Thanks a Latte { Teacher Gift }


Ari has many special people in his life.  For Christmas I wanted to come up with something unique yet practical for him to give some of his teacher aides.  What teacher person doesn’t love getting a Starbucks gift card as a gift?!  I know I love it!! Just handing someone a gift card, though, didn’t seem very “fun” to me so I made an inexpensive gift card holder for them!


To start I bought a 3 pack of $15 Starbucks cards from Sam’s club.  I think I only paid $43 for them!  Then when I was at Target during one of my bi-weekly trips I nicely asked the barista for a few frap cups/lids.  I stuffed the cups with tissue paper and the gift card and then I attached cute little “Thanks a Latte” tags to the front of the cup.  To finish off the gift I added a red bow to the top.  I’m sure Ari is going to love handing these out to his teachers this year!


3 thoughts on “Thanks a Latte { Teacher Gift }

  1. Hey Heidi I just realized you had this blog!! So cute and its cool to read about ur life! I’m so happy for u and ur family! You guys are blessed! This blog and being a mom looks like ur calling!! Enjoy the holidays!
    I totally have no time to bake since I went back to work right before the holidays! Think I’m stealing the reindeer!! Holla!!!

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