The Magic of the Season

I Could. Not. Wait. for Christmas this year!

There is just something about having kids that makes every holiday way more special than I ever used to think it was.   The holidays are not about me anymore, they are about the kids and the excitement and joy that they have with every new memory.  This is the first year that Ari really “gets it” and is excited for all things Christmas.  On Sunday when the newspaper came we gave him the toy ads to browse and within minutes he found the Big Elmo and was immediately calling it “ARI’S Big Elmo”.  His little hands were flipping through all the pages and he was excitedly pointing out all of the items that he knew and naming them off.  I loved every second of watching the simple joy he was experiencing just by flipping through a magazine.

That night he just had to sleep with the Target toy ad and a little while after I put him to bed I checked the monitor to see him still awake, sitting up, and shining his flashlight on the pages.   That excitement. That night.  That is what the Holidays are about.

Many people think I am crazy for getting my Christmas tree out on November 11, but it’s not about me. It’s about that little boy.  The one who runs to the family room each morning to turn on the Christmas lights.  The one who has to point out every tree we see when we are out shopping and proceed to “touch it”.  Christmas is about the little boy whose first official word  was “tree”.  If I can give him a couple of extra weeks of that pure happiness, so be it.  Because one thing for sure is that before I know it the magic will be gone.  He won’t be little forever.

That night Mike and I stayed up late listening to Christmas Pandora pulling out all of our Christmas decorations and looking at all of our old pictures.  This Holiday season in particular really makes me look back and see just how blessed we are.

I am SO glad we started the season early this year!

DSC_3383 ari xmas

Both kids around 5 months taken by my husband (

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