Top 10 Tips for Dressing the Littles

It’s no secret I’m into dressing my kids. I take pride when I get compliments on their appearance. Yes I try to dress them as cute as possible, but NO I do not break the bank in doing so. Here are my top 10 tips for dressing your kids on a dime.


1.) MOM2MOM Sales. I cannot stress this enough!!! I go all the time and make sure I am lined up before the doors open for early bird. Good stuff will go quick. I have found almost new Ugg boots, Ralph Lauren shoes, baby gap clothes, and other staples for their wardrobes. I usually end up spending $1-$2 per item!!

2.) NEVER buy brand new jammies. Seriously. My kids do not leave the house in their jammies so I refuse to spend more than $1 on a sleeper. Refer to point #1. I always shop ahead at mom2mom’s. I know there is a mom out there that will sell me her hardly used sleepers for $1 a piece and when I find them I stock up. Think about it. Instead of spending anywhere between $50-$100 per size, I spend about $10 TOTAL for each of my kids to have a set of jammies. It’s a no brainer to me. Then I can turn around and be a lot more creative with the $90 I saved!

3.) Shop clearance. I’m lucky my kids have always been true to size. At the end of each season Target clearances their clothes for 70% off!!  Add that to my red card discount and any other cartwheel deals at the time and I am getting some items for under $2! If something is a good deal, I always buy it and store it away.

4.) With all the buying you need to have a good system for organizing. Each of my kids have 3 “extra bins” going at all times with 3 sizes up from their current. The tubs are clear and I use post its to mark the size on the outside. As soon as I buy something new, I go and put it in the correct size bin. Once that bin is filled to the brim, I know I need to stop with that size.

5.) LAYER! My son wears button down shirts almost everyday. I pair his shirts under sweaters for a preppy look or rolled under t-shirts for a more hipster look. He even wears his button downs in the summer with shorts. I can make them last longer this way too. Sleeves are too short? Doesn’t matter because they are rolled anyways. Same goes for my little girl. If I buy dresses for her I’m not at all concerned with the season.  She can pretty much wear any dress in colder weather just by adding tights and a cardigan.

6.) DO NOT treat carters as a one stop shop!! Sure they have adorable little getups but every toddler on the block wears them. Mix and match brands for a more authentic look.

7.) Invest in a few nice pairs of shoes. As kids get older its hard to buy shoes second hand. I use the money I save in other areas to buy my kids a couple of pairs of nice shoes because they last longer.

8.) Shop all over! You’d be surprised what you can find at Kohls, Meijer, H&M, even Salvation Army. I am literally always scanning the kid’s departments for cool items for my kids.

9.) Instagram. There is a whole community on IG that buys and sells new and used kid’s clothes. The moms out there are very fashion forward and inspire a lot of my outfits. I have bought a ton of cute second hand items from moms on IG!

10.) Last tip, and probably my number one rule I live by? Dress them like a mini adult!! I always ask myself “would my husband wear this?” If the answer is no, then I won’t put my son in it!

IMG_20120915_112651 IMG_20131205_215515 IMG_20140130_101809 (1) IMG_20140123_165916 IMG_20140101_150719 IMG_20130506_095056

**follow my instagram account @bestdressedbabes for plenty of clothing ideas!

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