Dude, wait for it.


I’m convinced my children’s generation will no longer understand the meaning of the word wait.  My son literally expects to wait for nothing.  In his world everything happens (or should) in an instant.  For example as soon as we get in the car it never fails “Timber!! Timber!! I want Timber!!” After I ignore his impolite request then I get “Please mumma, can I have some Timber?”.  I try to tell him that Timber isn’t on the radio at that moment, we need to WAIT for it to come on.  “Just play it on your phone”.  And just like that my son will never know what it used to be like when you had to catch your favorite song on the radio.  Oh really, you want Timber?  Give me .03 seconds and it’s on my man.  Want it played 10 times in a row?  Anything for you.


Same goes for TV.  Growing up we had to come in from outside at a specific time if we wanted to catch Doug aka Quail Man’s latest adventures.  AND wait for it… sit through commercials?!?!?!  What’s a commercial?  Every single day Ari needs to watch Mickey Mouse and lucky for him I have 10 episodes dvr’d at all times so when he says “Meeska, Mouska, Mickey MOUSE” its on in .02 seconds flat.  Oh yea and he has to have a fruit snack while he watches.  He doesn’t understand how he can watch Mickey without them.


Don’t even get me started on how the video monitor now works to his advantage.  Sometimes he reminds me of Will Pharrell in Wedding Crashers “MOMMMMM, turn the camera” “MOM! Bring me my baby” “MOM!! Sing me Twinkle Twinkle THROUGH the camera”.  This dude knows we are there on the other end and if we want him to stay in his bed we are going to do whatever he asks us to do. Immediately.


I can’t blame the little man for his behavior, though.  I’m the one that’s fueling his fire.  But, after listening to Timber entirely too many times recently, I am on a mission to teach him the meaning of the word wait.  I’m starting with dinner.  Every night we sit and eat dinner as a family, and if he wants to get down for whatever reason he has concocted, I’ve decided he’s going to learn to wait.  This week I have given him 2 choices when he’s finished 1.  sit and talk with us and just wait or 2. read a book at the table while the rest of us finish.  He’s chosen the book each time and you know what?  He has been learning to “wait” for the rest of us.

2 thoughts on “Dude, wait for it.

  1. Sweet story. I find the same thing that kids no longer have patience to even sit at a table without an iPad or something else. We’ve tried to instill the art of conversation into our kids. It works….sometimes.

  2. I agree with you. I actually just read a book that was commenting on trends with Gen Y and noting they have grown to be a very impatient group of individuals. Now, when I look at my own kids, I’m wondering how they will learn to “wait.” Everything is so instant. Still, this is such an important lesson. Let me know if you figure out the solution.

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