I was restricted from driving.   I was soon addicted to shopping from other moms from my cell phone and felt like I had joined a secret underground community.   I LOVE instagram shopping because I am helping other moms out while finding some really cool stuff for my kids.  At first I tried searching pinterest and google for “instagram shopping” and couldn’t find anything describing how it all went down.  I learned as I went and wish someone laid it all out for me.  Well, that is why I am sharing with all of my readers!!

OK, here is how instagram shopping works:

-Sellers create instagram accounts devoted to buying and selling on instagram. There are a wide variety of sellers. Some moms are looking to just sell their kid’s old clothes, some are bargain shoppers and buy items brand new and then resell on instagram, and some moms are trying to build a small business by selling handmade items like headbands or hair clips.

-These “shops” post the items for sale with a price (some are open to offers, others are firm on their pricing). Don’t forget that whoever is on the selling end has to pay a small fee to paypal as well as shipping for the item (usually around $2). So when someone is selling a shirt for $6 shipped then that seller is really only profiting $3.50. Keep that in mind when you are making offers lower than the listed price.

-Shop rules. Most serious instagram sellers will have their rules posted in their info section. This includes whether shipping is included in the price or if it is extra. Shops also have requirements as far as turn around time for paying invoices. It usually is 12 hours. Once an invoice is sent to you, you have 12 hours to get is paid or the item will be considered back up for sale.  Make sure you read each indidual shop’s rules prior to purchasing.

-Claiming an item. As you are scrolling through and see an item you have to have at a price that you think is reasonable, you can comment on the item with you pay pal email address. (You must have a paypal account. All transactions are made through paypal. If there is ever any problem with the items you purchased not arriving or not being in the condition stated, then you as the buyer are protected by pay pal.) Usually that seller will acknowledge you claimed and tag you back by saying the invoice is sent. If your paypal account is current then your shipping address is verified through paypal and the seller knows where to ship your item.  **Note if your instagram account is private then you will not get notifications from sellers unless they follow you.

-Getting your item. Once you have paid your invoice, then the seller will mail your item to you. Again it’s important to read shop rules because some sellers ship daily while others have certain ship days throughout the week.

-NOW WHERE TO START?!?!? For me it was extremely helpful to start following a few shops from my personal account and watch as items were posted. Some of the items that caught my eye, I would go through that sellers old pcitures to see how other shoppers had claimed, asked questions, or even asked for discounts when they bought multiples. I tried to learn as much as I could before I started claiming items. If you would like a place to start go follow me on instagram @bestdressedbabes and look through the list of people that I follow. Start following some of them as a way to get started. You will notice some of the larger shops (ones with a lot of followers) will also tag other shops as a way to promote them. It doesn’t hurt to follow!

Learning the lingo….


NWT-New With Tag
NWOT- New Without Tag
ISO-In Search Of

EUC -Excellent Used Condition
VGUC-Very Gentle Used Condition

S4S-Share for share (sellers are asking you to share their shop with your followers and in return they will share your account)

Please feel free to message me directly if you have additional questions!!

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