Holiday Apparel

It’s no lie I am slightly obsessed with dressing my mini people.  Ari and Giada’s outfits are always carefully calculated and I was super excited to plot out their Christmas outfits for 2013…  Ofcourse they couldn’t have just ONE outfit, so I have picked out 3 holiday looks for the kids; Daycare/Shopping with Mom, Santa Visit/Christmas Eve/Day, & Jammies.

Daycare Party/Shopping with Mom:


First I wanted a cute outfit for them to wear to their party at daycare.  It needed to be something that was comfortable and that I didn’t mind getting messy because let’s be real here the kids get messy at daycare.  I bought both of these shirts last year on clearance after Christmas and paired them with items that we already had! Score!

Santa visit/Christmas Eve & Day: IMG_20131124_091115These are also the outfits the kids wore for our Christmas card this year.  My original intent was to capture an outdoorsy picture of these two and I wanted the contrasting plaids to have a retro vibe.  The outdoor shoot was a bust, but this combo was perfect for our inside shoot and will look great when we visit Santa.  Giada’s dress & Ari’s sweater are from Carters.  The button down shirt WITH the matching bowtie was from Old Navy.  All other items we owned.

{Giada may or may not have a couple of other dresses we might work into rotation for a couple of the holiday parties}


IMG_20131123_094020Finally, the kiddos needing cute festive jammies to change into at the end of each holiday party ANNNND to wear when they opened gifts on Christmas morning.  Both jammies are from Carters.  Giada’s is circa 2011 since it was Ari’s outfit when he was just a little babe himself.

I’m so excited for them to wear all of the outfits I have picked out!

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