Turkey Cookies

Although I am pulling the HOLIDAY trigger early this year, I did not forget about Thanksgiving. In the beginning of the school year when I had to sign up to bring snack for Ari’s class I immediately looked for the “holiday dates”. The classes before Halloween & Christmas were already spoken for so I signed up for Thanksgiving. Determined to do something creative, I stumbled upon the idea on facebook of making turkey cookies. These were super easy to make and were the perfect size for a 2 year old snack (even though it was 730PM on a weeknight). LOL

Turkey Cookies:

-Round cookies (I used yellow oreos)
-Baking chocolate
-Candy corn
-Candy eyes (head over to Michaels for these and don’t forget a 40% off coupon!)
-Pretzels (I used chocolate covered pretzels but I think in the future I will use regular)

Make sure to have all your ingredients out and ready to go since the chocolate dries quickly. I first lined my counter with wax paper to have a surface for them to dry. Then I laid out all of my “feathers” in a half moon shape. Once all of that was set to go I started microwaving my chocolate in a glass measuring cup. I like using this because the handle stays cool while I’m taking the chocolate in and out of the microwave.  Follow the directions on your chocolate, but I always heat in 30 second increments at 50% power.


Once the chocolate was melted and slightly runny, I dipped an oreo in and balanced it on a fork allowing the excess to drip off and the top to smooth out. After I was pretty certain that most of the drips were off I placed the cookie on top of the “feathers” and immediately put on the eyes and beak before moving on to the next cookie.  By the time I got to my last cookie (I only made 13), the first one was hardened and ready for my taste tester (daddy) to gobble up!  In the future I may use yellow and orange colored chocolate for the pretzels.

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