Giada Estelle { 6 months }

Seriously?! How is my baby 6 months old already?  It is truly amazing to see the transformation from newborn to 6 months!  I can’t believe she is  HALF A YEAR.

Giada’s Stats:
Height: 26 in (Ari was 26.5)
Weight: 15 lbs, 12 oz (Ari was 17lbs, 12 oz)

Clothing: Size 6 months, Shoes size 2

Diaper: Just switched to size 2

Hair: Definitely a lot lighter in color than Ari’s. I think it’s finally starting to come in!

Eyes: Still the prettiest sparkling blue I have ever seen, I really hope she keeps this color!

Eating: Giada gets four 8 oz bottles during the day and has started having one meal a day of solids.  She’s tried sweet potatoes, peas, squash, pears, peaches, and bananas.  There hasn’t been anything that she doesn’t like yet!!

Sleep:  Giada is still being swaddled and happily goes down at 730 every night and sleeps until 730 or so every morning!  It is truly amazing how well she goes down!  Around 6 weeks we started her in her crib and on her routine.  Every night we would do bath, bottle, swaddle, sound spa, and then place her in her crib awake.  It didn’t take long for the routine to work and I credit that for my AWESOME sleeper! With Ari we weren’t so great about putting him to bed “awake” and I remember some really tough nights at this age getting him to initially fall asleep.

Milestones:  I forgot just how many changes start happening around 6 months!

  • Giada just started sitting on her own and it is SO much better for picture taking!  It was like a light switch went on for her.  One day she couldn’t sit and then the next she could sit there solid as a rock for over 10 minutes!
  • She is doing awesome with her motor skills and can pick up most of her small toys and bring them to her mouth.  Which is key because she also got her first tooth and is teething like crazy these days.  I love watching her in action as she is trying to figure things out.  She will lay on her tummy and try to move herself around to get her toys closer to her (so she can put them in her mouth, obviously). I’m pretty sure crawling won’t be too far off.
  • Giada LOVES, LOVES her big brother and always smiles when he is around!!  Most mornings he climbs into her crib to wake her up and “snuggle” her and it is the most precious thing I have ever seen.  Her face literally lights up when Ari talks to her.
  • She’s very vocal recently and likes to not only talk to us, but she also loves to make bubble noises with her lips.  Her personality is really starting to come out and while we thought she might be a little more reserved than her bro, she’s beginning to prove us wrong.

Ok this picture just kills me.  My baby standing. OMG.  Before we know it I will be in full throttle first birthday mode.

HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY GIADA!  You truly complete our family.  We love you.

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